“Father is strange” ep 52~ Young Shil:”I’m getting a new husband!”


Father is strange has finally came to an end…:(. In this episode we are told how the family lives continues…what is happening with Young Shil and Yoon Seok also what their children will do from now on.Chairman Park accepted Ra Young and Chul Soo’s relationship. He allowed them to get married after each of them will have a stable career. Also he gave Ra Young a job at his company. Hye Young decided to continue her marriage with Jung Hwan whom supported her during hard times. Joong Hee proposed to Mi Young.

Personal thought: Father is strange wasn’t a bad drama. It was actually good. The only things I didn’t really liked were that for 48 episode the writers made Hye Young a comedienne and in episode 48 they finally remembered that Hye Young was a lawyer…so they’ve made her a lawyer… Another thing I didn’t really like was the fact that Joong Hee and Mi Young’ s relationship didn’t progress in any way for …like…40 episodes…then SUDENLY they fell in love and decided to get married. But all over it …Father is strange was a good weekend drama.


Episode 52

The trial ended and Byun Han Soo can life his life and Lee Yoon Seok again. The family gathered to celebrate that Lee Yoon Seok got his life back. Because his parents couldn’t have a wedding when they got married, Jun Young proposed his sisters, brother-in-law and Joong Hee to prepare a wedding for Young Shil and Yoon Seok.

Young Shil:”I’m getting a new husband!”

Everyone starts preparing for the wedding before announcing the parents. Yoo Joo is in charge of Young Shil’s dress, hair and makeup. Jung Hwan will film the wedding. Joong Hee will take care of reserving a wedding hall.

The next day Yoon Seok got his identification card with his real name on. With his identification card, Yoon Seok went to the bank to get his first saving account. Then he went to driving school to finally get his driving lesson.


Chairman Park called Ra Young to his office. He knew that Chul Soo would come with her so he didn’t call his son too. When they came chairman Park returned Chul Soo’s resignation letter. He can’t let his son go since Chul Soo is good on his job. Also chairman Park offered Ra Young a job at PR and Marketing Team.  After talking business, chairman Park told Chul Soo and Ra Young that he gives permission to date and get married after some time.

The same day, Joong Hee called Mi Young to the rooftop. He said that an article about him will be published the next day. He takes out a paper and hands it to Mi Young. She holds the paper that has a ring attached to it. She opens the paper and reads it…Joong Hee proposed to her.

Joong Hee:”Mi Young, will you marry me?”

Joong Hee and Mi Young came inside and asked Yoon Seok and Young Shil’s permission to get married.

Hye Young and Jung Hwan have to decide if they will continue their marriage internship or not. The one year marriage internship isn’t over, but now that Byun Hye Young legally became Lee Hye Young, they have to decide what to do. Hye Young told Jung Hwan her true fillings, thanked him for staying by her side and supported her during all this time with her father’s problem and proposed him to get married. Jung Hwan accepted, but he had a condition. Once a year Jung Hwan and Hye Young will meet and decide what to do the next year regarding their marriage.

Hye Young:”Will you marry me?”


Young Shil and Yoon Seok’s wedding day finally came. Joong Hee hosted the event. The whole family gathered to party the small wedding with only family members. After Yoon Seok and Young Shil said their vows, their children danced for them. In the middle of the party, Hye Young received a phone call that announced her that Yoon Seok retrial was accepted. They have the chance to clear Yoon Seok’s name of murder.


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