“A Korean Odyssey” ep7 ~ Oh Gong:”Humans are selfish and can’t be trusted.”


A new mission appeared for Seon Mi. A mermaid fell in love with a human. Unfortunately that human betrayed and killed her. The mermaid has to stab the human for her to be able to return at the sea. Oh Gong gave the knife to the mermaid’s ghost. In return he received the mermaid’s tears tear that allows a realistic virtual experience. Oh Gong couldn’t decide what wish to have, but he gave the tears to Seon Mi. She wished to see her grandmother. The next day Oh Gong has a surprise from Ma Wang. Seon Mi’s first love has appeared and Ma Wang made sure that Jonathan and Seon Mi meet …in front of Oh Gong who became jealous and anxious of losing Seon Mi.ep7-11

Episode 7

Seon Mi asked Oh Gong if he has feelings for her while it snowed. She believed that at that time Oh Gong was out of the bracelet’s magic with General Frost help. But soon she found out that it wasn’t true. General Frost can freeze things, but his sister is melting them. So Seon Mi was teased by them.

Back at her house Seon Mi met Oh Gong. He caught a cold while he was in the snow and came to bring Seon Mi some warm porridge, to prevent her from getting a cold too. But she teased Seon Mi too. He made her talk with a thermos as if she was talking on the phone. Of course when Oh Gong used his powers and made the thermos work as a phone, Seon Mi didn’t believe him.

Seon Mi is still upset that Oh Gong tried to kill her. Honestly Oh Gong explained her that he realized that he can’t kill her. As long as Oh Gong is wearing that bracelet, he will die before Seon Mi if something will happen to her. For Oh Gong to stay alive, Seon Mi must be well.

Oh Gong:”I couldn’t leave you to disappear.”

The son of the dragon king of the east sea was punished to become and octopus. He was caught in a net and Oh Jeong found him at the fish market. Sa Oh Jeong saved the octopus prince and brought him to Ma Wang. But the octopus prince escaped and possessed Alice. To prevent the octopus prince from doing something in public since Alice is a celebrity, Ma Wang went to find Seon Mi. While the octopus prince will stay close to PK, Ma Wang and Seon Mi have to find the mermaid that the octopus prince is looking for. The mermaid was in love with a human and the octopus prince family gave her medicine that allowed her to have legs and walk around humans.

They need to find the mermaid and give her a special knife. A mermaid who wasn’t able to have a human’s love isn’t able to return to the sea safely. The mermaid has to stab the human’s heart with that special knife so she won’t disappear. Ma Wang doesn’t know that small detail. Oh Jeong told that only to Oh Gong. He has to give the knife to the mermaid. In return Oh Gong will receive a mermaid’s tear that allows a realistic virtual experience. So Oh Gong went to search for the mermaid with Seon Mi.

The mermaid lost the human’s love because a woman that he loves appeared.

Oh Gong:” Quickly start walking around the area. The bait has to move around so the fish can bite.”

Few days ago a man took Seon Mi’s picture. He liked her and recently saw her at Ma Wang’s company. He recently came from America and signed a contract with Ma Wang. That day Jonathan told Ma Wang about his first love…a girl with a yellow umbrella that he met as a child. He drew that girl and saw it to Ma Wang. That girl was Seon Mi. When he realized that Jonathan’s first love is Seon Mi, Ma Wang got an idea about how to hurt Oh Gong. So Ma Wang carefully planned Jonathan’s and Seon Mi’s meeting.

Jonathan received Seon Mi’s business card and went to visit her with the pictures he took of her at the park. But in Seon Mi’s office, Jonathan has a pleasant surprise…Jin Seon Mi is the girl he fell in love with as a child, his first love.

Meantime Seon Mi is at the library, looking for the mermaid. She sees it, the mermaid is a ghost that doesn’t have legs or a tail. Then Seon Mi lost the mermaid and when she saw it again the mermaid was with Oh Gong. He was giving her the knife. Oh Gong was surprised that the mermaid has no legs or tail, but he knows what happened. It was too late for the mermaid to return to the sea. The mermaid was already dead. The human she loved killed her.

Seon Mi sees the mermaid. She was asking Seon Mi to follow her. She was crying while holding the knife. Seon Mi accompanied her to the human that killed her. The mermaid stabbed him the in heat. That special knife was a torn that will stay in the human’s heart for all his life, giving him pain. That is his pun punishment.

That incident with the mermaid being betrayed by a human had a big impact on Oh Gong. Long ago he also was betrayed by a human. That was why he was punished and locked up until Seon Mi released him.

Oh Gong:”Humans are selfish and can’t be trusted.”


Oh Gong’s wish that he can have granted thanks to the mermaid’s tears is to drink…but Seon Mi’s wish was to meet her grandmother. The next morning when she came at the office Seon Mi found the pictures Jonathan left. Between the pictures was also a drawing with the two of them as children. Seon Mi remembers him too.

That night Seon Mi and Jonathan are invited at Ma Wang’s house. They are happy to see each other, but Oh Gong isn’t happy at all. When Seon Mi and Jonathan were on their way, Ma Wang told Oh Gong who Jonathan was. The moment he saw Seon Mi hugging, smiling happily to see Jonathan, Oh Gong’s jealousy and anxiety grew. He can’t lose Seon Mi. Oh Gong took Seon Mi away from Jonathan, hugged her and kissed her.

Oh Gong:”What I do from now on is your fault.”


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