“A Korean Odyssey” ep6 ~ Oh Gong:”I’d like you to disappear.”


Since he tasted Seon Mi’s blood, Ma Wang has a hard time resisting the desire of eating Sam Jang. He avoids Seon Mi. He drinks medicines to detoxify his body. In the meantime his eyes often take their real color, his fangs and claws appear. Oh Gong says he wants Seon Mi dead, but when the opportunity came, Oh Gong couldn’t do so. He appears to protect her when Ma Wang is ready to kill her, when Ji Young is about to stab Seon Mi and he finds all kind of excuses to save Seon Mi when General Frost wants to help. Unfortunately Seon Mi found out what Oh Gong did to kill her and she is both hurt and disappointed. She avoids Oh Gong and no matter how much he apologizes, Seon Mi isn’t ready to forgive him. That hurts Oh Gong.ep6-1

Episode 6

Oh Gong fooled Ma Wang into drinking wine with Sam Jang’s blood in it. Every time Seon Mi is close, Ma Wang suffers from the pain of not killing her. Now that he sensed the taste of Seon Mi’s blood, when Seon Mi is close, Ma Wang feels the need of eating her. But he can’t do that. He has to protect Seon Mi and become a deity to save the woman he loves. He worked hard for hundreds of years so he can’t give up now.

To make it more painfully for Ma Wang, Oh Gong called Seon Mi and left. Until the sand in the hourglass ends Ma Wang has to support the pain while being alone with Seon Mi in the same room. When the time ended Ma Wang called Oh Gong and he took Seon Mi away.

Oh Gong:”Ma Wang is feeling a little sick. His pain is my happiness.”

Oh Gong took Seon Mi to his house and gave her something to drink. While being there, Seon Mi wanted to know more about Oh Gong…why he was punished, for how long. He didn’t say what crime he committed, but Oh Gong was punished to many years. Seon Mi feels sympathetic towards Oh Gong, but he coldly reminds Seon Mi that now she is the one holding him tied up.

Oh Gong:”I’d like you to disappear.”

Now that he tested Sam Jang’s blood, Ma Wang has a hard time. His energy dropped, his hands are shaking, his voice isn’t what it used to be. Ji Young gets him medicine, but Ma Wang can’t stop craving Sam Jang’s blood. Still he has to resist it. He tries to avoid Seon Mi as much as he can and when Seon Mi is close by Ma Wang runs the other direction. Without knowing what’s going on, Seon Mi follows him and makes Ma Wang’s condition worse. Ma Wang’s eyes turn red, his fangs and claws appear.  It’s hard for Ma Wang to resist eating Seon Mi. Of course Oh Gong can’t let Ma Wang kill Seon Mi. Because of the bracelet, Oh Gong appears the last second and stops Ma Wang.  Oh Gong is just playing with Ma Wang’s pain.

A woman wanted to sell her shop as soon as possible and contacted Han Joo. Her boyfriend died suddenly and the shop had too many memories of them both. But when Seon Mi and Han Joo went over to buy the shop, the woman wasn’t selling anymore. She completely different, she was happy and had just gotten a haircut. Seon Mi sees that the woman didn’t get her hair cut at a salon, something was attached by her hair. An evil spirit cut that woman’s hair and all her painful memories with it.

Oh Gong has a chance to get rid of Seon Mi for good with General Frost help. But when the time came to kill Seon Mi, Oh Gong kept searching for excuses to not kill her, excuses like he has to watch a show that night, he has to eat what Oh Jeong is cooking or it’s too cold to kill Seon Mi on that day. When Seon Mi called, Oh Gong rushed over.

She was at the park were the spirit cuts people’s hair. She isn’t sure if it’s an evil spirit or not so she called Oh Gong for help. He is happy to be there with Seon Mi. He buys what Seon Mi wants and does everything she wants. He even said he liked something because of Seon Mi.

Ji Young can’t watch Ma Wang suffer anymore so she decided to kill Seon Mi. She called Seon Mi to the parking lot. The moment Ji Young stabbed Seon Mi, Oh Gong and Ma Wang appeared. Ji Young’s knife ended in Ma Wang’s heart. Seon Mi doesn’t understand what is going on so she asked. Hurt and disappointed after finding out that Oh Gong gave Ma Wang a taste of her blood for Ma Wang to kill her, Seon Mi leaves. She goes to the park and meets the demon that cuts people’s hair. With the hair he takes away the sadness that love left in those people’s hearts. At first Seon Mi let him cut her hair, but she doesn’t want her memory and feelings of Oh Gong gone. Seon Mi called Oh Gong and he protected her.

Oh Gong:”As you command, I will protect you.”

Oh Gong is in pain. Seon Mi is upset with him since she found out Oh Gong wanted Ma Wang to kill her. Oh Gong tried to apologize, but it didn’t work. Seon Mi knew that he wasn’t honest. So General Frost advised Oh Gong what to do so Seon Mi would forgive him.

After Oh Gong left, Seon Mi came by General Frost. She is disappointed that Oh Gong’s feelings aren’t honest so General Frost offers to help Seon Mi know what Oh Gong really feels for her. On the day Seon Mi was supposed to be killed, it’s when General Frost’s power will be the greatest. He offers to freeze the bracelet Oh Gong is wearing without Oh Gong’s knowing. At that moment Seon Mi could get an honest answer form Oh Gong.

General Frost:”Sam Jang, would you like me to buy you some time?”

General Frost froze Oh Gong’s bracelet for a short amount of time. While the bracelet was frozen, Seon Mi asked Oh Gong if she is pretty. Oh Gong said yes, Seon Mi is pretty, he love her.


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