“Suspicious Partner” ep27~ep28~Ji Wook:”Mother, we’re dating!”


Someone tried to kill Hyun Soo before the police could arrest and interrogate him. Between all those bad news, a good news came. Officer Bang woke up and soon was released from hospital. Not having to worry about officer Bang, Ji Wook and Bong Hee went on their first date. That day they’ve met their mother.ep27-1

Episode 27

The police and prosecutors follow Hyun Soo who tries to run away from them. Suddenly a car comes towards Hyun Soo and intentionally hits him. Hyun Soo is sent to the hospital in critical condition.

Hyun Soo is in a coma, but officer Bang woke up. He doesn’t have any brain damage and in a few days officer Bang was discharged from hospital.

Back to work Ji Wook can’t stop thinking about who the person who stole the fabricated evidence from his house and tipped the prosecutors is. He thinks and thinks until he starts suspecting lawyer Byun.


Episode 28

For the first time since they started dating, Bong Hee and Ji Wook went on a date. They play different games and Bong Hee won every one of them. Because of that Ji Wook got a little upset. They are really competitive with each other.

Bong Hee:”It’s not that you’re bad. I’m just too good.”

Later Bong Hee sees Ji Wook with his mother. He wants to introduce Bong Hee to his mother, but Bong Hee covers her face and runs away. Ji Wook’s mother is Bong Hee’s mother’s employer. Bong Hee didn’t treat Ji Wook’s mother really well and she is scared to meet Ji Wook’s mother now.

Arrived home, Ji Wook and his mother met Bong Hee’s mother. She had come to see her daughter and her daughter’s co-workers. Soon Bong Hee also arrived. But the two mother starts acting childish, arguing and bickering that they don’t approve with their children dating.

Ji Wook:”Mother, we’re dating!”

Ji Wook and Bong Hee spend the night together and in the morning Ji Wook has a shocking surprise. He wakes up and sees a picture with Bong Hee and her father. He recognize the man in the picture as the man whom he saw in the fire the night his parents died. Also Jang Moo Young showed little Ji Wook a picture of Bong Hee’s father and told Ji Wook that the man in the picture is Ji Wook’s parent’s killer. Since the night his parents died Ji Wook believed that Bong Hee’s father is the man that killed his parents….

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