“Suspicious Partner” ep29~ep30~Bong Hee:”Let’s break up!”


Ji Wook saw a picture with Bong Hee and her father. That shocked him! The man in the picture is the man that Ji Wook knows that killed his parents. He tries to not change his attitude towards Bong Hee, but no matter how much he tries it doesn’t go his way. Still he knows that no matter what Bong Hee’s father did, it’s not Bong Hee’s fault. He doesn’t tell Bong Hee anything and continues with their relationship until Bong Hee found out on her own.ep29-1

Episode 29

When he woke up, Ji Wook had a shocking sight. The man he saw in the fire that killed his parents is Bong Hee’s father. He doesn’t know how to react and doesn’t want to rush. So Ji Wook asks officer Bang to investigate his parent accident and find out who the killer was. In the meantime Ji Wook offered to help Eun Hyuk with an arson case.

Soon officer Bang gave Ji Wook the information he asked for. Eun Bong Hee’s father was the suspect of Ji Wook’s parent’s deaths. He also died in that fire.

At night Bong Hee finds Ji Wook having nightmares. She stays with him the whole night and they talk for a while about why each of them became a prosecutor. Ji Wook wanted to be like his father while wanted to defend people like her father who were falsely accused while being innocent.

He wants to act like nothing happened, like he doesn’t know anything. He wants to not blame Bong Hee for her father’s mistakes as he thinks that Bong Hee’s father killed his parents. But Ji Wook’s words don’t match his actions. He avoids Bong Hee…


Episode 30

Bong Hee realized that something is wrong with Ji Wook. He hides something from her and when she answered Ji Wook said it’s something personal and doesn’t want to tell her. Still Ji Wook worries a lot. He doesn’t know what to do. He is also afraid that if he will tell Bong Hee what he just discovered, Bong Hee could leave him.

Bong Hee:”Is there something you’re hiding from me? “

Ji Wook:”We should only think about ourselves. Don’t leave me.”

Eun Hyuk finds Bong Hee sad, thinking about the way Ji Wook is acting lately. He tells Bong Hee that the arson case must remind Ji Wook about his parent’s death. Ji Wook also must feel guilty since he was the only survivor of that fire.

Yoo Jung gave some information to help Eun Hyuk with his arson case. Two years ago Eun Hyun defended his client who was the arson suspect and lost the case. Now the man who did two years of prison wants a retrial and wants Eun Hyuk as his lawyer. At the retrial Eun Hyuk used the information he had from Yoo Jung…the real arsonist is the man that said he was the witness.

At the retrial Bong Hee and Ji Wook were present too. That day Bong Hee realized something…the Ji Wook’s parents are the once that died in the same fire as her father…

Bong Hee calls Ji Wook out. They walk around, they eat, they take pictures. Then they stop! Ji Wook holds Bong Hee’s hand tightly, but Bong Hee pulls Ji Wook’s hand away. She breaks up with him.

Bong Hee:”Let’s break up!”

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