“Father is strange” ep 38~Joong Hee:”You were worried about me, Mr. Lee Yoon Seok?”


Joong Hee can’t believe what he just found out. The person he believed to be his father, isn’t his father. He sends Han Soo the test results and Young Shil shows up at his door. After Young Shil left, Han Soo came…ep38-1

Episode 38

Young Shil wakes up because Han Soo has a nightmare. She wakes him up. Han Soo was dreaming about someone chasing him, a dream he had often after he took Byun Han Soo’s identity. In the morning Han Soo goes to check on Joong Hee, but Joong Hee wasn’t in his room. Another person who is really worried about Joong Hee is Mi Young.

Later while the family was having breakfast Yoo Joo announced the family that she is returning to work. They are all surprised. She just lost her baby and now she is going to work as if nothing happened because she is bored at home…Frustrated Joon Young tries to convince Yoo Joo to rest for few more day, but she refuses. He doesn’t want to say something to hurt Yoo Joo and gives up on insisting she should rest. Joon Young has a lot to say. He also lost a baby, but everyone is concerned about Yoo Joo…including Joon Young. Even if Joon Young doesn’t say what he has to say to not hut Yoo Joo, she twists his words, gets angry with Joon Young.

Meantime Joong Hee is at home. He received the DNA test results and found out that Han Soo isn’t his father. Still Han Soo known some details about Soo Jin’s life so he can be someone with the same name as Joong Hee’s father. Joong Hee calls a friend from the States and asks that person to look for Byun Han Soo.


Ra Young walks home while calling Chul Soo. Suddenly a man appears from behind and puts his hands on Ra Young. She didn’t get the chance to see who that man was because Joon Young appeared, hitting that man. While Joon Young was beating the strange man, Ra Young realizes that her attacker was Chul Soo.

Ra Young:”Joon Young, he’s my boyfriend!”

Joon Young takes Chul Soo on the rooftop and disciplines him. Actually Joon Young was having fun, but Chul Soo took it seriously. He was nervous to meet Ra Young’s brother.

Joong Hee sent the DNA test results to Han Soo’s house. Because Han Soo isn’t there, Young Shil received it. After opening the envelope and saw what was inside, Young Shil was shocked. She rushed over to Joong Hee’s house.

Young Shil kneeled before Joong Hee and told him everything. She told him about what happened to Yoon Seok, that he was wrongly accused of murder and imprisoned. She told Joong Hee about Han Soo who called Yoon Seok to the States to open a business together. She told Joong Hee that there was an explosion at the bar where Han Soo and Yoon Seok were drinking.  She told Joong Hee that Han Soo died in that explosion, but in the chaos there Han Soo and Yoon Seok’s identity were mixed. Then she begged Yoon Seok to continue his life as Byun Han Soo because she didn’t want their children to be seen as the children of a murderer. After telling the whole story, Young Shil begged Joong Hee to not reveal anything.

Furious, Joong Hee kicked Young Shil out of his apartment.

Joong Hee:”Where is my father? I won’t leave you be.”

After Young Shil left, Joong Hee was so furious that he threw everything that he could find , chairs, bottles, everything. When he calmed down a little, the friend from the States called and confirmed that what Young Shil said was the truth.

Worried about her children’s reaction when they will find the truth, Young Shil went home. She prepared dinner for all her four children. They know something is wrong, but Young Shil didn’t tell the anything yet.

In the meantime, Han Soo went to prepare dinner for Joong Hee without knowing that Joong Hee found out everything. When he entered, Han Soo saw Joong Hee’s house devastated and worried that something might have happened to Joong Hee.

Joong Hee:”You were worried about me, Mr. Lee Yoon Seok?”


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