“Home Sweet Home” ep32~ Yi Yang:”I think Kelly likes Lucky.”


Yi Yang keeps thinking about Kelly, but he finds her notebook and realizes that Kelly doesn’t like him as much as she believes. Kelly likes Lucky, but she doesn’t realizes it. He is always by her side, he shows up to help her so she doesn’t have time to miss him. When he realized that, Yi Yang who knows that he can compete with Lucky, decided to go study abroad.

Episode 32

Yi Yang brought Kelly back and the first stop was her office. The moment she saw Lucky, Kelly jumped to his arms, happy to see him. Yi Yang was jealous I could say and also surprised to see the way Kelly was acting around Lucky. But when she heard that her mother was dismissed from her position, Kelly ran off to see how her mother was.

After she was removed from her position and Hang Tian reveal why he hates her so much, Kelly’s mother suddenly turned good. She realized she destroyed the lives of many innocents and went to Xiao Li’s house. With the excuse of bringing Kelly new clothes, she went to apologize. Xiao Li knows that it will be hard for Yan Xi to forgive her and for her to apologize to Yan Xi, but Xiao Li made her realize how great her daughter is and how much of Kelly’s life she’s lost because of her hate and greed. Back home, Kelly’s mother sees Kelly and the first thing she does is open her arms. She wants Kelly to hug her. While mother and daughter were hugging for the first time, the grandfather fainted.

Yan Xi and Wen Xin come to work and find out that Yan Xi’s old customers want to continue working with Yan Xi’s company as if nothing happened. They don’t understand what suddenly happened so Hang Tian explains them. He took care of the once he needed to punish. Then Hang Tian told Yan Xi that the rent for their office was paid for three more years. He gave Yan Xi with an envelope that contains the lease of the company and the reason why Hang Tian wanted to destroy Kelly’s mother.

Yan Xi and Wen Xin rushed to the hospital. There Yan Xi ignored Kelly’s mother, he only looked and talked to Kelly. When Kelly’s mother wanted to apologize for how she treated him during the years, Yan Xi wasn’t ready to listen.

Yi Yang thinks more and more about Kelly. He is in his room and Yan Xi and Yuan Fu come over for men’s talk and drinks. Yi Yang has a brochure. He wants to study abroad and then return to open his own coffee business. When the talk went towards Kelly, Yi Yang gave Yuan Fu and Yan Xi the notebook Yi Yang found under his blanket. It’s Kelly’s. She counted there how many times she thinks about Yi Yang and how many times she thinks about Lucky…unexpectedly Lucky won.

Yi Yang:”I think Kelly likes Lucky.”

Kelly likes Lucky, even if she didn’t realized it yet, and Lucky likes Kelly. Because he feels he isn’t as great as Lucky, Yi Yang decided to work for his future. He will go abroad and study hard, see the world. If by the time he will return Lucky and Kelly won’t be a couple, Yi Yang will try win her heart. Until then Yi Yang supports Lucky and Kelly.

To get money for his trip, Yi Yang sold his coffee truck to Lucky. Then he said goodbye to Kelly, hugged her and returned her the notebook she forgot at his house.

Yi Yang made his luggage, took selfies of himself around the house and wants to leave secretly. But his family knows him well. Xiao Li was waiting for him. She handed him a bank account for him to use if he will ever have an emergency and a card from the rest of the family. Everyone left him a message there.

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