“Save Me” ep1 ~ Sang Mi:”It’s fine as long as we stay together.”


Sang Mi and her family moved to new town and are approached by a religious cult. The leader of the cult is interested in Sang Mi so he convinced Sang Mi’s father to enter the cult. She her brother are admitted to the high school in their new town and meet Sang Hwan, Dong Cheol and their friends. Three years later Sang Hwan, Dong Cheol and their friends are jobless and meet Sang Mi again. She is surrounded by suspicious people and whispers “Save Me”.  They heard her and discover that Sang Mi is trapped in a religious cult. They decide to help Sang Mi.


Ok Taek Yeon     as   Han Sang Hwan

Seo Ye Ji             as   Im Sang Mi

Woo Do Hwan    as  Seok Dong Cheol

Cho Seong Ha     as  Baek Jung Ki/ Spiritual Father


Episode 1

 A family of four, parents and their son and daughter, are on their way to their new home. It’s the middle of the night and it’s raining. Their car’s tire blew out so they had to stop. Suddenly four young men approached them. The family is in an unfamiliar place and they got scared. The four your men asked if they can help. They called for help and left.

In the town the family just moved a man is playing the role of God to take money from innocent believers. That convinced his followers that he is God’s sent on earth and can save them. In front of everyone there the man that everyone calls Spiritual Father pretended to cure an old man with terminal cancer. As a thank you for saving his life when the medics couldn’t, the old man gave all his money to the Spiritual Fahter.

Arrived at their destination, the family of four discovers that they were followed. They’ve sold everything they had and moved to a new town. But there is no house waiting for them. The father, Im Joo Hoo, called Sang Ho, the one that stole their money. Sang Ho is too is too busy gambling…

Sang Ho:”I’ conned you, you idiot!”


The moment the sun came up, Joo Ho went to look for a job. He is willing to accept anything and received a job at a farm. They pay him little, but it’s a start. Also they provide a place to stay and accepted Joo Ho’s family too. The place they will stay is a small room with mold.

Sang Mi knows that it’s the best her father can provide at the moment so she optimistically accepts her new place.

Sang Mi:”It’s fine as long as we stay together.”

They cleaned the small moldy and dusty room and moved in. They are happy to be together and they will work hard to move to a better place soon. Until then they will enjoy being together…From far the Spiritual Father was watching them.

The Spiritual Father asked Joo Ho’s employer to bring Joo Ho to the chapel, to the religious cult. The old man brought Joo Ho and his family to the Spiritual Father. He seems really interested in Sang Jin and Sang Mi…especially Sang Mi. To make the family trust his, the Spiritual Father offered to get them a new house. Bo Eun doesn’t want to accept the offer. She is worried, but her naïve husband is willing. Joo Ho doesn’t find anything strange in the Spiritual Father’s offer. Sang Mi and her mother are sceptical, but Joo Ho and Sang Jin are naïve. They sees the Spiritual Father and his helpers as good people.

During the meeting, the Spiritual Father saw that Sang Jin can’t use one of his legs. He promised to cure Sang Jin and because of his wish to heal and be normal, Sang Jin wants to adhere to the spiritual cult. But at the same time, the Spiritual Father put his hand on Sang Mi’s leg and touched her.

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