“Fight for My Way” ep 11 ~ Dong Man:”Do you want to sleep over tonight?”


Tak Su does everything he can to stop Dong Man from fighting him. He took all of Dong Man’s team mates to his team. But that didn’t work! Dong Man continues to fight, even if he goes easy against his friend. Because of that Tak Su’s coach, who realized Dong Man’s fighting weaknesses, advised Tak Soo to fight Dong Man as soon as possible. ep11-1

Episode 11

Dong Man confessed so now he and Ae Ra are dating. They sit on the beach talking about how their relationship will be from now on. Dong Man is jealous and wants Ae Ra to only think about him. She can’t think about her first love, the one that hurt her wrist. Ae Ra revealed Dong Man that he is her first love.

Dong Man:”It’s been a while since I could only see your lips. Only think about me.”

Ae Ra:” My first love and the wrist guy are both you. I really like you.”

The next morning Ae Ra gets all dressed up just to take out the trash. The moment Dong Man saw her, got upset because Ae Ra was showing off her stomach. Sul Hee seems suspicious that something happened between the two of them.

Thinks get complicated. Hye Ran moved on the apartment above Dong Man’s apartment. Since Dong Man and Ae Ra decided to date, Hye Ran wants to be Dong Man’s friend like Ae Ra was. She looks at Ae Ra and tells her that if Ae Ra and Dong Man will break up, they won’t be able to be friends anymore.


Dong Man has to go for his weight in and training. He asked Ae Ra to come with him and after he finishes his work, they would go on their first date. Ae Ra changes, but Dong Man gets upset and tells her to change….Ae Ra has beautiful legs.

Jang Ho has only Dong Man as his fighter. The other two moved to Kim Tak Su’s team for more money. Still, Jang Ho asked Tak Su’s coach to train well Doo Ho because Doo Ho is a kid that has to raise another child. Tak Su’s team convinced Doo Ho to move to their team using Doo Ho’s daughter. Doo Ho needs money to raise well his daughter so he accepted the conditions Tak Su offered. Even if he decided to move to another team, Doo Ho is embarrassed. He didn’t want to change teams, but he needed the money.

After the weight in, Jang Ho wanted to take out Dong Man and Ae Ra for dinner. But Dong Man and Ae Ra wanted to be alone. They’ve told Jang Ho that they are dating and Jang Ho left upset.


Dong Man and Ae Ra went home. She cooked for them and then they’ve watched TV. Ae Ra expects their relationship to get passed the friends zone, but Dong Man is too rigid and doesn’t want to touch her so fast.

After Ae Ra told him her expectations, Dong Man got closer to Ae Ra. Unfortunately Joo Man came in and they had to stop. Joo Man sits between Ae Ra and Dong Man and doesn’t understand why the two of them were so upset with him.

The next day, Dong Man has a fight. All his friends go with him for support. Ae Ra and Sul Hee entered the arena. Ae Ra sees the MC and can’t take her eyes off him. She asked a security guard how can she apply for that position.


Dong Man’s fight started. His opponent is Doo Ha. They fight and in the middle of the fight Doo Ha injured. While the doctor was checking Doo Ha’s injury, Dong Man saw Doo Ha’s wife crying worried. When the fight started again Dong Man went easy of Doo Ha. Every time he had the opportunity to hit Doo Ha and knock him out, Dong Man was letting Doo Ha go. Dong Man won the fight, but he is worried about Doo Ha. On the other hand Doo Ha is upset. Doo Ha would’ve pressed losing the fight by knock out than the way he did.

Tak Su is worried about. He may lose when the time to fight Dong Man comes. He practices hard every day, like he never did. Tak Su’s coach looks at Dong Man’s fight video and sees an opportunity. If Tak Su can’t avoid fighting Dong Man than it will be better for Tak Su to fight Dong Man as soon as possible. Dong Man is still a newbie when it comes to MMA so he doesn’t guard that well…just like Tak Su did when he first started fighting in a cage. If Tak Su wants to win, he has to fight Dong Man before Dong Man fixes his weaknesses.

Meantime Dong Man is enjoying his dates with Ae Ra. They are drinking on the rooftop and talking. Remembering Hye Ran’s words, Dong Man and Ae Ra decided to give all they have for their relationship and make it work.

Dong Man:”I like you so much, Choi Ae Ra! Do you want to sleep over tonight?”


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