“Fight for My Way” ep 10 ~ Dong Man:”Do you want to go to a deserted island with me?”


Dong Man fell asleep in Ae Ra’s room. Both Dong Man and Ae Ra slept hugging each other. In the morning, when they woke up, Ae Ra’s father knocked at the door. He came to see his beloved daughter hosting an event. Unfortunately he didn’t get to do that….thanks to Hye Ran. Later Dong Man confessed to Ae Ra and they start dating.ep10-1

Episode 10

Ae Ra looks at Dong Man’s sleeping. He is handsome and she is about to kiss him. But she stopped and turned around…falling asleep. Then Dong Man wakes up. In her sleep, Ae Ra hugs Dong Man and he hugs her. He kisses Ae Ra’s forehead and they sleep hugging each other.

In the morning, when Ae Ra wakes up and sees Dong Man sleeping naked next to her, she is surprised and wakes him up by slapping him.

Dong Man:”I remember your heavy breathing very clearly.”

Someone is at the door. Dong Man opens, without getting dressed. It was Ae Ra’s father!  When Ae Ra’s father saw Dong Man naked and Ae Ra in bed, he removed his shirt and watch and told Dong Man to come and close the door.

Ae Ra’s father beat up Dong Man for sleeping in the same room with his daughter. Then Dong Man tried to explain that nothing happened between them the night before and told Ae Ra’s father that even if he and Ae Ra will be on a desert island, Dong Man will consider Ae Ra a monkey and will not get close to her. Hearing that Ae Ra’s father got furious…what is wrong with his daughter.


Dong Man:”Do you want to go to a deserted island with me?”

Ae Ra’s father came to see Ae Ra hosting the event. He is exited and Ae Ra is happy she can saw her father that she is doing a great job. She goes on stage…and Hye Ran comes up. Hye Ran went to Dong Man’s house and he wasn’t there. Ae Ra wasn’t home either so Hye Ran came to the event. She heard the organizers complimenting the good job Ae Ra did the day before and stepped in. Hye Ran took Ae Ra’s place as the host event and no one announced Ae Ra. Embarrassed and hurt, Ae Ra takes her father away and sends him home. Then she leaves too.  After Ae Ra left, the event organizers regretted having chosen Hye Ran over Ae Ra. Hye Ran complained that the event doesn’t have a script, while Ae Ra was good at improvising and she was attracting people to the event.

After the event Dong Man talks to Hye Ran and makes it clear. He tells her that she is acting pathetic and even if she is his first love, now Dong Man has Ae Ra in his heart and mind. He said what he wanted to say and tries to leave. But Hye Ran stops him. While trying to convince Dong Man that he is confused, he doesn’t like Ae Ra, he is only comfortable with Ae Ra, Hye Ran saw Ae Ra. She doesn’t want to lose Dong Man to Ae Ra so Hye Ran wants to kiss Dong Man.  He pushed her away!

Dong Man:”I only see Ae Ra!”

As always Ae Ra saw Hye Ran with Dong Man and runs away. Dong Man saw her and runs after Ae Ra. He kisses Ae Ra and asks her to officially date.

Dong Man:”I won’t lose you again! Let’s date!”


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