“Just Between Lovers” ep16~ Moon Soo:”If you die, I’ll kill you.”


Kang Doo’s condition is deteriorating fast. Everyone that he knows and loves him went to the hospital to get tested. The good news came soon.The most unexpected person, Sang Man, is compatible with Kang Doo. When Kang Doo accepted to receive part of Sang Man’s liver a bad news came. During the surgery complications could appear for Sang Man….Prepared to die, Kang Doo went on a date with Moon Soo. They’ve spend a day and night together then Kang Doo fainted and was rushed to the hospital.

Can’t believe this drama is over. 😦 Even if i think that Kang Doo’s death was a more realistic ending, I’m happy that it had an happy ending. Both Moon Soo and Kang Doo deserved a happy ending after all they’ve been through. It was a good drama. Personally I would’ve expected to see more about how Kang Doo, Moon Soo and their families moved on after the accident. At some point it was said that Moon Soo lost her memory, but she recovered it – and they’ve passed it too fast. And Kang Doo who remembered always everything, he heard Seung Jae’s voice until he passed the message to Seung Jae’s mother? Or how it went away? Also did Kand Doo had some therapy sessions to pass the trauma or not? It’s not a simple matter what happened to him and both him and Moon Soo were way too young. Anyway…this was a good drama, good story.


Episode 16

Moon Soo found Kang Doo on the ground in front of her house and took him to the hospital. When she heard about Kang Doo’s condition, Moon Soo was willing to do anything to donate him part of her liver. But Jae Young explained why Moon Soo won’t be accepted as a donor.

Moon Soo:”If you die, I’ll kill you.”

When his condition was stabilized, Kang Doo could leave the hospital. He and Moon Soo finished their work for the memorial park and quit their jobs.

Everyone that love Kang Doo went to the hospital and got tested. A donor was found…it’s Sang Man. He wants to give part of his liver and save Kang Doo’s life. But Sang Man’s mother and Kang Doo aren’t pleased with that. They worry about Sang Man. Furious Kang Doo argues with Jae Young.

Sang Man’s mother opposed her son donate part of his liver to Kang Doo. But she knows Kang Doo for more than ten years. In a way she loves Kang Doo as a real son and understood Sang Man’s feeling. So Sang Man’s mother allowed Sang Man to donate and together with Moon Soo convinced Kang Doo to accept the surgery…with the condition that Kang Doo will live long, take care of her and Sang Man like a real son. Unfortunately at the last test it was shown that Sang Man can’t donate. Sang Man has some health problems that if he will get into surgery, Sang Man could lose his life because of the complications that could appear.

Without telling Moon Soo that he won’t get his transplant surgery, Kang Doo went on a date with Moon Soo. He wanted to do anything Moon Soo wished for that day…they went to a hotel. The next morning when she woke up, Moon Soo didn’t find Kang Doo by her side. He woke up in the middle of the night and left.

Kang Doo:”You were born to be loved by me, right?”

Moon Soo went to look for Kang Doo. Before finding Kang Doo, Moon Soo met Jae Young and found everything.

Kang Doo fainted on Moon Soo’s shoulder. He was rushed to the hospital and a miracle happened…Kang Doo went to surgery and survived. He received Sang Man’s liver and got a new chance to live…



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