“Attention, Love!” ep11 ~ Angelina:”She’s mine! Only I can yell, scream and hit her.”


While working on their group project for school, Angelina and Shao Xi got closer. So when Shao Xi needed it, Angelina was there to defend her. Now that they are friends, Angelina took Shao Xi out on a blind date. The boy Angelina introduced Shao Xi too is similar to Li Zheng. Because of that both Li Zheng and Jin Li work together to stop Shao Xi’s blind date. Li Zheng was angry to see Shao Xi having fun with Teddy, but when he wanted to intervene, he was one step too late. Jin Li had already ruined the romance. ep11-1

Episode 11

Shao Xi has a mouse in her room. Scared, she rooms to Li Zheng for help. While they were looking for the mouse together, Shao Xi saw it and jumped into Li Zheng’s arms. They both fell on the bed. Shao Xi wanted to get up, but Li Zheng pulled her back on his chest. He said that if she will get up, the mouse could come to the bed since the mouse it’s next to the bed. He actually lied, but Shao Xi believed him.

Shao Xi:”Yan Li Zheng…your heart is beating so loudly. It also seems to be beating faster and faster.”

They got up embarrassed and Li Zheng sent Shao Xi to his room. She can study and sleep there for the night while Li Zheng will catch the mouse. In Shao Xi’s room Li Zheng looks around and puts everything in order. He found the shoes he gave Shao Xi and remembered that time. He found the doll he gave Shao Xi after winning it. When he pressed the doll’s hand, Li Zheng heard Shao Xi’s voice. Shao Xi recorded her voice on the doll a while ago saying that she likes Li Zheng.

Jin Li can’t fall asleep. He goes to Shao Xi’s room and passes notes to her under her door. Form Shao Xi’s room, Li Zheng was answering the notes coldly and angry. He even blew the dust into Jin Li’s eye.

In the morning, Jin Li brought breakfast and went to wake up Shao Xi to eat together. But instead of Shao Xi, from the room came Li Zheng. When they saw each other Jin Li thought that Li Zheng and Shao Xi spend the night together in that room. The two young men started arguing. Because of the noise Shao Xi came out of Li Zheng’s room.

Li Zheng told Shao Xi that he discovered that all the dirty things from Shao Xi’s room came from the room across hers…which is Jin Li’s room.


Shao Xi and her team finished their project. They all treated Han Rong well and she is happy that for the first time she got new friends. Unfortunately everything changed. They next day Han Rong was late for class. She arrived at the moment the three goddess where ready to present their project. They told the teacher that one student was bullied by her project teammates so they asked her to come to their group. The bullied girl was Han Rong.

Angelina, Yu Bin and Shao Xi are shocked! They didn’t bully Han Rong and without Han Rong their project presentation will fail. But the shock gets bigger when they discover that the three goddess used Han Rong to steal Shao Xi, Angelina and Yu Bin’s presentation.

After the first group presented, Shao Xi, Angelina and Yu Bin went in front of the class for their presentation…which was the same as the first groups. Before starting the presentation, Shao Xi said that the three goddess used Han Rong to steal their presentation. As the three goddess are sure that Shao Xi and her group copied the information from online, they’ve asked for prove that Shao Xi’s telling the truth. At that moment Angelina said she has prove.

The teacher took the both groups to the principle office, who Angelina knows. Angelina’s mother came too. Angelina said she asked her mother for some company secret information for her project so how could the three goddess have the same information. Angelina’s mother confirmed Angelina’s story and even said she has to go and talk to the company lawyers about that situation.

Scared the three goddess put the blame on Han Rong and Shao Xi was the one that defended Han Rong. Seeing Shao Xi defending her even in that situation, Han Rong said the truth.

While waiting for their punishment, the three goddess continue to blame Han Rong. But Shao Xi defends Han Rong and Angelina defends Shao Xi.

Angelina:”She’s mine! From today on, Zhong Shao Xi is An Xiao Qiao’s. Only I can yell, scream and hit her.”

Han Rong apologized to Shao Xi, Angelina and Yu Bin. She told then that she always was bullied or attacked in school, but they were the first once that remembered her name and treated her as a human being. She didn’t want to give the project to the three goddess, but they’ve threatened her. Shao Xi can’t say that she forgives Han Rong, but she told Han Rong that Han Rong has the following 4 years to prove them she is sorry. That meant that Han Rong was received in their group.

After that day, Han Rong didn’t return to school. She took off from school and will retake the entrance exam the next year to become an actress.


Li Zheng came home and sees Shao Xi all dressed up leaving with Angelina and Ru Ping. She ‘s going on a blind date. Angelina is introducing Shao Xi to a friend of hers. With Jin Li liking Shao Xi, Angelina thought that if she will get Shao Xi a boyfriend than Jin Li will forget about Shao Xi. When Angelina asked Shao Xi what kind of boys she likes, Shao Xi described Li Zheng.

Later when Jin Li heard from Li Zheng that Shao Xi went on a blind date, he got furious. Before, Jin Li asked Li Zheng to not interfere with Shao Xi dating other boys. He was referring at Li Zheng not interfering with him dating Shao Xi. Jin Li was expecting Li Zheng to interfere with other strangers dating Shao Xi. After Jin Li explained the situation to Li Zheng, both of them went to follow Shao Xi at her blind date.

Teddy, Shao Xi’s blind date, looks just like Li Zheng. He even has the eating habits as Li Zheng.

At first Li Zheng pretended not to care, but when he saw Shao Xi smiling happily at Teddy, Li Zheng’s blood started to boil. Angry, he left! Li Zheng went to throw some ball to relieve his anger. While throwing the ball, Li Zheng kept remembering Shao Xi…her crying because of him, her confessing or asking him to date her. Li Zheng realized what he feels and what he has to do so he runs back to Shao Xi.

When Li Zheng arrived at the restaurant, he saw Jin Li ruining Shao Xi’s blind date. Once again Li Zheng was one step too late. Jin Li put his hand of Shao Xi’s shoulder and told Teddy that Shao Xi is his girlfriend so Teddy should stop looking for her. Then Jin Li pulled Shao Xi away from Teddy.

Jin Li:”I like you so I don’t like seeing you with other boys!”


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