“Fight for My Way” ep 15 ~ Ae Ra:”We can’t even be friends, right?”


During his fight with Tak Su, Dong Man was hurt. Luckily this time isn’t something serious so his hearing will return soon. But if Dong Man will be hurt in the same area again, he might not be able to hear again. After Dong Man was hurt and she heard about serious injuries other fighters had, Ae Ra told Dong Man that if he will fight again they will break up…She can’t live while seeing Dong Man fighting and wondering if he will came out of the cage alive. But fighting is Dong Man’s dream and he can’t give up….ep15-1

Episode 15

Jang Ho and Ae Ra took Dong Man to the hospital. The injury isn’t severe, but temporally Dong Man won’t be able to hear. For few days after the match, Dong Man did nothing but sleep. Ae Ra, Sul Hee, Joo Man and Jang Ho took care of him. They cooked for him, fed him and cleaned his house. After few days passed, Dong Man’s hearing returned.

Now that Dong Man feels well, he and Ae Ra went out. Since Dong Man is better, Ae Ra tells him about his condition. Dong Man has a fracture on his skull. That fracture it will heal on its own. The problem is that the fracture is near the ear. If Dong Man will be hit in the same area, he may not be able to hear for the rest of his life. So Ae Ra doesn’t want Dong Man to fight anymore. Still Dong Man insists on fighting.

Ae Ra threatens Dong Man with breaking up and never see each other again if Dong Man will fight again.

Dong Man:”Ae Ra, if I was going to quit so fast, I wouldn’t have started again after 10 years.”

Ae Ra:”If you decide to fight again, that’s the end for us.”

Meantime Ganako went to the broadcast channel. She rushes in to the man with the highest position. He is the one that ruined her life and made her abandon her child and husband. As soon as he saw Ganako, he kneeled before her. The director, 20 years ago, filmed Ae Ra playing with Dong Man and Sul Hee. Then he released the story that Ae Ra is the daughter of adult movie start Hwang Bok Hee. Ganako kneeled before him, begged him to not release the story and make her daughter suffer. Because she couldn’t stop the director from releasing that story, Hwang Bok Hee left her family and became Ganako Hwang.


With the director’s help Ganako convinced Kyung Koo to let her watch Dong Man and Tak Su’s fight. Kyung Koo filmed everything and is airing the show to let people know that Tak Su intentionally headbutt Dong Man.

On his way back from talking to Kyung Koo and seeing the film Kyung Koo made about Dong Man’s fight with Tak Soo, Dong Man remembers Hwang Bok Hee. When he was a child, Hwang Bok Hee gave him caramel and asked him to always protect Ae Ra.

For 10 years Dong Hee was upset with her brother and refused to talk to him. Now that Dong Man started fighting again, Dong Hee went to see him. She gave Dong Man the scrapbook she’s been doing for him for 10 years.

Dong Hee:”Don’t lose anymore!”

After Kyung Koo released the film he made everyone saw that Tak Su intentionally hit Dong Man. Since then Dong Man’s live changed. He got public’s attention, he got commercials offers, he was asked to pose for a water park poster and the MMA representatives want him to challenge Tak Su to a fair battle.

Dong Man:”I request a rematch with Kim Tak Su.”

Dong Man accepted to request a rematch to Tak Su. Then he went to Ae Ra. She already saw Dong Man’s interview. Ae Ra can’t live with the insecurity of Dong Man getting badly injured every time he gets in the cage so she prefers to break up with him. Dong Man doesn’t want to break up, but he can’t give up his dream either.

Ae Ra:”We can’t even be friends, right?”


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