“My Husband Oh Jak Doo” ep 3~Seung Joo:”Humans are the scariest creatures in this world.”


Seung Joo and Jak Doo got married and Jak Doo moved to Seoul. Because Jak Doo doesn’t have a job, he will take care of the house while Seung Joo will work and be the breadwinner of the family. Since he moved to Seoul, Jak Doo wanted to go out with Seung Joo. He put on his best clothes and they went out. For the first time Seung Joo saw the differences between her live with a man by her side and without. When she went to work, Seung Joo let Jak Doo at a coffee shop to wait for her, but because of the problems at work, Seung Joo forgot to pick up Jak Doo. After few hours she went to get Jak Doo and had to defend him while he was misunderstood. Seung Joo realized that Jak Doo is too nice so she can’t hid the truth from him anymore so she tells him about the murder that happen in her house.ep3-11

Episode 3

Seung Joo’s friends saw on her social media that she got married and came running to her. They arrived at Seung Joo’s house while Seung Joo and Jak Doo were in front of the gate. Seung Joo drags Jak Doo in and pushes him inside. Then she went to explain her friends what happened.

Jak Doo sat on the sofa where the remote controls were and everything started talking to him, everything from TV to the vacuum cleaner. He doesn’t know how to stop all that noise and goes outside, without a jacked and without knowing the password to come inside.

When Seung Joo returned home it was already dark outside. She goes inside and Jak Doo wasn’t there. Since she is alone in her house, Seung Joo has another panic episode. She runs outside trying to breathe well. At that moment she sees Jak Doo and hugs him tight until her breathing stabilized.

Locked outside and freezing Jak Doo had to do something to keep himself warm. He cleaned the yard and went running to forget the cold and hunger. Now that they are both home, they have dinner and Jak Doo arranges his belongings inside his room. He wants to close the door and go to bed, but Seung Joo doesn’t let him. Because of her disorder Seung Joo needs to constantly see that Jak Doo is home so Jak Doo has to keep his room door open always.

Seung Joo:”Humans are the scariest creatures in this world.”

It’s late at night, but Jak Doo can’t sleep. Seung Joo is watching TV and there’s too much noise. She can’t sleep because every time she closes her eyes she is reminded of the murder that happened in her house and that she is followed. While they were arguing over that, the news started. A man who killed a woman in her 30s, living alone, was arrested. Hearing that news, Jak Doo remembers the night he saved Seung Joo from being killed and understands her fear. But there is nothing he can to.

The next morning, Seung Joo woke up at noon. Until then Jak Doo had cleaned the house, had called the grandmother from the mountain to send him some herbs to help Seung Joo sleep and was building something. When Seung Joo had to leave, Jak Doo dressed up in his best clothes, including a flower print grandmother jacket, and asked Seung Joo to take him with her.

On the streets Seung Joo is embarrassed to be seen with Jak Doo. Everyone looks at him and laughs. When Seung Joo meets people that want to match her up with some kind of men, Jak Doo announces that they are married. When Seung Joo went to get her car from repairs and the man that fixed her car was trying to fool her to get more money, Jak Doo appeared. Since she has a man with her, the repair man didn’t fool her anymore.

After driving him around for a while, Seung Joo left Jak Doo at a coffee shop. The first stop was the hospital. There Seung Joo talked with her medic about her condition and also got one  good news, she can’t be fired from work for panic disorder. The problem is that the person replacing Seung Joo is a girl with higher backup.

Seung Joo returned home and remembered that she totally forgot to pick up Jak Doo. He waited for Seung Joo five hours and was misunderstood. When Seung Joo arrived at the coffee shop, she saw the waitress screaming at Jak Doo after he tried to help her took the trash. She accused Jak Doo of liking her and following her, but she is way out of his league. Hearing that waitress talking like that to Jak Doo, Seung Joo intervened. She couldn’t let someone talk like that about her husband. That night Seung Joo told Jak Doo about the woman who was killed in her bedroom.

The next day when Jak Doo called the grandmother to announce her that he received the package she send him, the grandmother told Jak Doo that Jang Eun Jo went to Gura Village to look for him. So Jak Doo went to see Eun Jo’s gayageum concert. At the entrance Jak Doo received a phone call from the hospital regarding Seung Joo.

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1 Response to “My Husband Oh Jak Doo” ep 3~Seung Joo:”Humans are the scariest creatures in this world.”

  1. shamrockmom3 says:

    Jak Doo’s tropical print ahjumma jacket was the best! I loved that he dressed in his best clothes to go out with her. What a sweetie he is!

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