“Attention, Love!” ep9 ~ Li Zheng:”I’ll come back and I’ll realize that I missed you all this time.”


Shao Xi moved out of her parent’s house to forget about Li Zheng. But Li Zheng couldn’t let her do that so with Shao Xi’s father’s help Li Zheng could rent the room next to Shao Xi’s. They are once again living together and going to the same school. But at the same school goes Jin Li too. And Jin Li does everything he can to be close to Shao Xi and break the connection between Shao Xi and Li Zheng. Jin Li gives up his room and moves in with Li Zheng and Shao Xi.ep9-1

Episode 9

Shao Xi found a place she liked and moved out from her parent’s house. She moved out because she wanted to stay away from Li Zheng and forget about her feelings towards Li Zheng. But when she moved to her new house, Shao Xi met her new housemates, Yu Bin and …Li Zheng. She wanted to forget about Li Zheng and move on with her life, but Li Zheng isn’t willing to let her forget. So Li Zheng followed Shao Xi and to the next room.

When Li Zheng told Shao Xi’s father that he also wants to move out, Shao Xi’s father gave his the address of the house where Shao Xi was going to move. Shao Xi’s father also talked to the owner of the house and made sure that both Shao Xi and Li Zheng will live there.

Li Zheng:”It seems like you are not happy that I live here.”

It was Shao Xi’s first night away from home and she couldn’t sleep. She went on the balcony and saw Li Zheng. He couldn’t sleep either. They talked about how Li Zheng felt when he first move to her house, about his parents and the song they both listen often. That song, “Close to you”, should be unfamiliar to both of them. But every time Li Zheng or Shao Xi feel uneasy or something is troubling them, the song clams them down…like it has some kind of special meaning to them. Also that song was Li Zheng’s parent’s wedding song.

On her first day as a college student, Shao Xi met all her enemies. The girls from the other high school that she used to fight are in her class. Yu Bin is in her class. Angelina is in her class. Also she found out about a tradition of her university. The senior’s each pick a junior and helps him/her integrate. Shao Xi’s senior is Jin Li. He follows Shao Xi everywhere. He treats Shao Xi well both when they are alone or with other classmates.

Jin Li walks Shao Xi home and asks her to date him. But Shao Xi rejected him. Every time she sees the person she likes, Shao Xi hears a song in her heart. When he heard that, Jin Li got closer to Shao Xi and turned on his phone so that Shao Xi could hear a song and accept him. Of course Shao Xi got upset and tried to turn off Jin Li’s phone. While they were fighting over the phone, Li Zheng came.

Jin Li:”Do you want to date me?”

Li Zheng is jealous, but doesn’t say or do anything. He just tells Shao Xi that she is blocking the door and goes inside. When Jin Li found out that Shao Xi and Li Zheng are living together and their rooms are close to each other, he had a big reaction. Contrary to Li Zheng, Jin Li shows what he feels. He can’t do anything that night, but he can stop Shao Xi from spending too much time with Li Zheng. Since Shao Xi starts class at 8 am the next morning, Jin Li will pick her up at 7am to get breakfast together.

Jin Li:”I’m going crazy because of Yan Li Zheng!”

On his way home, Jin Li met Yu Bin. When he heard that Yu Bin lives with Shao Xi and Li Zheng, Jin Li found his way to break Li Zheng and Shao Xi’s connection. Jin Li convinced Yu Bin to exchange rooms so Jin Li became Shao Xi and Li Zheng’s new housemate.

The next morning, after rearranging the furniture in his new room before 7am, Jin Li took Shao Xi out for breakfast. He gave her all the information a new student needs about her teachers and the good places to eat around campus. Then Li Zheng came to have breakfast with them. He can’t let Shao Xi alone with Jin Li. When he saw Li Zheng, Jin Li came out strong. He told Li Zheng that if he likes Shao Xi, he should just confess and not interfere with Shao Xi’s business pretending to be just friends while not letting anyone getting close to Shao Xi. Hearing that, Shao Xi got upset and hit Jin Li.

Jin Li:”Do you like Zhong Shao Xi?”

After infuriating Shao Xi, Jin Li made Li Zheng upset and got hit again. He realized that Li Zheng likes Shao Xi, but he is afraid that if they will date and break up they won’t be able to be friends anymore.

Jin Li’s words made Li Zheng realize that Jin Li is right. But instead of telling Shao Xi what he feels, Li Zheng decided to keep his distance. He told Shao Xi it’s best for them to get new friends and he already started spending time with his new classmates…including Bai Bai who seems to like him. One day while they were at the karaoke, Bai Bai sang a song for Li Zheng… “Close to you”. Li Zheng was surprised to hear the song and he couldn’t stop thinking about Shao Xi and all the times they’ve spend together. Suddenly Li Zheng stopped the song and left.

Li Zheng:”I’ll come back and I’ll realize that I missed you all this time.”

For a while Li Zheng avoided Shao Xi. He isn’t ready to lose Shao Xi as a friend and because of that he is scared of confessing. Since he feels like that, Li Zheng avoided Shao Xi to let her make new friends.

Shao Xi:”You’re not avoiding me, right?”

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