“Suspicious Partner” ep25~ep26~Hyun Soo:”I should just kill them all.”


Hyun Soo stabbed officer Bang and Ji Wook found him lying on the ground unconscious. He took officer Bang to the hospital. Everyone knows that Hyun Soo is the prime suspect they can’t do anything because Hyun Soo made the perfect alibi. When Hyun Soo came to him and confessed that he is the killer and even stabbed officer Bang, Ji Wook found the perfect option to provoke Hyun Soo. They fought and were arrested, just like Ji Wook wanted. While Hyun Soo is in jail with Ji Wook, Eun Hyuk has time to search Hyun Soo’s apartment. Still they couldn’t arrest Hyun Soo because someone hit Hyun Soo to kill him. ep25-11

Episode 25

Ji Wook found officer Bang lying on the ground unconscious. He tries to stop the bleeding, called the police and an ambulance. Officer Bang was taken to the hospital and got into surgery immediately. Soon Eun Hyuk, Bong Hee and Yoo Jung arrived. Ji Wook wants Yoo Jung to investigate that case. The primary suspect is Jung Hyun Soo, but Hyun Soo knows a lot about forensics and doesn’t let evidence behind him. He also might have prepared an alibi. Still there is no perfect murder. Something must be at the crime scene to incriminate Hyun Soo.

Yoo Jung called Hyun Soo to the prosecution office to ask about his alibi. As always Hyun Soo came prepared. The day he killed Lee Jae Ho and stubbed Bang Eun Ho, Hyun Soo paid someone to pretend it was him. Hyun Soo paid a man to do some deliveries for him. The man Hyun Soo paid had to wear Hyun Soo jacket, to use Hyun Soo phone to text the client, to remember the surroundings well, every detail about it and to make sure he gets spotted by surveillance cameras. The only think that man wasn’t allowed to do is take off his helmet.

Ji Wook has to do something to provoke Hyun Soo so that Hyun Soo would make a mistake. He called Hyun Soo and Hyun Soo came to see him at the hospital. They went to a noisy place to talk. Hyun Soo selected the noisy place to make sure Ji Wook isn’t recording the conversation.

Hyun Soo confessed that he killed a lot of people, including Hee Joon. Then he started laughing remembering the time he was arrested for killing the chef and Ji Wook defended him passionately and got him released.

Hyun Soo:”We should find a noisy place. I’m going to be honest with you and tell you something very important. I killed them all!”

Hyun Soo is provoking Ji Wook and when he saw Ji Wook worked up, Hyun Soo thought Ji Wook understands how he feels. Someone close to him got hurt and that’s the reason Hyun Soo kills so many people, including innocents. He tries to make a deal with Ji Wook. Hyun Soo agreed to not hurt anyone close to Ji Wook as long as Ji Wook lets him do his business. But Ji Wook refused so Hyun Soo plans to kill everyone close to Ji Wook.

Hyun Soo:”I should just kill them all.”

Ji Wook follows Hyun Soo and provoked Hyun Soo to a fight. That meeting between them was Ji Wook’s plan. He called Hyun Soo over so that Eun Hyuk could have time to investigate Hyun Soo.


Episode 26

Ji Wook and Hyun Soo were arrested for fighting. They refuse to settle and go home, more precisely Ji Wook refuses so both of them are locked up in jail for the night.

Eun Hyuk stole Hyun Soo’s house key and together with Bong Hee, Eun Hyuk trespassed Hyun Soo’s house. From Hyun Soo’s house, Eun Hyuk stole a knife so he could place it at the murder scene. A knife from Hyun Soo’s house must have Hyun Soo’s fingerprints on it.

When they’ve settled everything and they were released, Hyun Soo went home. He sees things in his house moved few millimetres away from how he left them and realized someone searched around his apartment.

Hyun Soo follows Bong Hee, takes her pictures and sends them to Ji Wook. He is so furious and he tells Ji Wook he is doing what it must be done because the prosecutors let go of the guilty and locked innocents in prison.

Hyun Soo:”I wouldn’t have come this far if people like you had done your job properly in the first place.”

 Meantime Eun Hyuk and Bong Hee talk to people that knew Chan Ho. One of them told Bong Hee that chef Yang was send to study abroad after he caused troubles in Korea. Another one said he doesn’t know Chan Ho or Hyun Soo. In reality he knows both of them and he knew chef Yang and Lee Jae Ho. Actually he is Hyun Soo’s next target. But before Hyun Soo could do something to him, Yoo Jung came to his house with a search warrant. Inside Hyun Soo’s house, Yoo Jung found a knife with blood on it. That knife is the same knife Eun Hyuk had stolen few days ago. Ji Wook had decided to not fabricate evidence to incriminate Hyun Soo, but someone did it.

Hyun Soo tries to run away. Yoo Jung and the prosecutors follow him. Ji Wook is after them too. But someone else is following them too. That person hit Hyun Soo and run away.


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