“Attention, Love!” ep10 ~ Shao Xi:”There’s a mouse in my room!”


Li Zheng and Shao Xi move on with their lives, but even if that is what he wanted Li Zheng gets upset to see Shao Xi encouraging him to date other girls. Shao Xi sees Li Zheng spending a lot of time with Bai Bai who seems to be interested in Li Zheng. She talks to Li Zheng about Bai Bai, that Bai Bai is a nice girl. But Li Zheng doesn’t like that and when he sees Jin Li hugging Shao Xi, he gets upset. Then something happened to Shao Xi at school and she skipped classes. Both Li Zheng and Jin Li are worried about her and try their best to make her feel better. When Shao Xi realized what she has to do, something happened and she ended up together with Li Zheng. A mouse entered her room and Li Zheng was there to protect her.ep10.1

Episode 10

Shao Xi comes home and hears noise from Li Zheng’s room. She looks inside and sees that Li Zheng brought home some friends, including Bai Bai. He introduces Shao Xi as his high school friend who now became his housemate. Shao Xi offered them some drinks and Bai Bai goes after Shao Xi. She keeps asking Shao Xi about her relationship with Li Zheng. Shao Xi couldn’t tell Bai Bai that she had and still has feelings for Li Zheng when she promised to move. She tells Bai Bai that she and Li Zheng are just close friends no special feeling. Li Zheng heard the two girls talking and didn’t like what Shao Xi said….But he can’t say anything about that. It was him who made the situation like that.

When Li Zheng’s friends left, Shao Xi keeps talking about Bai Bai who seemed a nice and pretty girl that likes Li Zheng. It looked like Shao Xi wanted Li Zheng to date Bai Bai and that made Li Zheng angry.

Shao Xi was supposed to be in a study group and go eat BBQ with her new friends from school. But thanks to the Three Goddess, Shao Xi was left out of the study group and left to wait alone for hours at the restaurant. When Angelina and Jin Li found out about the trick, they defended Shao Xi and Jin Li went to keep her company at the restaurant.

Back at the house, Jin Li hugs Shao Xi. He wants to listen to her troubles and help her out, but Shao Xi doesn’t let him. While Jin Li was hugging Shao Xi, Li Zheng arrived home too.

Li Zheng:”Let go of her!”

The moment she heard Li Zheng’s voice, Shao Xi’s mind went blank and she threw away Jin Li with a superhuman power.


Shao Xi’s been made an outcast at school. Her classmates bully her and she doesn’t have any friends. She skipped class and the teacher, worried, talked to Shao Xi’s direct senior, Jin Li. Worried about Shao Xi, Jin Li goes to look for her and even asked Li Zheng for help.

Upset, Shao Xi went to see her only friend, Ru Ping. Unfortunately Ru Ping’s life is completely changed in college and Shao Xi doesn’t want to disturb her. But Ru Ping realized that something is wrong with Shao Xi and called Yu Bin. He told Ru Ping that Shao Xi is being isolated by the Three Goddess and Ru Ping got angry at him. Yu Bin is in the same class with Shao Xi, he should stay by her side, instead of being a coward that stays behind and does nothing.

That night Shao Xi went home to her parents. Li Zheng was also there. They had diner like a family again.  After diner Shao Xi and Li Zheng went home where Jin Li had invited his friends for school to introduce them to Shao Xi.

After spending some time with Jin Li and his friends, Shao Xi went on the balcony where she met Li Zheng. They’ve talked about Shao Xi’s situation at school and Li Zheng made Shao Xi realize that she shouldn’t feel bad about it or run away, Shao Xi should fight to the end.

Shao Xi:”Fight to the end.”

The next day at school, no one sits beside Shao Xi and the Three Goddess start spreading venin. But Shao Xi fought back, smiling. When the teacher came, Angelina and Yu Bin offered to be in the same study group as Shao Xi. Also another girl, Han Rong was forced to move to Shao Xi’s group.

Angelina, Yu Bin, Han Rong came to Shao Xi’s room to start their project. Jin Li offered to help. When Li Zheng came home, accompanied by Bai Bai, Shao Xi couldn’t concentrate on her project anymore, but Angelina was there to support Shao Xi. After finishing their homework, Yu Bin and Han Rong went home while Jin Li, Shao Xi and Angelina went to eat something. They’ve got close lately.

Shao Xi is in her room, studying when suddenly she hears noise. Scared she goes to Li Zheng for help. There’s a mouse in her room. Li Zheng comes to Shao Xi’s room to look for the mouse, but Shao Xi gets scared and jumps in Li Zheng ‘s arms. They fell on the bed and Li Zheng pulls Shao Xi in his arms…

Shao Xi:”There’s a mouse in my room!”

Li Zheng:”Someone who is good at fighting is afraid of such small mouse.”

Shao Xi:”How’s fighting and a mouse related?”

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