“Just Between Lovers” ep 3 ~ Kang Doo:”I don’t owe you anything now.”


Moon Soo’s and Kang Doo’s paths keep crossing. They see each other at work or on their free time. When Moon Soo had to go to the construction site, she suffered and accident who reminded her of the time she was caught under the collapsed mall. Luckily Kang Doo came to save her. But Moon Soo heard Kang Doo and Joo Won talking and found out that Kang Doo is the one that broke the memorial stone.Now Moon Soo wants to know if Kang Doo was there the day the mall collapse.ep3-1

Episode 3

Moon Soo’s friend can’t breathe. She took her friend to the hospital and Wan Jin’s doctor is Kang Doo’s sister. Jae Young keeps looking at Moon Soo who seems familiar. She asks Moon Soo if they’ve met before, but Moon Soo doesn’t know her.

The next day Moon Soo came to take Wan Jin home. While she was struggling with Wan Jin’s wheelchair, Kang Doo showed up to help. He carried Wan Jin to the taxi.

Kang Doo:”Is it alright to touch you? I’m going to touch your body.”

Moon Soo had to go to the construction site for work. She walks around, taking pictures when suddenly she fell. She hurt her ankle, but still tried to get up. While she was screaming for help, Moon Soo realizes that she is in a small place surrounded by walls. At that moment her claustrophobia kicked in. Luckily for her Kang Doo came looking for her and got her out.

When Kang Doo saw Moon Soo’s co-worker alone, he was worried and went to look for her. Kang Doo got her out and scolded her for sitting and waiting instead of calling for help like any other normal person would do.

Kang Doo:”I don’t owe you anything now.”

Kang Doo walks Moon Soo to the bus station and waits with her. While they were waiting for the bus, Moon Soo and Kang Doo talk. She told him about the bathhouse her mother runs, including the name of it. When she got on the buss, Moon She remembered that she forgot to tell Kang Doo something and returned. She forgot to thank Kang Doo for saving her.

There is a company dinner and Kang Doo was also invited. Before going inside the restaurant, Moon Soo hears Kang Doo talking with Joo Won and finds out that Kang Doo is the one that destroyed the memorial stone.

Moon Soo went to the construction site and asked Kang Doo why he destroyed the memorial stone. ..was he there when the mall collapsed or someone he loved died that day. Kang Doo remembers Moon Soo. They were together under the collapsed building. He sang his favourite song to Moon Soo so she would follow his voice and come where he was. They’ve waited together for the rescue team to arrive and encouraged each other. But Moon Soo doesn’t remember.

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2 Responses to “Just Between Lovers” ep 3 ~ Kang Doo:”I don’t owe you anything now.”

  1. dramajunkie says:

    You will see a lot of great quotes in episode 4. Look forward to it.

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