“Father is strange” ep 34~Hyun Ji:” I still have feelings for you.”


After the news with Joong Hee finding his biological father and moving with man and his family, Joong Hee’s mother came to Korea. Ahn Soo Jin insists on meeting Han Soo and talking to him, but Han Soo and Young Shil do everything they can to stop the meeting. If Ahn Soo Jin will see Han Soo, she will realize he isn’t the real Byun Han Soo. Because Han Soo keeps avoiding her, Soo Jin went to Han Soo’s restaurant. In front of the restaurant, Joong Hee saw Soo Jin and Han Soo…ep34-1

Episode 34

Hye Young asked Bok Nyeo, Gyu Taek and Jung Hwan to come to the living room because they need to see something. Hye Young showed them the video recorded by the neighbour’s car camera with Bok Nyeo pretending to need a cast. Upset Hye Young left. Jung Hwan followed her. Meantime Gyu Taek is disappointed of Bok Nyeo and too embarrassed to look at his daughter-in-law after what his wife did. He asked Bok Nyeo for a divorce.

Hye Young is disappointed the Jung Hwan sided with his mother to full her. She can understand that Jung Hwan didn’t want to humiliate his mother, but she always trusted that Jung Hwan won’t be caught in a conflict triangle between his mother and his wife. She is disappointed and hurt that Jung Hwan chose to hurt the trust that was between them as couple.

Hye Young was so upset that she didn’t even let Jung Hwan sleep in the bedroom. On her way to work, Hye Young was approached by Bok Nyeo. The mother-in-law is upset that Hye Young exposed her in front of her husband.

Meantime Joong Hee left his house. His mother arrived in Korea. He went to see her and Joong Hee’s mother insists on meeting Han Soo.


Joong Hee’s manager was changed. After she received the news, Mi Young went to say goodbye to Joong Hee, but he sent her off coldly…without even looking at her. Later at the house Joong Hee told Han Soo that his mother is in Korea and wants to meet Han Soo. Shocked, Han Soo didn’t know how to react. If he will meet Ahn Soo Jin, she will immediately know that he isn’t Byun Han Soo.

After he was caught living at the sport centre, Chul Soo was kicked out. Ra Young accompanies him to rent a room. But everything is either way too expensive for Chul Soo or too small to even stretch your legs.

Soo Jin visited Joong Hee’s house. She is shocked to discover that Han Soo is a good cook. She never knew that about Byun Han Soo. Then she tells Joong Hee how she and Byun Han Soo met. While he was listening to his mother’s story, Joong Hee found something that surprised him…Byun Han Soo used to be a good drive. But the Byun Han Soo that Joong Hee met doesn’t drive.


It’s time for Joong Hee session with the psychologist, his ex girlfriend. After the session Hyun Ji drove Joong Hee to the agency where they saw Mi Young. In front of Mi Young, Hyun Ji hugged Joong Hee.

Hyun Ji:” I still have feelings for you.”

Bok Nyeo always wanted to be close to her daughter-in-law. She wanted to have a mother-daughter relationship. Now she feels bad that instead of getting closer to Hye Young, she pushed Hye Young away. Bok Nyeo keeps texting Hye Young, but Hye Young ignores Bok Nyeo’s texts.

Another article appeared. In this articles it says that Joong Hee’s father accepted the son he never wanted just because Joong Hee is a celebrity and the father has a small restaurant. The restaurant name was mentioned too. Joong Hee wants to sue the reporter and also give an interview denying everything is written there. But Han Soo and Young Shil are afraid of people finding out that Han Soo isn’t the real Byun Han Soo and don’t want Joong Hee’s agency to sue anyone.

The next day, Joong Hee went to see if his father and the family are alright after the new article appeared. He sees there, Han Soo passing by Soo Jin. None of them recognized the other….


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