“Fight for My Way” ep 14 ~ Dong Man:”Don’t stop the fight!”


Dong Man accepted Tak Su’s challenge and they are fighting. Dong Man is decided to do what he likes, to have fun in the cage, even if he will lose. But he won’t help Tak Su win. Both of them know their weaknesses so they are avoiding them. Tak Su tries to avoid fighting standing and Dong Man avoids ground fighting. Unfortunately Tak Su doesn’t play fair and provoks Dong Man. As a result both Tak Su and Dong Man are hurt. Dong MAn lost his hearing and Tak Su was taken to the hospital unconscious. ep14-1

Episode 14

Dong Man and Ae Ra went upstairs to give Ganako some food. They hear a noise and believe it’s Nam Il, but at that moment Nam Il comes in from work. Afraid that some thief might be hiding inside Ganako’s closet, Dong Man wants to check it. But Ae Ra stops him in time and drags him out. Ae Ra thought that inside the closet it must be Ganako’s boyfriend and they shouldn’t intrude. Inside Ganako’s closet there were two men, Ae Ra’s father and Dong Man’s father.

The next morning Ae Ra goes for her interview. She has two interviews in the same time, one as an announcer for a TV station, the other one for a ring announcer for MMA fights. Dong Man wishes her good luck and encourages Ae Ra to choose the interview that makes her heart beat faster. In Dong Man’s eyes, Ae Ra seems more like a ring announcer.

Dong Man:”A moron must fly freely.”

The same day Dong Man has his weight in for his fight against Tak Su. The reporters are taking pictures of Tak Su, who is accompanied by coach Choi and Tae Hee. Then Dong Man comes in with Jang Ho and a man with his face covered. When that man uncovers his face, he got the reporters attention. The all run to interview John Karellas. But John only talks about Dong Man, the first Asian fighter who will represent his family.

John:” Focus on him! I’m just here to be in his shadow.”


On her way to the interview, Ae Ra chose with her heart and went to the ring announcer interview. She was selected and hired. The interviewer asked her to come to the next big mach, but then another interviewer said they already got someone for that match…Park Hye Ran… The MMA representative that selected Ae Ra doesn’t understand what does celebrity has to do with MMA fights. He wants Hye Ran to give an audition…Hye Ran feels offended.

Hye Ran:”I was asked to donate my time and talent.”

MMA representative:” I heard we offered you 10 times what she’ll get. That’s not a donation. At 10 times the price, you must do that much better.”

Hye Ran’s pride doesn’t let her audition so she turns her back and leaves.

At night Dong Man need Ae Ra. The next day he has his big fight with Tak Su and Ae Ra’s presence is calming him down. Because Ae Ra isn’t ready to tell Sul Hee about her relationship with Dong Man, he makes the first step. Dong Man tells Sul Hee that he needs Ae Ra that night.

Dong Man:”I will sleep with Ae Ra tonight!”

Ae Ra and Dong Man talk about the next day when Dong Man will fight Tak Su and Ae Ra will the fight announcer. Then Ae Ra opens up and talks about her feelings just thinking that Dong Man could get hurt. Dong Man consoles her and they spend the night together.


Dong Man:”I’ll fight with no regrets.”

Dong Man and Tak Su are in the ring, fighting each other. They are both strong. Jang Ho advised Dong Man to enjoy the fight, it’s only his first fight, not the last. He also told Dong Man to avoid ground fight because he isn’t ready for it. Meantime Tae Hee advised Tak Su to mess with Dong Man’s mind and bring him to the ground. Tak Su might lose if he fights Dong Man standing, but he will win if he messes with Dong Man’s mind and brings Dong Man to ground. For a while Dong Man avoided to fight Tak Su on ground and Tak Su avoided fighting Dong Man standing. But then Tak Su got a chance to provoke Dong Man talking about Dong Man’s sister.

Provoked, Dong Man can’t stop from going on ground. At that moment Tak Su cheated as Tae Hee advised him…Tae Hee told Tak Su to headbutt Dong Man. During the headbutt both Tak Su and Dong Man were injured.  Tak Su seemed fine so everyone’s attention was on Dong Man, who was bleeding. After the doctor checked Dong Man, he advised Jang Ho to stop the fight. Worried about Dong Man’s wellbeing Jang Ho stopped the fight.

Dong Man:”Don’t stop the fight!”

Tak Su got up and left the right. Then he fainted and was taken to the hospital unconscious. Leaving the gymnasium, while he was scolded by Ae Ra, Dong Man realized he was more injured than he thought…Dong Man suddenly couldn’t hear anything…

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