“Home Sweet Home” ep22~ Wen Xin:”I think I’m a terrible person.”


Encouraged by Yan Xi, Wen Xin finally sent Bryan an email. And he responded. Soon Bryan will come to Taiwan. Every time her phone rings, Wen Xin is scared. She doesn’t want her life to change once Bryan will appear. In the meantime Wen Xin pretends to be happy to not worry the once that love her. But Yan Xi knows she is pretending and stays by her side. He consoles Wen Xin when she opens up and tells Yan Xi what happened to Bryan. ep22-1

Episode 22

After thinking for long and encouraged by Yan Xi, Wen Xin sent an e-mail to Bryan. She didn’t know how to start a conversation or what tone to have while talking to Bryan on the phone so Wen Xin thought it’s better to email him. After sending the email, Wen Xin told Yan Xi. Beside her feelings for Bryan, Wen Xin also feels responsible. An accident happened and Bryan pushed her away.

After she sent Bryan an email, Wen Xin is afraid every time her phone rings. She keeps thinking about Bryan. She can’t concentrate on anything. Still she pretends to be happy around people she loves.

Yan Xi:”Why do you force yourself to look so happy?”

Knowing that Wen Xin is only acting happy while on the inside she suffers, Yan Xi goes to her. If Wen Xin doesn’t open up and talk to him, Yan Xi doesn’t know what to do to make her feel better. Wen Xin starts crying. She tells Yan Xi that about a year ago she and Bryan went on vacation. An accident happened and Bryan was rushed to the hospital. After the surgery, the doctor said that Bryan might have to use the wheelchair for the rest of his life. The accident happened while Bryan was protecting Wen Xin and because of that Wen Xin always felt guilty.  Yan Xi consoled Wen Xin and now she feels better.

Wen Xin:”I think I’m a terrible person.”

The next day, when Wen Xin arrived to work and opened her laptop she found a message form Bryan. He will contact her soon when he will arrive to Taiwan.

Yuan Fu asked a reported to look into Yan Xi’s business partner. But she couldn’t find much and all that she could find was from collage until this days. Before college it’s like that person never existed. Suspicious Yuan Fu goes to Yan Xi’s office and asks some questions to Rou Rou.  Since he got the chance and someone is listening, Rou Rou told Yuan Fu that one night he forgot something at the office and when he came Cheng Hang Tian was there. When Rou Rou asked him why he was there, Hang Tian said “ I’m here for Yan Xi’s secret. I have to destroy him.”

Kelly’s mother came to see Yan Xi. She investigate and discovered that the family secrets where exposed to the media from Yan Xi’s company.

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