“Father is strange” ep 41~Joong Hee:” We aren’t siblings! Your father isn’t my father. ”


Mi Young is embarrassed to face Joong Hee after her sudden confession and also has a hard time believing that she fell in love with her half brother. Because of that Mi Young plans to move out of her parent’s house and quit her job. Joong Hee stops her from quitting and tells her that Han Soo it’s not his father. Meantime Hye Young gets curious about Han Soo’s relationship with Joong Hee and starts investigating.ep41-42

Episode 41

Mi Young comes home after having few drinks and meets Joong Hee. While he was screaming at her for avoiding him, Mi Young confessed that she likes him. Then, embarrassed Mi Young ran away. The next morning, Mi Young left for work early in the morning while everyone was asleep. She didn’t want to face Joong Hee after her sudden confession.

Mi Young:”We can’t continue living together.”

Mi Young decided that it’s better for her to not live in the same house as Joong Hee. She looks for an apartment to rent. On the other hand Joong Hee can’t concentrate on his role. All he does is think about Mi Young’s confession.

Not knowing what will happen to them, not knowing when Joong Hee will tell everyone the truth, Han Soo and Young Shil decided to sell their store. When everything will come out, Han Soo might be arrested and it will be difficult for Young Shil to take care of the store. They are also worried about their children’s reaction.


Since she saw the paternity test results, Hye Young is curious to know what is going on. If Joong Hee isn’t her father’s son why Han Soo accepted him and why is Joong Hee acting the way he is.

Yoo Joo met for lunch some old fiends from high school. The two friends Yoo Joo met saw Mi Young and called her over. When Mi Young sat with them, the two women made fun of her, but Mi Young responded. After Mi Young left, Yoo Joo realized that she was the one that started everything. She was the one that made Mi Young an outcast, she made fun of Mi Young, made bets on Mi Young’s weight, told everyone that Mi Young smells like a pig.


Chul Soo came to see Ra Young at the store. They were pretending to be seller and costumer in front of Ra Young’s co-workers. But when they were alone they were sending each other love signs. Chul Soo’s father saw them and sent Ra Young on a business trip. Ra Young went to the farm that grows the fruits chairman Park uses for his products. She did her work and needs a car to return to town. She is sure that Chul Soo will argue with his father if he finds out about Ra Young’s business trip so Ra Young called Young Hee to pick her up. But Young Hee sent Chul Soo.

Mi Young comes home and sees Joong Hee waiting for her. She runs the other direction and hides, but Joong Hee saw where she was. He wants to talk to her, but Mi Young doesn’t let him say anything. She asks him to ignore her because she is so embarrassed that she could die. Then Mi Young run away from Joong Hee.


Hye Young keeps investigating. She went to her parents house and asked Young Shil how and went she met Han Soo. Hye Young acted like she is curious to know about her parent’s love story. After she told Hye Young how she met Han Soo and how old she was, Young Shil suddenly changed the subject. Then Young Shil asked Hye Young if there is any restriction, like being punished for her family’s crimes, to become a judge.

Mi Young keeps hiding every time she sees Joong Hee. While searching for Mi Young, Joong Hee saw Mi Young’s letter of resignation and the fact that Mi Young is looking for an apartment to move. When he found Mi Young, Joong Hee dragged her out. They need to talk.

Arrived at the park, Mi Young gets upset. She asked Joong Hee to ignore her, but he keeps showing up in front of her. Crying, Mi Young tells Joong Hee how she feels.

Mi Young:”Whenever I see you, my heart flutters. I just want to die.”

Joong Hee:”We’re not related! We aren’t siblings! Your father isn’t my father. ”

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