“My Husband Oh Jak Doo” ep 20~Oh Hyuk:”I don’t want to lie anymore. “


Byung Chul believes that Hong In Pyo took Jin as his son and is raising Jin well. Because of that Byung Chul does everything Hong In Pyo wants. He even wrote a letter in which he was blaming Seung Joo for Se Ra’s death. But when Jak Doo brought Jin to visit him, Jin begged Byung Chul to keep him away from Hong In Pyo. So Jak Doo and Seung Joo took Jin and Byung Chul has no reason to help Hong In Pyo destroy Seung Joo.

Episode 20

Hong In Pyo went with the recording to Eric. He asked Eric to remove Seung Joo from Oh Hyuk’s documentary. Of course, Hong In Pyo used his part of the story, just that Oh Hyuk grabbed him by the collar without saying why Oh Hyuk did that.

Oh Hyuk and Seung Joo talked. Seung Joo told Oh Hyuk everything that Hong In Pyo is doing. So Oh Hyuk went to see Byung Chul.

Oh Hyuk:”Don’t be used by Hong In Pyo.”

Oh Hyuk told Eric that he doesn’t want to do the documentary the way it is. In the documentary Oh Hyuk has to lie and live the way people tell him to. But he wants to be honest and show people his real self, Oh Jak Doo. He asked Eric to let the documentary be filmed at his house on the mountain. Of course the filming crew won’t go there. Only Seung Joo knows that place. So Seung Joo and Oh Hyuk can go there and film the real Oh Hyuk documentary.

Oh Hyuk:”I don’t want to lie anymore. I’ll show people the way I am.”

Oh Hyuk took Seung Joo home and they fell asleep while talking. Early in the morning Eric showed up at Seung Joo’s house to pick them up. There are rumours about Seung Joo and Oh Hyuk dating.

Hong In Pyo got a letter from Byung Chul that blames Seung Joo for Dong Se Ra’s death. He goes to Eric and makes Eric suspicious. Eric finds it strange how much Hong In Pyo insists on getting Seung Joo fired. That’s Hong In Pyo’s main focus, ruining Seung Joo’s life. She knows the truth about Se Ra and she is close to him, which makes Hong In Pyo fear that Seung Joo could reveal everything.

Byung Chul did everything Hong In Pyo told him to because Byung Chul believed Hong In Pyo took Jin and raises him. In reality Jin is still living with his teacher, who doesn’t let him see anyone at Hong In Pyo’s order. But when Oh Hyuk came visit him, Jin asked Oh Hyuk to take him see Byung Chul.  Crying, Jin begged Byung Chul to not sent him to Hong In Pyo.

After seeing the mistake he did, Byung Chul stopped giving Hong In Pyo what he wants. Byung Chul reveals the truth that Dong Se Ra was hurt and drove to dead by Hong In Pyo. To keep Jin away from Hong In Pyo, Jin will live in Gu Ra Village with Jak Doo, Seung Joo and the tree grandmothers.

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