“Father is strange” ep 42~Han Soo:”Why are you torturing yourself?”


Hye Young started investigating her parents with the help of an old friend, a prosecutor. He gave Hye Young everything he could find out regarding Byun Han Soo. In that information Hye Young saw a picture of Byun Han Soo and Lee Yoon Seok. Seeing Lee Yoon Seok’s picture, Hye Young realizes that Lee Yoon Seok is her father. Meantime at the filming scene the drama director provoked Joong Hee. After Joong Hee hit him, the drama director threatened with suing Joong Hee for assault and ruining his acting career.ep42-1

Episode 42

Joong Hee told Mi Young that she doesn’t need to quit her job and move out of her house. She isn’t crazy to like him because they aren’t siblings. He told Mi Young that their father were friends and Han Soo accepted Joong Hee as his son out of a debt Han Soo felt towards his long time friend who died in an accident many years ago.

Joong Hee:”You’re father was my father’s friend.”

Hye Young started investigating her parents past. She found out that Byun Han Soo moved to the States in year 1972 and returned to Korea in October 1982. Young Shil went to the States in October 1982 and returned to Korea few days later. Hye Young knows that her mother met her father when Young Shil was 21 years old…but in year 1982 Young Shil was 23 years old. From the report she received, Hye Young sees that her parents might have met in October 1982…but Joon Young was born in January 1983. So a new thought comes to Hey Young’s mind…Joon Young isn’t her father’s son?!

Joong Hee had to film a variety show. Since Tae Bu is on vacation, Mi Young had to be Joong Hee’s manager for a week. After the shooting Mi Young was going with the other stuff members, but Joong Hee called her. He wanted to be alone with Mi Young. They went to get something to eat. Everything was closed, except the snack place. Mi Young bought food from there and ate together with Joong Hee in the car. The atmosphere is awkward so they turn on the radio, but Sung Joon was on.

Later Mi Young falls asleep in the car while Joong Hee memorises his script. When she woke up, Joong Hee was sleeping too.


Hye Young called Joon Young out for lunch. She pulled out some of his hair stand for a DNA test. But later she threw away Joon Young’s hair and called her prosecutor friend to investigate more Han Soo’s life in the States.

Chairman Park called Ra Young to his office. He gave Ra Young his friend’s business card. If she calls chairman Park’s friend she will get a full time job. But Ra Young refused the offer. Chairman Park is worried that Ra Young will get married to Chul Soo and he doesn’t want that. Unfortunately for chairman Park, Ra Young knows how to deal with him. She told chairman Park that she doesn’t want to get married in the next 5 years. If she will still date Chul Soo then, she will think if she will get married to Chul Soo or not. Form outside his father’s office, Chul Soo heard everything and got upset.

Chul Soo called Joon Young for a drink. When Ra Young went to meet her brother and sister-in-law, she was surprised to see Chul Soo there. Joon Young is already calling Chul Soo ‘brother-in-law”.

Chul Soo:”I really want to get married!”

Hye Young had dinner plans with Jung Hwan. She cancelled the last minute because she had to meet her prosecutor friend, Moon Ji Sang. When she was at the restaurant with Ji Sang to receive the information her got about Byun Han Soo, Jung Hwan saw them.


Hye Young returns to her office and opens the envelope with the information Ji Sang gave her. There are information about Lee Yoon Seok and Byun Han Soo’s accident- one died, the other one survived. There are also pictures of Byun Han Soo from his high school year book.

Meantime at the shooting place, the drama director plans to use Joong Hee again to promote his drama. He wants to create a love story between Joong Hee and Mi Young and release it to the public. He tells Joong Hee that Joong Hee showed be grateful and do as he says because he is the one that made Joong Hee popular. The director keeps provoking Joong Hee until Joong Hee got upset and hit him. Then Joong Hee left.

The drama director called director Kang and threatened to sue Joong Hee. Because Joong Hee didn’t answer his phone, director Kang came to Han Soo’s place. Both Han Soo and director Kang try to convince Joong Hee to apologize to the drama director before the drama director ruins Joong Hee’s career.

Han Soo:”I’d prefer you to get angry at me instead. Just hit me if you want to hit anyone. Why are you torturing yourself?”

Hye Young arrives home and Ji Sang calls her. He forgot to tell her that Lee Yoon Seok had a criminal record. Ji Sang sent Hye Young a photo of Lee Yoon Seok and Hye Young recognized her father…

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