“Father is strange” ep 39~Joong Hee:”Happy birthday, father!”


Joong Hee found out that Han Soo isn’t his real father. He felt hurt, disappointed and got furious with Han Soo. After Joong Hee confronted Han Soo, Young Shil and Han Soo decided to reveal the truth the everyone and turn themselves to the police station. Meantime Mi Young realized that she likes Joong Hee…ep39-1

Episode 39

Without knowing that the truth came out, Han Soo went to Joong Hee’s house. He sees the apartment devastated and gets worried. Han Soo asks what happened and Joong Hee looks at him calling him “Mr. Lee Yoon Seok”. At that moment Han Soo realizes that Joong Hee knows everything. Disappointed, hurt, having mixed feelings Joong Hee gets furious. He screams, he throws the bags Han Soo brought. Joong Hee doesn’t understand how Han Soo could accept him and pretend to be his father. Because of Han Soo pretending to be someone else, Joong Hee didn’t know that his father didn’t abandon him, his father died.

Joong Hee:”How could you deceive me pretending to be my father?”

Han Soo returned home and Young Shil was waiting for him outside. They talk about what just happened and decide to reveal everything. They will tell their children the whole truth, then Han Soo will turn himself in to the police station. Young Shil wants to go too as she is as guilty as Han Soo.

The next morning Han Soo and Young Shil woke up early. They feel more at easy now that Joong Hee found out the truth. Soon everyone will know and they won’t need to live with the fear of being caught anymore. They woke up their children and prepared breakfast for everyone as always.

Meantime Tae Bu and director Kang are trying to wake up Joong Hee who has an interview. When the interview started Joong Hee was upset, he didn’t answer politely to the questions and accused the reporter of trying to expose his personal live. To stop Joong Hee from ruining the interview and his career, director Kang asked the journalists to stick to the questions they were send because Joong Hee isn’t feeling well…he was late for the interview because he was at the hospital.


Sung Joon sees Mi Young looking at Joong Hee. They talk and Sung Joon asks Mi Young if she avoids him, his calls and texts because Mi Young likes Joong Hee. She tried to deny it, but she realized that Sung Joong is right. Mi Young likes Joong Hee.

Mi Young:”How could I like actor Ahn?”

Ra Young is at work when her superior said that direct ordered from the chairman came for everyone to sell 10 boxes of the supplement they’re promoting. Only Ra Young’s quota is 15 boxes. After she sold half of her quota, Ra Young sees chairman Park and Young Hee with some business partners. She approached them, promoting the products. Ra Young gave a free sampling to everyone and they seemed to like the product. Because they liked it, chairman Park offered to give everyone a box.  After she gave the boxes, Ra Young made chairman Park pay for them.

Ra Young:”You must pay the price that suits the product so they will buy from us in the future.”

Later when chairman Park was talking business with Chul Soo, Ra Young entered the office. She forgot to give chairman Park the free samples for the boxes he bought for his business partners earlier. She prepared the product that is good for bloated people because it seems like chairman Park is a little puffy.


Bok Nyeo meets Hye Young with the pretext that she has to talk to Hye Young aobut something. To convince Hye Young to meet, Bok Nyeo talked about her the new cohabiting contract they needed to write. At the coffee shop, Bok Nyeo came with a list of things she wants to do with Hye Young. Bok Nyeo always wanted a daughter and now she wants to do with Hye Young everything she wanted to do with her daughter.

Bok Nyeo:“Call once a day. Go to public bath together. Take vacations together. Go shopping once a month. Go grocery shopping once a week.”

Hye Young:”Mother, a daughter-in-law can’t be your daughter.”

Hye Young reads the list carefully and tells Bok Nyeo what she likes about the request list. About calling once a day, that should be Jung Hwan’s responsibility as Bok Nyeo’s son. About going to public bath, Hye Young refused too since she never goes to public baths with her sisters either. About going on vacation together, Hye Young agrees with going on a three days trip a year with her mother-in-law. About going shopping together, Hye Young agreed to do that if Bok Nyeo will respect her tastes and won’t want to buy Hye Young different things.

While they were talking Bok Nyeo went to the subject for which she requested that meeting. She wants Hye Young to teach her how to be good with words so she would win while talking with Gyu Taek.

It’s Han Soo’s 60th birthday so everyone came to eat together. Because Joong Hee isn’t there, Ra Young sent his a text to come over. The family members are happy, singing and wishing Han Soo a happy birthday, but Han Soo and Young Shil are depressed. They know that on that day they have to tell the family the truth and turn themselves in to the police.

In the middle of the party, Joong Hee arrived.

Joong Hee:”Happy birthday, father!”


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