“Father is strange” ep 33~Hye Young:”Your mother can be quit cute.”


After the news with Joong Hee living with his father appeared, the reporter who released the news harasses Han Soo and Young Shil with questions. Luckily for them Hye Young is a lawyer and send the reporter away. Meantime Joong Hee moved back to his apartment and realized that there is one person, beside the family, who knows his story…the director of the drama he is in so Joong Hee’s agency can’t sue director Ryu. On the other hand Bok Nyeo tries hard, her way, to get closer to Hye Young. Unfortunately Bok Nyeo didn’t chose the right way and pushed Hye Young away.ep33-1

Episode 33

The news about Joong Hee finding his real father and living with his father’s family was released. Everyone is in shock and Young Shil and Han Soo are afraid someone could discover that the real Byun Han Soo died years ago. In the article there was also a picture of Byun Han Soo when he was young, but in the article it was said that Joong Hee’s father has a small restaurant.

Joong Hee called director Kang and asked the articles to be removed. Later when Han Soo and Young Shil went to the restaurant, a journalist ambushed them with questions. Meantime Joong Hee and Mi Young arrived at the office. Director Kang is furious. He scolded them. He removed Mi Young from her position as Joong Hee’s manager and asked Joong Hee to leave Han Soo’s house.

Young Shil and Han Soo locked themselves in the restaurant, but the journalist in waiting for them to come out. Unfortunately for the journalist Hey Young came. She used the law and the right of privacy every citizen has and scared the journalist.


Joong Hee moved back to his apartment. While talking to director Kang, Joong Hee realized that there is another person who knows about his story…producer Ryu, the producer of the drama Joong Hee is in.

The family is worried about Joong Hee so Mi Young went to visit him, but Joong Hee didn’t let her in. Worried about Joong Hee, Han Soo went to see him the next morning early in the morning. He came with food to cook something for Joong Hee.

Han Soo cooked everything that was good for cold and woke up Joong Hee.

Joong Hee:”It’s nice having you here.”

Jung Hwan woke up early to prepare breakfast. When he finished, Jung Hwan called his parents and Hye Young. After breakfast Hye Young helped Jung Hwan wash the dishes and broke a plate from a limited edition. She apologized, but instead of scolding her, Bok Nyeo took Hye Young shopping.


Because Ra Young keeps avoiding him, Chul Soo approaches her. He believes Ra Young avoids him because of his father and apologizes. But Ra Young isn’t avoiding him because of his father. Ra Young doesn’t know how to act around Chul Soo after finding out that Chul Soo is from a rich family. Ra Young is afraid she would look materialistic. She is afraid everyone will think that she is in love with Chul Soo because of his background.

Unfortunately for Chul Soo that isn’t his only problem. Back to his room, Chul Soo was caught living at the centre by the centre director.

After work Hye Young met Bok Nyeo at the department store. They were meant to buy only plates, but Bok Nyeo always dreamed about shopping with her daughter-in-law. So Bok Nyeo takes Hye Young to every shop in the department store. She gets some bedding shits for Hye Young and Jung Hwan. She buys Hye Young clothes.

Bok Nyeo:”I want to get you something.”

While shopping Bok Nyeo and Hye Young met someone Bok Nyeo knows. In front of that woman Bok Nyeo bragged about Hye Young and made that woman feel bad for not having a great daughter-in-law like Hye Young.  Hearing Bok Nyeo complimenting and defending her like that, Hye Young is both happy and shocked.

Later at the house Hye Young tells Jung Hwan everything.

Hye Young:”Your mother can be quit cute.”

In the weekend Jung Hwan has to go to work leaving Hye Young home with his parents. Bok Nyeo ordered ingredients to make pickles and made Gyu Tak and Hye Young work.  Gyu Tak found a way to stop working at some point so Hye Young had to do everything alone. While Hye Young was working, a neighbour called saying that Bok Nyeo bumped into her car. Bok Nyeo sent Hye Young outside to talk to the neighbour. Seeing the surveillance camera on the neighbour car, Hye Young saw that Bok Nyeo was pretending to need a cast.

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