“Save Me” ep2 ~ Sang Mi:”Save me!”


Sang Mi tells her family that the religious cult is strange, but no one believed her. The parents accepted the cult’s help. Sang Mi and Sang Jin start going to school. Unfortunately there Sang Jin is bullied. He is the in the same class as his bullies while Sang Mi is in the same class as Sang Hwan and Dong Cheol. One day Sang Mi hears some girl saying that the bullies took her brother to the rooftop to harass him again. She runs to help and on her way meets Dong Cheol and Sang Hwan. Dong Cheol decides to help Sang Jin and goes to the rooftop. While the bullies fight Dong Cheol, Sang Jin committed suicide….ep2-1

Episode 2

Sang Mi can’t stop thinking about Spiritual Father touching her on way home. Suddenly her family’s car is about to have an accident because Sang Hwan and Dong Cheol were racing. When Joo Ho stopped the car, Sang Mi went outside. She fell next to a tree and her mother came to see if Sang Mi is alright. The moment Bo Eun touched her daughter’s knee, Sang Mi got scared.

Sang Mi:”There’s something strange about those people.”

Sang Mi insisted that the religious cult is strange, that she doesn’t want to mix with those people. Unfortunately no one listened to her and the next day Sang Mi and her family moved to their new house, the one the cult gave them. After moving their belongings to their new house, Joo Ho offered Sang Mi and Sang Jin to do some volunteer work with the cult people. Since Joo Ho decided on his own, Sang Mi and Sang Jin accompanied the religious cult people to give away flyers.

At some point Sang Jin needed to use the bathroom. When he was returning outside to the group, some boys of his age appeared. They bullied Sang Jin and…more. Shocked and embarrassed by what just happened Sang Jin returns back to the group. His clothes were dirty.


Sang Mi and Sang Jin start school in their new town. Sang Mi was lucky and was enrolled in the same class as Sang Hwang and Dong Cheol. But Sang Jin wasn’t so lucky – he was enrolled in the same class as his bullies.

On lunch break, Sang Jin’s bullies approached him. They hit him, threw him on the floor, spit on his foot. Then they threw the food they’ve spit in on the floor and force Sang Ji to eat it. At that moment Sang Mi appeared and threw a box of milk on her brother’s bully. The other students there saw the bullies harassing Sang Jin, but they are too scared to help Sang Jin or Sang Mi.  She slapped one of the bullies and the other started harassing her as well. But at that moment Sang Hwan and Dong Cheol arrived at the cafeteria.

The bullies wanted to start a fight with Sang Hwan and Dong Cheol, but when they saw Sang Hwan’s name they’ve back down.


Apostle Jo picked up Sang Mi and Sang Jin from school. While Sang Mi was with  apostle Kang, Sang Jin was prying hard for God to make him live like a normal boy his age because he can’t take it any longer. The spiritual father heard Sang Jin and gave him a brochure called “Way to salvation”.

At dinner time Joo Ho and Bo Eun are way too excited about their new town, new life, about the cult people to observe that both their children aren’t feeling that well.

The next day the bullies took Sang Jin to the rooftop and beat him up. Sang Mi heard some girl talking about it and runs worried to help her brother. On the way she meets Sang Hwan and Dong Cheol and asked them to help Sang Jin.

Sang Mi:”Please help me! Please help my brother!”

Dong Cheol runs to help Sang Jin, but Sang Hwan doesn’t. He promised his father that he will stay out of trouble until his father becomes governor.


Sang Mi is the first to arrive on the rooftop. She sees her brother beaten and the bullies were forcing him to take off his pants again. She begged the bullies to leave her brother alone and the bullies leader told her to take her clothes off instead of Sang Jin. To protect her brother Sang Mi accepted. One of the bullies starts taking her clothes off while another is filming everything.  But Dong Cheol came to help.

Dong Cheol:”You’re not humans. You’re just trash! I’m in charge of cleaning the trash.”

Dong Cheol fought the three bullies while Sang Mi was fighting the girl bully. Sang Hwan on the other hand looks up and sees Sang Jin on the roof’s edge. He runs to help, but he arrived too late. Sang Jin commit suicide by jumping over the roof.

Sang Jin:”I shouldn’t have been born. I don’t think my prayers are going to be answered.”

After Sang Jin jumped, Sang Mi whispered for someone to save her.

Sang Mi:”Save me!”

The bullies and Dong Cheol were arrested. They will be investigated. Meantime Sang Jin was rushed to the hospital. While waiting for the doctors to save her son, Bo Eun sees Sang Jin’s spirit. She follows him to the rooftop. At the last minute, before she fell too, Joo Ho caught her. Sang Jin died! At his funeral all the people from the religious cult came.

Spiritual father:”Almighty, why did you take that precious child? Why didn’t you answer your child’s prayers?”


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