“Save Me” ep 14~ Dong Cheol:”I just thought I should protect spiritual mother.”


Dong Cheol found some medical reports saying that all the people in Guseonwon are sick. With that records the Guseonwon people can get drugs for the believers. He gave those records to So Rin, but she couldn’t use them. So Rin was caught by apostle Kang and tortured. Also So Rin was drugged. While saving So Rin and Jung Hoon, Dong Cheol also managed to win the Gusoenwon people trust.ep14-1

Episode 14

Dong Cheol enters the church and sees Dae Shik trying to set fire while Joo Ho and Sang Mi were inside. He stops Dae Shik and tells Joo Ho and Sang Mi to leave. When they left, Dong Cheol asked Dae Shik to trust him and leave because he will destroy Guseonwon. When the believers and spiritual father rushed in, Dae Shik did as Dong Cheol said. Dae Shik hit Dong Cheol and run away.

Dong Cheol:”I just want to kill everyone here. I will destroy this place no matter what.”

The believes help Dong Cheol get up and talk to spiritual father and apostle Jo. He said that he stopped Dae Shik because he needed to protect spiritual mother since she is the one to save everyone from the original sin.

Dong Cheol:”I just thought I should protect spiritual mother.”

Later Dong Cheol hears apostle Jo and apostle Kang arguing. Apostle Kang was telling apostle Jo to leave Guseonwon since he is there only for money. But apostle Jo remembered apostle Kang that she didn’t go to prison after killing her husband because he helped her.

Now that he has the people of Guseonwon trust, he lives there and he can walk around Guseonwon freely, Dong Cheol, continues with his search of evidences against Gusoenwon. He found some medical papers that were saying Sang Im is a patient there.


Dong Cheol showed the medical records to Sang Mi and So Rin. The Gusoenwon people made every believer there a patient so that they could get prescriptions to obtain psychotropic drugs illegally. Since the Muji police is under the influence of spiritual father, So Rin wants to give those records to a friend that works in Seoul. If the Guseonwon problem will be made a national problem, spiritual father’s influence won’t be able to cover everything up.

So Rin is on her way to give the medical reports to her journalist friend, but she is stopped. Two believers brought her to apostle Kang and tortured her.

Sang Mi has to show that her training worked. She is at the church saying everything spiritual father wants her too before the believers and acts like them. Meantime after she was tortured, So Rin is forced to swallow a drug daily.


Sang Hwan and Man Hee found out that Jung Hoon was caught by apostle Jo. Sang Hwan texted Dong Cheol to find out where Jung Hoon is kept hostage. After reading the text, Dong Cheol remembered the night he followed apostle Jo and Wan Deok to the forest. He runs there and sees Wan Deok and apostle Kang leaving the place. Wan Deok was carrying So Rin, unconscious. He calls Man Hee and Sang Hwan to come get Jung Hoon.

Spiritual father is testing Sang Mi. He shows Sang Mi the condition So Rin is in and asks Sang Mi is she knew that So Rin was a journalist controlled by the devil. Sang Mi lied and said that she didn’t know So Rin’s true identity. Then spiritual father asked Sang Mi to do the fire prayer on So Rin if it’s true that she didn’t know what So Rin was doing. Since So Rin is drugged and could say something about Dong Cheol or Bo Eun, Sang Mi did the prayer.

At the moment Sang Mi was hitting So Rin, Dong Cheol came in. He said that he saw a tall guy and a fat guy going towards the storages in the forest.


Sang Hwan and Man Hee found Jung Hoon. They carried him to the car when spiritual father, Sang Mi and Dong Cheol saw them. To help his friends, but also to prove that he is a believer, Dong Cheol runs towards Sang Hwan’s car. He whispers Sang Hwan to hit him then he calls the believers to catch the devils.

Sang Hwan can’t let Jung Hoon get treatment at the local hospital. Guseonwon people can show up there anytime. On their way to the big city close by, Sang Hwan and Man Hee met detective Lee. They told him what happened to Jung Hoon and asked him to get involved. For help they will return to Jung Hoon’s medical report.


So Rin is being tied up in a basement under Guseonwon. Apostle Kang is about to inject her some kind of drug when Dong Cheol comes in. He injects apostle Kang the drug and takes So Rin out. He shows So Rin which way to go. At the end of the road Sang Hwan will wait for her.

So Rin went towards the road Dong Cheol said. Unfortunately instead of Sang Hwan, So Rin met apostle Jo.

When Sang Hwan arrived at the place he was supposed to meet the journalist, So Rin wasn’t there. He got a phone call….it was his mother…


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