“Attention, Love!” ep15 ~Shao Xi:”He and I are no longer alone.”


Shao Xi has her suspicions regarding Li Zheng after Da Mao told her that Li Zheng forced his to transfer schools and threatened to kill him. Also Li Zheng was there when Bai Bai was attacked. Now she is in hospital, unconscious. Soon Shao Xi feels sorry for doubting Li Zheng when Bai Bai woke up and told the police that Li Zheng is the one that helped her. That night Li Zheng, who was drunk, opened up and told Shao Xi everything he couldn’t before. She discovers the real Li Zheng. Another Taiwanese good drama! Really loved this drama, even if it seems like they rushed the final episode… In the beginning the story kind reminded me of an old drama ” It started with a kiss’. Still I enjoyed this drama, the story.


Episode 15

Yi Yi is provoking Shao Xi, but Li Zheng, Angelina and Yu Bin arrived to help her. They show the video with Shao Xi beating those boys and Li Zheng made Yi Yi and Xiao Er realize that there was another person beside Shao Xi, the boys she beat and the one that filmed everything. They look again at the video and start saying that the other person might be also a victim of Shao Xi’s violence. At that moment Shan Shan stepped in and told everyone the truth. She told Yi Yi and Xiao Er that her ex boyfriend and his friend were harassing and beating her when Shao Xi came to save her. Hearing that, Yi Yi apologized to Shao Xi and thanked Shao Xi for helping Shan Shan.

Things didn’t go the way she planned so Bai Bai intends to leave. Of course Angelina can’t let that happen. But Bai Bai threatens them with telling the school that Shao Xi pushed her on the stairs.

Da Mao called Shao Xi and told her that Li Zheng is the one that organized everything for Da Mao to get expelled. Then Li Zheng threatened to push Da Mao over the bridge. Shao Xi can’t believe that, but she can’t get out of her mind the fact that earlier that day Li Zheng was at the police station after Bai Bai got hurt. Bai Bai was attacked and is unconscious in the hospital.

To help Shao Xi find out if Da Mao said the truth or not and if the one that hurt Bai Bai is Li Zheng, Jin Li, Shao Xi and Yu Bin made a plan. They will get Li Zheng drunk and Li Zheng will tell them the truth. But Li Zheng won every game and Jin Li got drunk. So it’s time for Yu Bin to step in and help Shao Xi. Unfortunately Yu Bin also lost and got drunk soon.

Since Yu Bin also got drunk, Shao Xi had to play and try to get Li Zheng to drink. She won the first game, but someone was at the door. She went to open. Angelina and Ru Ping arrived. Angelina has news. Bai Bai woke up and her attacker was arrested. A guy from Bai Bai’s class had a crush on her. When he confessed, Bai Bai humiliated him. Upset, the guy attacked Bai Bai. Li Zheng arrived later at the scene and found Bai Bai unconscious and hurt.

Drunk, Li Zheng talks more than usual. He tells Shao Xi that he gets jealous every time she smiles at Jin Li. He told Shao Xi that because he was jealous of Jin Li, he made Shao Xi’s father force her to go with Li Zheng buy a present. Because of that Li Zheng felt like Shao Xi got into her accident because of him. He told Shao Xi that he did a lot to Da Mao because Da Mao made her cry and bullied her. He told Shao Xi that he got into the same university as her because that was Shao Xi wish.

Li Zheng:”Your wish is also my wish.”

That night Li Zheng had a nightmare. He dreamed the accident in which his parents died. He woke up, screaming. Scared, Li Zheng hugged Shao Xi. He tells Shao Xi about his dream. Li Zheng survived that accident because his mother held him tight. After that accident, Li Zheng couldn’t get close or hug other people. Every time he would do that, Li Zheng would smell blood. Shao Xi listened to Li Zheng worries and pain and consoled him. It wasn’t his fault that his parents died. It wasn’t his fault that she got into an accident a while ago. Li Zheng shouldn’t blame himself.

Time passed and Shao Xi and Li Zheng finished school. They moved back home with Shao Xi’s parents, got jobs and are still dating. Shao Xi got a baby sister.

Shao Xi:”He and I are no longer alone.”

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