“Father is strange” ep 37~Joong Hee:”I’m sorry!”


Joong Hee’s suspicions related to Han Soo grew bigger and bigger. Wanting to know the truth, Joong Hee took Han Soo’s toothbrush and requested a DNA test. While he was waiting for the test results, Joong Hee showed his mother the picture of Han Soo from Joon Young’s first birthday…Soo Jin didn’t know the man in the picture. Then the DNA test results came…there isn’t any compatibility between Joong Hee and Han Soo.ep37-1

Episode 37

Joong Hee is in shock! He doesn’t understand what is going on. The man holding baby Joon Young and the man from his mother’s picture are two different men. If Joong Hee didn’t found his real father than who this stranger is and why he accepted Joong Hee as his son. Joong Hee took a picture of the man holding baby Joon Young and sent it to his mother.

Joong Hee:” They’re different people! The father I found isn’t my father?”

The suspicions and questions he has didn’t let Joong Hee sleep the whole night. In the morning Joong Hee entered Young Shil and Han Soo’s bathroom and took Han Soo’s toothbrush.  Later Joong Hee took Han Soo’s toothbrush to the hospital and requested a DNA test.


Chul Soo’s father invited Ra Young to have lunch together. While they were eating, chairman Park gave Ra Young a limited edition bag as a reward for convincing Chul Soo to return home and work at the company. But Ra Young refused the reward. She told bravely chairman Park to use himself the bag if he went through a lot to get it.

Ra Young:”I haven’t done anything to be rewarded for.”

Later, that day, Ra Young meets Chul Soo…to eat once again. She doesn’t want anyone at the company to know she is dating the chairman son so they’ve walked 15 minutes away from the company. When they finally arrived at the restaurant Ra Young sat at another table then Chul Soo. While they were eating, Ra Young told Chul Soo about her lunch meeting with his father.

Bok Nyeo had her surgery done and is now recovering. Because Jung Hwan and Hye Young had to work, they asked Gyu Taek to take care of his own wife in the hospital. But he doesn’t! He remained at the hospital with Bok Nyeo, but all he did was sleep, watch TV and eat…in front of Bok Nyeo who couldn’t eat.

Hye Young, who came after work to take care of Bok Nyeo, heard once again Gyu Taek being inconsiderate towards Bok Nyeo so she had to step in. Hye Young entered Bok Nyeo’s hospital room furious. She scolded Gyu Taek and defended Bok Nyeo.

Hye Young:” Why do you let him do that to you? How did you deal with him for 38 years? You should ask him to end this marriage.”


Yoo Joo didn’t accept anyone’s advice, not even her medic, she overworked herself until she had a miscarriage. Luckily for her everyone in the Byun family are nice and considerate people and all think about her. Not even one person tells Yoo Joo that she was work to overwork, when she was told so many times that she has to take care of herself and the baby.  But the family knows that Yoo Joo must be blaming herself now so they want to help her recover.

Joon Young is heartbroken. He was extremely happy to have this child, a daughter. He kept telling Yoo Joo to take care and rest, but she never listened. Now he suffers in silence because he doesn’t want to show Yoo Joo how upset he is and hurt her more.

Young Shil:”Yoo Joo, it’s okay. It could happen to anybody.”

Joong Hee is drinking alone, upset, when his mother called him. She saw the picture Joong Hee sent her, but she doesn’t know the man in the picture. Devastated, Joong Hee goes home. He sees Mi Young and vents his anger on her.  Joong Hee grabbed Mi Young wrist and hurt her. But when he looked into her eyes, he let her go and apologize.

Joong Hee:”I’m sorry!”

When Joong Hee turned around to leave, he fell. Worried, Mi Young called Han Soo who carried Joong Hee to his room. In the middle of the night, Joong Hee wakes up and goes to his apartment. There he receives the DNA test result…. Han Soo isn’t his father……..

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2 Responses to “Father is strange” ep 37~Joong Hee:”I’m sorry!”

  1. Joong Hee’s parts kills me, the amount of emotions mixed with hate, love , confusion, and disgust… I wish the writer focuses more on his character and his struggle.

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