“Father is strange” ep 40~Mi Young:”I like you, Actor Ahn!”


Joong Hee moved back with Han Soo and Young Shil and prohibited them to turn themselves in to the police until he decides to reveal everything. Meantime Joong Hee will live with them and their family and give them a hard time. But in the process Joong Hee notices that Mi Young keeps avoiding him. When Joong Hee approached her, Mi Young confessed. ep40-1

Episode 40

It’s Han Soo’s birthday and all his family gathered around to celebrate. In the middle of the family dinner, Joong Hee arrived. There was a heavy atmosphere between Joong Hee, Han Soo and Young Shil. After dinner, Joong Hee wanted to talk to Han Soo and Young Shil.

Joong Hee is hurt after finding his father. He got attached to the father he found after 35 years and then he discovered that his father isn’t his father. And now, after hurting Joong Hee so much, Han Soo wants to turn himself to the police. Why…to stop feeling guilty for stealing another person’s identity? Jong Hee asks Han Soo and Young Shil to not turn themselves to the police and continue their lives as it is. Joong Hee wants to be the one to tell Han Soo’s children and the one who will report Han Soo to the police. Until he does that, Han Soo and Young Shil aren’t allowed to reveal anything.

Joong Hee:”Does every criminal live with someone else identity like you?”

Joong Hee will return to Han Soo’s house. He wants Han Soo and Young Shil to see his face daily and know how Joong Hee felt when they’ve broke his heart.

The next morning, during breakfast, Han Soo and Young Shil can’t even lift their face up. When Ra Young and Yoo Joo compliment Han Soo for how good he is as a cook, Joong Hee told everyone that Han Soo is a good actor too. The family shouldn’t be so sure that Han Soo and Young Shil aren’t good actors…they might have a secret that even their children don’t know about.

Bok Nyeo asked Hye Young to teach her how to stop Gyu Taek from graduating their marriage. Hye Young accepted, but had her conditions. She asks Bok Nyeo the reasons why Bok Nyeo doesn’t want to divorce Gyu Taek who is always ignoring her or being mean to her. Bok Nyeo still loves her husband. Then Hye Young asked Gyu Taek why he wants to leave Bok Nyeo.

Gyu Taek:”I want my life back.”


Joong Hee is at the filming scene. He has to play with his father, but can’t concentrate and stops the filming. Joong Hee asked the producers to film another scene because he can’t bring himself to say his lines.

Meantime Mi Young avoids as much as she can Joong Hee since she realized that she likes him. But when they are close, she can’t face Joong Hee. She had to bring something to Tae Bu and when Tae Bu asked her to replace him for few days when he will be on a vacation, Mi Young refused.

Ra Young has lunch with Chul Soo as she does every day. During lunch, Chul Soo asks Ra Young to officially introduce him as he boyfriend to her family. Ra Young accepted, but she will first introduce Chul Soo to her brother and sisters…she will introduce Chul Soo to her parents later. After lunch Ra Young took Chul Soo to the store to buy a birthday present for her father. But at the store Ra Young made Chul Soo buy a lot of products for himself.


At work, Mi Young had to get a heavy box with CDs from the delivery man. She was about to get into the lift when she saw Joong Hee inside. To avoid Joong Hee, Mi Young preferred to take the stairs. She couldn’t concentrate on walking, she slipped and fell. Mi Young hurt her arm and back. After cleaning her injuries, Mi Young saw Hyun Ji. She approached Hyun Ji, jealous, and asked Hyun Ji to not come there. Then Mi Young told Hyun Ji that Joong Hee left. At that moment Joong Hee came. He had a date with Hyun Ji scheduled. Seeing Mi Young’s expression when Joong Hee arrived, Hyun Ji realized that Mi Young likes Joong Hee.

Mi Young:”Byun Mi Young, you’re crazy! Actor Ahn is your brother!”

Joong Hee called Hyun Ji over to stop his treatment. Since Han Soo isn’t his biological father and Mi Young isn’t his sister, Joong Hee doesn’t need treatment anymore. But Hyun Ji met his half way and proposed to stop seeing each other.

Hyun Ji:”Let’s stop seeing each other!”

Joong Hwan and Hye Young came to spend the night with Hye Young’s family. Joong Hee was home, but no one knew he was in his room. He is acting strange. He doesn’t reply to Ra Young’s texts and treats coldly Han Soo and Young Shil. Hye Young notices the tension between Joong Hee and her parents.

Joong Hee:”I came to have dinner together. I couldn’t let you eat in peace, could I?”

Seeing Joong Hee’s attitude towards her parents, Hye Young gets upset. But Han Soo and Young Shil stop her from saying anything to Joong Hee. Later, Hye Young went to her parents room to borrow something form her mother’s closet and found the DNA test result… Byun Han Soo and Ahn Joong Hee aren’t blood related.

Meantime Joong Hee went for a walk. He sees Mi Young who was returning home after drinking alone. When she saw Joong Hee, Mi Young turned her back. She wanted to avoid him again, but Joong Hee stopped her. He gets upset on Mi Young for avoiding him and Mi Young ends up confessing.

Mi Young:”I like you, Actor Ahn!”


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