“Live Up to Your Name” ep 11 ~ Yeon Kyung:”I want to remember the real side of you.”


Yeon Kyung and Heo Im are back in Joseon. They arrived there while the Japanese soldiers were invading Joseon. They saw two children about to get killed and saved them. But all four of them were caught by the Japanese soldier. Luckily for them general Sayaka was thankful to Yeon Kyung and Heo Im for saving him the other time and helped them. But..the ministry of war saw them. He ordered his men kill Heo Im while Yeon Kyung was being held away… Heo Im is back in Seoul, but Yeon Kyung is left to die on Hanyang’s streets.ep11-11

Episode 11

After Ha Ra died and she remembered her father’s death, Yeon Kyung isn’t herself. She walks on a street when a car comes towards her. Heo Im runs to save her and he is hit by the car. When he woke up, Heo Im was holding the needles he threw away, Yeon Kyung was lying down next to him…both of them were back to Joseon era. The moment Yeon Kyung woke up, Heo Im wants to take her back to Seoul were she belongs, but Yeon Kyung refuses to go.

Yeon Kyung:”You should’ve just let me die.”

Heo Im lets Yeon Kyung rest and in the meantime he talks about his childhood – the happiest time of his life. Then he went to get some water for Yeon Kyung. When Yeon Kyung was left alone two children approached her. They give Yeon Kyung the only thing they have to eat and leave the moment Heo Im returns.

In town, Heo Im doesn’t understand why the needles return to his side when he clearly threw them away.

Heo Im:”Should I thank you for saving my like? Or should I resent you for not letting me go?”


The Japanese soldiers invaded the village and the two children hit. Around them people are killed, little girls are taken away by the Japanese soldiers. Yeon Kyung sees the two children and wants to go save them, but Heo Im stopped her. He went instead.

Heo Im:”I am here to have you!”

He took the children with him and went to the forest where Yeon Kyung was waiting for them. While they were leaving the village a Japanese soldier saw them. He tried to shot and kill them, but he missed. The Japanese soldiers followed them and surrounded them. They are about to kill them when the Japanese general they’ve saved the last time appeared. He told comrade that the Joseon man is a doctor. They should bring him to their camp and save their comrade who is hurt. Yeon Kyung and the two children were brought in as hostages.

Heo Im saved Suzuki, the Japanese soldier that was about to die. In return general Sayaka let him, Yeon Kyung and the children go.

General Sayaka:”Will you remember my name?”


The Japanese soldier that caught Yeon Kyung and Heo Im knew about general Sayaka plan of releasing the Joseon people. He couldn’t stop his superior from releasing the hostages so he followed them and shot on of the children. He wanted to kill everyone, but general Sayaka stopped them.

Heo Im took the boy on his back and left. While the four of them were running away, they’ve met so monks and asked for help. They went inside, but Heo Im never saw or treated a gunshot wound before. They need to take out the bullet from the boy’s body and Yeon Kyung is the only one who can do that. She is afraid to treat the boy, but Heo Im encourages her. Since Yeon Kyung doesn’t have her bag, they will need to improvise. Heo Im will do acupuncture on the boy to decrease the pain. As for disinfecting the wound, they will use hot water boiled with salt and different plants that are used at that time.

With Heo Im’s help, Yeon Kyung operated the boy, got out the bullet and saved his life.


Heo Im carries the boy on his back and together with Yeon Kyung and the little girl, they went on a walk around the forest. They look like a happy family and talk about why either of them are married with children. Then they stop to rest. They eat and play with the children.

Heo Im:”We are like a family. Then we must be meant for each other.”

Later Heo Im and Yeon Kyung took the children, Kang and Dam, back to their village. Everywhere there were dead bodies and the few people alive were hurt. They treat the villagers. Yeon Kyung is impressed. She sees Heo Im’s real side… he treat villagers without expecting nothing in return.

Yeon Kyung:”I want to remember the real side of you.”


When things seemed alright, Dam got sick. She must have been in shock from all that happened and all that she seen recently. Seeing Heo Im taking care of Dam, Yeon Kyung remembers that Heo Jun treated her the same way after the shock of seeing her father dying.

Yeon Kyung asked Heo Im to take her to Hanyang, to meet Heo Jun. Arrived in Hanyang, Heo Im and Yeon Kyung found out that the king run away , abandoning his people to the Japanese mercy.

They went to Heo Jun’s house. He isn’t there, but Mak Gae is. Heo Jun took her in. Unfortunately while they were looking for Heo Jun in town, the ministry of war saw them. He has a grudge against Heo Im and now Heo Im insults him.

Heo Im:”You became a dog while I was away.”

Heo Im insults the ministry of war so that will try to kill Heo Im. If that happens Heo Im and Yeon Kyung will be send to Seoul again, where they will be safe. Unfortunately that didn’t go as planned. The ministry of war people separated Yeon Kyung and Heo Im. Then they stabbed both Heo Im and Yeon Kyung. Because of that Heo Im travelled alone to Seoul…while Yeon Kyung remained in Hanyang…hurt…


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