“Fight for My Way” ep 13 ~ Nam Il:”The real Nam Il lives in Nam Il’s Villa.”


The fight between Tak Su and Dong Man was scheduled! Tak Su is training his way…trying to bribe to win. Meantime Jang Ho is training Dong Man as hard as he can. While they were in the gym, Dong Man and Jang Ho received a shocking visit… Dong Man’s new trainer. John Karellas an UFC legend came to train Dong Man for two months.ep13-1

Episode 13

Dong Man told Ae Ra that he wants to fight Tak Su even if he will lose. Worried that Dong Man might be hurt, Ae Ra insists that Dong Man give up fighting Tak Su. They argue on their way home, but arrived in front of their apartments, Dong Man grabs Ae Ra’s hand and pulls her into his apartment. They argued for work reasons, eating dinner is personal. They shouldn’t mix the two business.

Ae Ra is still upset. She talks to herself, but makes sure Dong Man hears. She wonders what is different now that they are dating, why Dong Man said he loves her, why Dong Man kissed her if he doesn’t listen to her. Dong Man kisses her and they make up.

Ganako comes back from the hospital early in the morning and sees Sul Hee’s mother. The two women know each other, but pretend to be the first time they’ve met. On her way to her apartment Ganako fells in front of Dong Man and Ae Ra because she isn’t feeling well. Dong Man and Ae Ra helped her get to her apartment. Meantime Sul Hee’s mother calls Dong Man’s mother to tell her that Hwan Bok Hee,  which is Ganako’s name, is living with their children.


Coming down from Ganako’s apartment, Dong Man and Ae Ra met Nam Il, Ganako’s son. Ae Ra scolds Nam Il for not taking care of his mother. Going home, Nam Il tries to take care of his mother, but she seems cold. She seems to push him away.

Nam Il:”The real Nam Il lives in Nam Il’s Villa.”

Hearing that Hwang Bok Hee is living with their children, Dong Man’s mother told her husband. She was suspicious that the night her husband spent at Dong Man’s place, he must’ve went to see Hwan Bok Hee.  Surprised to find out that Hwang Bok Hee is there, Dong Man’s father called Ae Ra’s father.


Tak Su is getting ready to fight Dong Man his own way. He tries to make sure he will win so Tae Hee is working to bribe the new representative, who was raised abroad, is strict and doesn’t accept money.

Dong Man is also getting ready to fight. Jang Ho trains him hard when a foreigner comes in. The moment he saw the stranger, Jang Ho was shocked….John Karellas, the UFC legend, came to train Dong Man. His uncle is the Brazilian who received money from Tak Su to fight Dong Man. Feeling embarrassed for doing so because he needed money, the Brazilian send his nephew to train Dong Man.

Dong Man:”I think I might win.”

John’s training is hard, but neither Dong Man or Jang Ho know English so they can’t really communicate with him. Dong Man had two options, to learn English and tell John when to stop or train as hard as John wants. Later that night, John has a cultural shock while watching Ae Ra and Dong Man trying to act cute and childish. Ae Ra wants Dong Man to not fight Tak Su while Dong Man wants to fight.


Ae Ra is on her way to a job interview when Nam Il stops her and offered to give her a ride. Ae Ra had a job interview as a MMA host.

Nam Il:”I’m interested in you. You might end up seeing me forever.”

Ae Ra:”My boyfriend is a fighter and I’m a psycho. I hate handsome and rude men.”

Dong Man’s father and Ae Ra’s father went to see Ganako. When they were inside Ganako’s apartment, someone ringed the bell. Ganako hid them in the closet and opened the door…to Dong Man and Ae Ra. When they entered to leave the food they’ve brought for Ganako, they hear a noise. At first Dong Man and Ae Ra thought that the noise was made by Nam Il, but at that moment Nam Il came in.

Dong Man:”Someone is in here!”


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