“Suspicious Partner” ep33~ep34~Hyun Soo:”If I really killed a person it’s only fair that I get punished.”


Hyun Soo woke up from his coma. There isn’t any brain damages, but Hyun Soo lost his memory. Yoo Jung and Ji Wook help him recover his memory so they could punish him for his crimes. While he was looking through the personal belongings Yoo Jung and Ji Wook brought him, Hyun Soo remembers his first love. He hurt a police officer and Yoo Jung and escaped.ep33-1

Episode 33

Bong Hee is at the hospital with Hyun Soo. While she was talking on the phone, Hyun Soo woke up. But Hyun Soo says he doesn’t remember who he is, he doesn’t remember anything. The same time Ji Wook remembered why he pointed at Bong Hee’s father as the arsonist that killed his parents…Jang Moo Young made his do that. Before talking to Jang Moo Young, Ji Wook asked officer Bang to investigate more his parent’s case.

Ji Wook went to the hospital. The tests they did to Hyun Soo didn’t show any brain damage. So Hyun Soo either lost his memory temporally or he is pretending. With Yoo Jung’s help, Ji Wook enters Hyun Soo’s room to test if Hyun Soo is lying or not. After their conversation, Ji Wook isn’t sure if Hyun Soo is lying or not. One thing Ji Wook is sure about, even without his memory Hyun Soo has the same personality.ep34-1

Episode 34

Hyun Soo’s doctor allowed Yoo Jung to interrogate him. She told Hyun Soo that he is investigated for murder and attempt murder. He is shocked or acts shocked. Later Ji Wook visits Hyun Soo. Since his conversation with Yoo Jung, Hyun Soo thought about what she said and is sure that if he killed someone it must be a reason. So Ji Wook will help Hyun Soo recover his memory. Ji Wook isn’t sure that Hyun Soo isn’t pretending that he lost his memory. Still even if Hyun Soo really lost his memory, Hyun Soo should recover his memory before he is punished.

Hyun Soo:”If I really killed a person it’s only fair that I get punished.”

Yoo Jung brought Hyun Soo a few personal belongings to trigger his memory. Then Ji Wook showed Hyun Soo pictures of his victims. Meantime Bong Hee and Eun Hyuk investigate Hyun Soo and his past. They looked for other cases that could be related to Hyun Soo. They searched for Hyun Soo’s middle school and high school. Then they’ve arrived at a restaurant were Bong Hee sees something surprisingly.

Hyun Soo looks around the personal belongings that were brought to him. He look in a school photo album and sees something that triggers his memory….the picture of the girl he liked Park So Young. He recovered his memory and made a plan to escape.

Hyun Soo turned on the water in the bathroom and made some noise. The policeman from outside his room heard and came in. Hyun Soo fought the policeman, took the policeman clothes and run away. On the hallway Yoo Jung had a strange feeling and went to check it. She met Hyun Soo on the stairs, but she was no match for him. Hyun Soo left Yoo Jung unconscious.

In his car Ji Wook can’t get out of his mind what Hyun Soo just told him. Hyun Soo asked Ji Wook if he had any girl he liked before losing his memory. Ji Wook remembers what Hyun Soo was watching and realized it was the school photo album. But when Ji Wook look in that album a picture is ripped off. At that moment Bong Hee calls him. At the restaurant she and Eun Hyuk were, Bong Hee found out the reason Hyun Soo kills.

Bong Hee:”I think I found out way Jung Hyun Soo kills people.”

Ji Wook runs back to the hospital room. On his way Ji Wook sees Hyun Soo. He runs after Hyun Soo, but Ji Wook lost him.


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