“Father is strange” ep 36~Joong Hee:”I should check his photo from that time…”


Joong Hee returned to Han Soo’s house. Everyone is happy that Joong Hee returned, but Joong Hee wants to know how Han Soo and Soo Jin met. Because Han Soo’s story doesn’t match Soo Jin’s story, Joong Hee becomes suspicious. He looks at Han Soo’s old pictures and realized that the man from the family photo album and the man from his mother’s picture isn’t the same name.ep36-1

Episode 36

A reporter took pictures of Joong Hee entering a mental clinic. He plans to write an article about Joong Hee seeing a psychiatrist because of his biological father. Before writing that article, the journalist came to director Kang. While director Kang was trying to make up a story, Joong Hee entered the office. He told the journalist that he went to the mental clinic because his girlfriend is a psychiatrist there. Also Joong Hee told the reporter that there isn’t any problem between his father and himself.

 Thanks to that journalist Joong Hee could return home…to Han Soo’s home. The whole family, including the grandmother, is happy that Joong Hee returned home. The grandmother was harsh to Joong Hee in the beginning, but she got attached to him. She tells Joong Hee to never leave home again.

Grandmother:”Don’t leave home again.”

During dinner everyone congratulates Joong Hee for acting well in the drama. But when they start talking about the article that appears saying that Joong Hee is dating a psychiatrist, Mi Young got upset. She doesn’t talk, she just overeats…

Later Han Soo comes to Joong Hee’s room to tell Joong Hee how happy he is that Joong Hee is back. But Joong Hee wants to know how Han Soo and Soo Jin met. Han Soo said that he met Soo Jin when he was 21 years old, at the hospital. At that time Han Soo’s parents had died and Soo Jin had injured her hand while playing piano. Joong Hee hears Han Soo’s story, but what Han Soo said doesn’t match up with what Soo Jin told him. Soo Jin told Joong Hee that she met Byun Han Soo in high school.

Han Soo:”I’ glad you’re here. The house felt so empty without you.”


In the middle of the night Bok Nyeo calls Jung Hwan saying her chest hurts and she has trouble breathing. They rushed Bok Nyeo at the hospital, but the doctor said that there is nothing wrong with her. Hearing the doctor say that Jung Hwan and Hye Young believe that Bok Nyeo pretended to be sick …again.

Everyone comes down for breakfast when Joong Hee asks why Han Soo doesn’t drive. Ra Young and Joon Young tells Joong Hee that Han Soo is afraid of heights and cars. Because of that Han Soo doesn’t have a driver’s license. But when Joong Hee mentioned that Han Soo was an excellent driver when he was living in the States, Joon Young, Ra Young and Mi Young were shocked. They never knew that their father was in the States before.

Ra Young met Chul Soo for lunch. Then she walked him to work, at his father’s company. While she was depressed that she is jobless at the moment, Ra Young saw a job opportunity. They were looking for part timers to promote the health supplements. Ra Young got that job.


Young Shil finds Mi Young eating a lot of ice cream. Mi Young was upset while reading the article about Joong Hee dating. Because her mother stopped her from eating too much, Mi Young brought herself some sweets and went to the rooftop.

While Mi Young was eating and riding articles and comments about Joong Hee online, Joong Hee came. She advised Joong Hee to read the comments to know what his fans think about him. She also advised Joong Hee to not date so publicly because it could affect the way the people see his character in the drama. But Joong Hee treats Mi Young coldly. He turns his back on her and goes to his room.

Upset because Joong Hee doesn’t pay any attention to her, Mi Young accepted Sung Joon’s invitation to see a movie. Since it’s their first date and Sung Joon is really popular, he rented a movie theatre to not be bothered.

For few days now, Bok Nyeo felt pain, in her stomach, her back and her head. She felt so much pain that she went to the hospital. She calls Gyu Taek, Jung Hwan and Hye Young, but all of them ignore her phone calls thinking that she is pretending to attract attention.

Bok Nyeo needs someone by her side so she gives a nurse Hye Young’s phone number and asks the nurse to call her. Since it was a number that she didn’t recognized, Hye Young answered her phone and found out that Bok Nyeo is in the hospital.

Hye Young is worried that Bok Nyeo might be pretending, but still she rushes to the hospital. Bok Nyeo has a myoma and needs surgery as soon as possible. She was admitted to the hospital and the next day she will receive the surgery.


Joong Hee went to his appointment with Hyun Ji. As usual they’ve talked about what Joong Hee and Han Soo did and about Mi Young. Back at the house, Joong Hee finds Han Soo washing the rooftop.  Because it was hot outside, Han Soo asked Joong Hee to splash some water on his back. When Han Soo took his shirt off, Joong Hee couldn’t believe his eyes…Han Soo didn’t have a big scar on his back…

Seeing that his father doesn’t have a scar on his back, Joong Hee is suspicious. He remembers all the suspicious things he found out recently. The stories that Soo Jin and Han Soo said about their first meeting didn’t match. Han Soo doesn’t have a driver’s license when he used to be a good driver. No one in Han Soo’s family knew that Han Soo was in the States before…Also Han Soo doesn’t really resemble the man in the picture Soo Jin gave him.

Joong Hee:”I should check his photo from that time…”

Joong Hee goes to Joon Young and asks him for a photo album from his childhood. Joong Hee looks at the picture and sees something shocking…the man from his mother’s picture and the man from Joon Young’s first birthday aren’t the same person….


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