“Save Me” ep 12~ Spiritual father:” Are you ready to accept Almighty with all your heart?”


Dong Cheol meets spiritual father and realizes that he wasn’t the only once in prison all this years…Sang Mi and Sang Hwan also were locked in their own prison too. He also is disgusted to find out from where the living water that the Guseonwon believers use comes from. In the same time detective Lee found a reason to realize that Sang Mi wasn’t crazy and went to Guseonwon. But detective Lee’s visit makes spiritual father impatient of making Sang Mi his…ep12-1

Episode 12

With the drugs effect gone from her organism, Bo Eun dreams about Sang Jin. In her dream, Sang Jin was telling her to save Sang Mi and for doing so Bo Eun had to leave Guseonwon. Bo Eun woke scared and run to Sang Mi, but on her way she met apostle Kang.

Apostle Kang dragged Bo Eun back to the sanatorium, she tied Bo Eun by the bed covering her mouth and injected her a drug to keep Bo Eun from talking to Sang Mi. Meantime Sang Mi felt that something was wrong with her mother and run towards the sanatorium. On her way Sang Mi found the butterfly hair pin her mother was wearing. Unfortunately Sang Mi arrived to the sanatorium too late, apostle Kang already had injected Bo Eun the drug. The second she came in, Sang Mi realized that apostle Kang was holding a syringe and hiding it.

Sang Mi:”What are you doing to my mother?”

When Sang Mi asked her what she was doing to Bo Eun, apostle Kang just said that evil spirits possessed Bo Eun’s body because Sang Mi isn’t doing her training to become spiritual mother right.  Then she threatened Sang Mi with doing an exorcism on Bo Eun…meaning beating Bo Eun until Bo Eun will barely survive…. Hearing that Sang Mi kneeled before apostle Kang and begged apostle Kang to leave her mother alone because Sang Mi will do everything apostle Kang wants… Later apostle Kang handed Sang Mi over to So Rin.


Dong Cheol is back at Guseonwon. He sees something is different that day and asks apostle Kang. At Guseonwon they were doing an exorcism. Apostle Jo and Joo Ho helped a woman get up and took her close to spiritual father. She was barely moving, but when spiritual father put his hand on her head, the woman started acting crazy. Few seconds after the exorcism, the woman got up and said she is no longer in pain. The whole exorcism was a show, but the believers of Gusoenwon saw everything as a true exorcism…

After the exorcism service, Dong Cheol asked few questions about spiritual father, then he asked permission to go to the bathroom. Of course he wanted to go look around, maybe see Sang Mi. He arrived at where the individual prayer rooms are. But spiritual father found him and prevented him from enter.

Spiritual father:”It seems like you have a lot of anger and despair deep down in your heart.”


Sang Mi called So Rin to her room. She told So Rin about the injection apostle Kang gave Bo Eun the other night. Also So Rin told Sang Mi about her suspicions of Bo Eun condition being because she is injected weird drugs. So Rin is looking into the drugs the believers of Guseonwon are given because if they can prove that the Guseonwon people are injecting unidentified drugs to people, the police can arrest them.

Since Dong Cheol is a newcomer it might be easier for him to find evidence. Because of that So Rin met Dong Cheol and told him what he should look for around Guseonwon.

Dong Cheol met Sang Hwan and tells him about the meeting with spiritual father. During the time he was in prison, Dong Cheol met different kinds of monsters, but spiritual father is different. Dong Cheol didn’t feel any kind of emotion from spiritual father. But Dong Cheol realized one thing while being in front of spiritual father. He always thought that he was the one that suffered because he went to prison. Now, meeting the spiritual father, Dong Cheol realized that both Sang Mi and Sang Hwan were in prison…in different kind of prison. It’s time for Sang Mi and Sang Hwan to come out of their own prisons too.

Dong Cheol:”I couldn’t feel any kinds of emotion in him.”


A girls body was found in the mountains. When he sees the name of the girl, detective Lee remembers her. The girls grandmother came asking him to find her granddaughter how had run away from home. The place the young girl’s body was found is close to Guseonwon. Hearing that, detective Lee remembers what Sang Hwan and his friends said about Guseonwon when they’ve came to him with Sang Mi for help.

It’s lunch time and Dong Cheol sees the Guseonwon believers putting some kind of water on their foods. He asked them and they said it’s living water from spiritual father…he washed his face or feet with that water and they calling living water.

Detective Lee went to Guseonwon to ask some questions about Sang Mi. He meets spiritual father, apostle Kang, apostle Jo and Joo Ho. During the meeting detective Lee asks if Sang Mi is being held at Guseonwon against her desire, if spiritual father requested sexual relationship with her. Spiritual father answers detective Lee, but he doesn’t give a straight answer. He makes the answer complicated involving the cult believes. After giving detective Lee frustrating answers, the spiritual father called Sang Mi.

Detective Lee asks Sang Mi the same questions. But how can Sang Mi give and honest answer when all those eyes, that are threatening her every second, are there. When detective Lee had one last questions and everyone was rushing him to leave, apostle Jo started talking about being in a country where everyone has the freedom to choose its own religion.

Detective Lee:”You said exactly what I was expecting o hear.”

On his way out, detective Lee sees Ji Hee and governor Han entering Guseonwon.


Using a method that So Rin thought her, Sang Mi broke into apostle Kang’s room. She searched around and found his old phone. She took her phone and left. Later spiritual father called Sang Mi to him. She went and spiritual father put his hand on her shoulders. She feels that something isn’t right…

Spiritual father:” Are you ready to accept Almighty with all your heart?”

Sang Mi:”Why did it have to be my family?”

Sang Mi wants to know why spiritual father chose her and her family and she found out the truth….she looks like a girl who committed suicide because of spiritual father. Sang Mi fights back, but then spiritual father put her on the ground and lifted her skirt….

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  1. Anna says:

    Do you think that Sang Mi and Dong cheol will be together ?

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