“Fight for My Way” ep 8 ~ Dong Man:”I’m just going to enjoy it.”


Ae Ra has a job interview so when she went shopping for a new suit, Dong Man accompanied her. After shopping, Ae Ra went with Dong Man at the gym. He is having his debut match soon. When Ae Ra saw Byung Joo using Dong Man as his sandbag, she went crazy and beat Byung Joo up. At the match, Tak Su wanted Dong Man to lose the game and arranged for Byung Joo, who is a champion, to fight Dong Man. The game ended in 19 seconds.ep8-1

Episode 8

Ae Ra is crying after finding out that Moo Bin was dating her to annoy Dong Man, even when Moo Bin was engaged. Dong Man found Ae Ra and tries to console her. But when Dong Man hugged her, Ae Ra got upset. Her heart flutters every time Dong Man hugs her so she doesn’t want him to do that. After Ae Ra’s sudden confession, that either of them understood, both Ae Ra and Dong Man are awkward around each other. They go home, on the rooftop and drink together.

While drinking Dong Man and Ae Ra talk about Ae Ra boyfriends. Dong Man remembers every one of them, including their names. One thing doesn’t Dong Man know…who is Ae Ra’s first love…Dong Man doesn’t know that he is Ae Ra’s first love.

Before going to army, Hye Ran broke up with Dong Man. As always Ae Ra was by Dong Man’s side. She took him out to eat and drink. In the morning, Ae Ra brought Dong Man something to eat before enlisting. She sees Hye Ran sleeping in front of Dong Man’s house.

Because Dong Man seemed to be asleep, Ae Ra leaves the pot outside Dong Man’s house and went home. She realized that she forgot to bring Dong Man some kimchi and returned. But when she arrived in front of Dong Man’s house, Ae Ra saw Dong Man and Hye Ran kissing. Surprised, Ae Ra tripped and fell…hurting her wrists. Ae Ra always said that her first love hurt her wrist, but Dong Man never realized that he was the one to be blamed for….that he was Ae Ra’s first love.

Dong Man:”You look ugly when you cry.”

Even if doesn’t realized that he is Ae Ra’s first love, Dong Man is curious about what Ae Ra feels now. He smiles instantly when Ae Ra told him that she got over her first love.


Ae Ra is on her way to the store. She is going to buy a new suit because the next day she has a job interview. Dong Man sees her and offers to accompany her. Because Dong Man wasn’t saying which suit was looking better, Ae Ra got upset. At that moment Dong Man, got flustered, and told her that she looks good in all the suits she tried on.

Dong Man:” You look pretty in all of them!”

After shopping, Ae Ra accompanies Dong Man to the gym. Dong Man has a game the next day. There Ae Ra gets upset seeing another fighter using Dong Man as his sandbag and beats that fighter.

Jang Ho scolds Byung Joo for using Dong Man as his sandbag. Ae Ra can’t see Dong Man beaten up and defends him. She pretends to be cute and asks Byung Joo to teach her how to hit someone. Since they know Ae Ra, both Jang Ho and Dong Man are scared and try to stop Ae Ra from fighting Byung Joo.

Dong Man:”Ae Ra, don’t go crazy on him.”

Ae Ra:”Can experts like you really tell when you’re about to get punched?”

At first Ae Ra pretended to not know how to hit someone, but when Byung Joo left down his guard she hit him hard and gave Byung Joo a nice nose bleed.


Ae Ra went to her job interview. Unfortunately the interview didn’t go so well. The other girls studied aboard, went to good schools, did volunteer work, while Ae Ra didn’t had time or money to do any of them. The interviewer wasn’t interested in asking Ae Ra any questions.

Ae Ra:”I was earning money.”

Since its Dong Man’s debt match, Kim Tak Su released a news saying he is dating a girl from an idol group. Tak Su doesn’t want Dong Man to get any attention. He doesn’t want Dong Man fighting again. So for that Tae Hee arranged for Dong Man to fight Byung Joo, who is sure he can beat Dong Man.

Tak Su’s coach came to see the match. He supports and encourages Dong Man. Meantime Tak Su also came to the game to steal Dong Man’s spotlight.

Won Bo:” Dong Man, I’m here today as your fan. Let me see you fly again!”

Unfortunately for Tak Su, Hye Ran saw the article and wants to use her notoriety to support Dong Man. She came to the match and told the reporters that she is there to support Ko Dong Man.

Dong Man:”I’m just going to enjoy it.”

Dong Man and Byung Joo entered the ring. Byung Joo, who is a champion at his category, was sure that he will beat Dong Man up. He managed to hit Dong Man at first, but then Dong Man fought back. Dong Man knocked out Byung Joo and won the match in 19 seconds. Getting out of the ring, Dong Man went straight to the only person he could see… Ae Ra.

Dong Man:”I won!…I’m in trouble…now you look pretty even when you cry.”


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