“Suspicious Partner” ep35~ep36~Hyun Soo:”I killed them all.”


Hyun Soo escaped the hospital and run away from the police officers that were guarding him. He hasn’t recovered his whole memory yet, but he remembers So Young. She was important to him. He remembers So Young being chased, running for her life. Then he remembers Bong Hee. Hyun Soo’s mind keeps telling him that he has to kill Bong Hee. So Hyun Soo showed up in front of Bong Hee when she was alone and attacked her. But Ji Wook was close and defended her. Hyun Soo was arrested again and confessed his murders while Ji Wook was rushed to the hospital. In the battle Ji Wook was injured. Soon Hyun Soo and Ji Wook face their common enemy, Jang Moo Young. At the hospital Ji Wook remembered that Bong Hee’s father saved him and died while trying to save his parents too, but Jang Moo Young made him testify otherwise. ep35-1

Episode 35

Hyun Soo hasn’t recovered all his memory. He knows that he killed some people and that So Young was important to him. But he doesn’t remember the motive. Hyun Soo goes to his old school with So Young’s picture in his hand. Suddenly he has a flash back with So Young being chased. She was running for her life, scared.

Leaving the school, Hyun Soo sees Ji Wook and Bong Hee. Looking at Bong Hee, Hyun Soo remembers having seen her at the hospital. He also remembers that Bong Hee saw him one night while he killed someone, but doesn’t remember who Bong Hoo is.

Bong Hee is working late and she is alone. Suddenly she feels like someone is there. She looks around and sees Hyun Soo. He wants to know who she is.

Hyun Soo:”Who are you? You are the very first person I saw when I woke up. But my head is telling me that I have to get rid of you.”

Bong Hee tells him that she witnessed him killing and that is why he is acting like that. They start fighting and Hyun Soo is about to kill Bong Hee when Ji Wook appeared.

 All this episodes the writers kept telling up that Eun Bong Hee did taekwondo and is good at that, she even thought children, but she AS A TAEKWANDO sportive can’t beat someone that didn’t do that sport and GETS EASILY scared and always needs people to protect her. Well…if that is so I strongly recommend parents to not let their children do taekwondo. They will be safer and braver if they don’t….  Seems like it’s a lie that people who learn martial arts know how to defend themselves (me being sarcastic here J ).

In the fight Ji Wook was injured. On the way to the hospital, Ji Wook remembers his happy times with his father. Then he remembers the night of the fire. He opened his room door and he saw fire and his father lying down. Suddenly a man broke in and tried to save his father. Ji Wook’s father signed that man to save his son. The man, Bong Hee’s father, took Ji Wook outside to be safe. After he made sure that Ji Wook was safe, the man returned for Ji Wook’s parents. But none of the three of them came out alive.


Episode 36

Ji Wook is recovering well so he was soon discharged. The reason of the fire is still unknown, but Ji Wook has to tell Bong Hee that her father wasn’t a killer. He tells Bong Hee that her father wasn’t an arsonist, but the one that saved Ji Wook’s live. Ji Wook tells Bong Hee that her father died while trying to save his parents. Now Bong Hee wants to know why her father was wrongly accused if things are like that and Ji Wook told her.

Bong Hee goes to Jang Moo Young. She looks him straight in the face and tells him that she is Eun  Man Soo’s daughter. She tells Jang Moo Young that her father was an innocent man that Jang Moo Young used as a scapegoat to cover his own mistakes and not an arsonist. She looks at Jang Moo Young and asks him if he realizes how he ruined her life and her mother’s life.

After few days of being imprisoned, Hyun Soo decided to talk. He tells Yoo Jung about the people he killed, including Hee Jun. Because Bong Hee witnessed him killing someone, Hyun Soo went to kill her. Instead of Bong Hee, Hyun Soo found the drunk Hee Jun. When he fell, Hee Jun started to cry while calling for his father to help him. Seeing Hee Jun being such a crybaby, Hyun Soo stabbed him and killed Hee Jun.

Hyun Soo:”I killed them all.”

Later Jang Moo Young used his influence to take Hyun Soo with him.


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