“Fight for My Way” ep 16~ Final episode


Ae Ra finds out that Ganako is her mother and that Ganako never abandoned her. Ganako was always around, watching Ae Ra, supporting Ae Ra from far away.  While Ae Ra was building a relationship with her mother, Dong Man was trying hard for his big fight against Tak Su. After the fight Dong Man proposed to Ae Ra.

So…this is the final episode of Fight my way drama. It had some funny parts in the beginning and seemed interesting. But now I don’t know if it’s that good. Through it has 16 episodes, nothing happened between Ae Ra and Dong Man. Their relationship was exactly the same from episode 1 to episode 16…except they stopped calling each other friends and started calling each other a couple….

About Sul Hee and Joo Man I can’t say anything because I passed all the part with them…seemed to boring and annoying for me…


Episode 16

Dong Man and Ae Ra broke up. Ae Ra seems at peace with her decision to break up. She acts as if nothing happened. She still tells Dong Man want to eat, but Dong Man isn’t happy at all. He loves Ae Ra and didn’t want to break up. He wants to hold her hand and have her close.

Dong Man:”I feel the same about you as I did two weeks ago. I want to hold your hand and take you home. Unless you plan on going out with me again, don’t talk to me.”

Ae Ra went to Ganako’s house with food again. While she was there, Ae Ra sees a toy she had made for her mother when she was a child. Realizing that Ganako is the mother that abandoned her, Ae Ra gets upset. She tells Ganako everything she had on her heart, how upset she was that her mother left her. And seeing the mother that abandoned her living so well gets Ae Ra more upset.

Ae Ra:” Who are you? You weren’t here when I needed a mother. I feel like I was thrown away?”

Nam Il always thought that Ganako adopted him as a replacement, not because she considered him her son. But when he looked inside Ganako’s old phone, Nam Il saw only pictures of Ganako’s greatest treasures, Nam Il and Ae Ra. After seeing that, Nam Il handed the phone to Ae Ra. She was surprised to see pictures of all her life inside Ganako’s phone and went to her father. That day Ae Ra found out that her mother never abandoned her. She was always watching Ae Ra from far. She was coming to every event that Ae Ra had and watching Ae Ra from far. She even paid for Ae Ra’s studies.


On her way home, Ae Ra met Dong Man. He asked her to way for two month. In those two months Dong Man wants Ae Ra to not date another man and wait for him.

Dong Man goes through hard trainings daily. John isn’t a nice trainer. He has a mission – to train Dong Man- and he will make sure that Dong Man will win.

John:” There’s no standing up when you learn from me.”

The two months passed and the big fights started. Dong Man and Tak Su are in the cage, fighting. At some point, Tak Su wanted to fight on the ground, but Dong Man avoided. They continue fighting standing and when he got closer to Dong Man, Tak Su wanted to provoke Dong Man.

Tak Su:” You still can’t fight on the ground? This is your limit isn’t it?”

Dong Man:” Is this the best you got? Thanks for the show, I’ll start playing now.”

At that point Dong Man took Tak Su to the ground and started fighting. Tak Su is shocked! Dong Man’s ground fighting improved. All that harsh training with John paid up. Dong Man won the battle against Tak Su and Ae Ra had to interview him… When the interview was over, Dong Man told Ae Ra that he can’t live without her. Dong Man proposed to Ae Ra in front of everyone there, including their friends and families.

Dong Man:”Just live with me. If we kiss, we’re dating. If we live together, it’s marriage.”



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