“My Husband Oh Jak Doo” ep 5~Jak Doo:” I don’t want to go back.”


Jak Doo met Eun Jo. She came looking for him hopping he will return to her side. But Jak Doo rejected her and told Eun Jo that he is married already. Back at the house, Jak Doo hears a noise coming from inside the house…the man that tried to kill Seung Joo is there. They fight, but Jak Doo lost him. Worried, he calls Seung Joo and goes to pick her up from the bus station, but they miss each other. At the house they argue again, but the next day Jak Doo got an idea – Seung Joo should invite her friends and their husbands over. If the attacker will see a lot of people coming often he won’t come inside the house. ep5-1

Episode 5

Jak Doo comes home and in front of the house, Eun Jo was waiting for him. They went to a coffee shop to talk and she was hopping they could start their relationship again, but Jak Doo has different plans. He tells Eun Jo that he is already married and doesn’t want to get back together with her.

On the day of Eun Jo’s first concert, she wanted to play at a gayageum made by Hyuk’s grandfather. He took a gayageum and drove away. His grandfather was running after the car to stop him when a truck came and hit him. Hyuk took his grandfather to the hospital, but it was too late. To get money for the grandfather’s surgery, Hyuk gave Eric’s father the grandfather’s seal.

Jak Doo comes home and hears a noise from inside. He went to check and from the balcony he sees a man running away. He follows that man and fights with him. That’s Seung Joo’s attacker, the man who wants Seung Joo dead. Jak Doo is strong so the attacker can’t win. He throws leafs at Jak Doo’s face and get up on a fence. Jak Doo follows him there but the attacker stepped on Jak Doo’s hand and pushed him back. Jak Doo is hurt, but the attacker lost his bracelet. The attacker was wearing a purple bracelet that broke during the fight.

Worried about Seung Joo, Jak Doo calls her. But Seung Joo was fine. She was out with Eric searching for a place for the documentary she will make. Eric wanted Seung Joo to produce that documentary and she was practically forced to do it since it’s a job for a beginner producer. After spending the day with Eric, Seung Joo went eating with him at a convenience store. Eric likes Seung Joo and asks about her, about what she wants to do in life. Then he tells her that the project she was forced to take isn’t as easy as she thought…it’s a documentary that will lead to Oh Hyuk eventually.

When Seung Joo finally saw that Jak Doo called her, she calls back. He was so worried that ended up screaming at her. Then Jak Doo told Seung Joo to wait at the bus station, he will pick her up. But Seung Joo dropped her phone and didn’t hear that. She went to buy something from the convenience store.

Jak Doo:”Why are you not picking up my calls?”

After waiting for a while at the bus station, Jak Doo calls Seung Joo and a man answers. The conversation got disconnected so worried sick, Jak Doo runs to the police station. In front of the police station, Seung Joo called him. She had forgotten her phone at the convenience store and a man picked up the call. Because the battery died, the man followed Seung Joo and scared the death out of her.

Arrived home, Jak Doo sees two cans of beer and throws them away. Seung Joo sees him and without knowing the reason Jak Doo was so worried about her and why he keeps reminding her that she is in danger, Seung Joo started an argument. She talks about always being alone and celebrating the good thinks on her own. Now that Jak Doo is home she wanted to have a drink and talk to him about the good project she received at work. Seeing her so upset Jak Doo apologizes. He didn’t want to scare her so he didn’t say anything about the man who was in her house that day.

When Jak Doo went outside, Seung Joo realizes that he was hurt and throws him something to take care of the injury. The next morning, Jak Doo acts like the argument never happened and walks Seung Joo to the bus station. He takes care he crosses the street safely and goes his way, leaving Seung Joo impressed.

Seung Joo started working with Eun Jo. Since Jak Doo rejected her, Eun Jo vents her anger on Seung Joo. She acts the way she wants. She misses the meeting, she changes the songs and venues of the concert the way she wants, she makes Seung Joo her servant.  Eun Jo tells Seung Joo to give her the sleepers. Eun Jo looks into Seung Joo’s phone to see Jak Doo’s phone number. Then she keeps asking questions about Jak Doo until Seung Joo gets upset.

Eun Jo:”Oh Jak Doo seems like a fake name.”

Seung Joo:”I’ve managed to work with people worse than you.”

Jak Doo wants Seung Joo to invite her friends and their husbands. Before the quests arrived, Seung Joo had time to find out Jak Doo’s age, shoe number and blood type. She also told Jak Doo hers. Then they agreed that if someone will ask, they’ve met while Jak Doo saved her from a snake. When the husbands saw Jak Doo, he was wearing slippers and was dirty of charcoal on his face.

Jak Doo is shocked by Seung Joo’s drinks preparation habits, but makes sure she doesn’t drink. Someone wants Jak Doo and Seung Joo to drink crossing their arms. So that is Jak Doo’s opportunity to stop Seung Joo from drinking. He hugs her, drinks behind her neck and whispers to Seung Joo to not drink. Then he takes Seung Joo’s glass and drinks it too.

After the barbeque party ended, Seung Joo went to get some disinfectant and ointment for Jak Doo’s hand injury. On her way back she met a policeman on patrol. The police told Seung Joo that they suspect the victim’s boyfriend might be the killer and he is in Canada. Feeling safe and remembering Jak Doo’s words from the day he accepted helping her, Seung Joo goes home and tells him that he can leave her house anytime he wants. Jak Doo can return home…But Jak Doo doesn’t want to leave. He is still worried about Seung Joo.

Jak Doo:” I don’t want to go back.”

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