“My Husband Oh Jak Doo” ep 23~Oh Hyuk:”I’ll be by your side. I love you.”


Seung Joo received her dream job, but doesn’t know what to do. Should she accept the job or leave for the mountains with Jak Doo. She doesn’t talk to him and hides everything. But Eric doesn’t. Eric told Jak Doo about the job offer Seung Joo received. After thinking for some time, Jak Doo decided to remain in the city so that Seung Joo could accept that job. Seung Joo was enjoying her new job without paying much attention to Jak Doo. Some time passed and Seung Joo saw Jak Doo fixing a gayageum. That moment she realized that even if he is doing what he loves, Jak Doo isn’t as happy as he was while living on the mountains. Since either of them can’t be happy while giving up their dreams, Seung Joo comes with the idea of long distance relationship. For a while everything went as planned. But of course Seung Joo got lost into her work, her new projects, and missed Jak Doo’s phone calls or the bus when she was supposed to go see him.

Episode 23

Seung Joo received the job of her dream. But she can’t accept it. She wants it, but she agreed with Oh Hyuk to move to the countryside after the documentary will be over. She avoids as much as she can going home and face him, without knowing that Eric already told Oh Hyuk about her job opportunity.

Seung Joo goes home and asks Oh Hyuk to get married. But he refuses. Oh Hyuk has the same impression of Seung Joo asking him to marry her to save her life, like she did when they first met. Oh Hyuk wants to be with her, but not to get married to run away from something. Then he told Seung Joo that he already knows that she received a job offer. Since that job is what Seung Joo always wished for, Oh Hyuk got some drinks for them to celebrate.

Oh Hyuk:”I’ll be by your side. I love you.”

Seung Joo’s been happy doing what she loves. But after a while she sees Oh Hyuk repairing a gayageum. At that moment she realizes that Oh Hyuk isn’t happy. The way he looked when he was making gayageums on the mountain and the way he look in the city, making what he loves, is completely different. So Seung Joo can’t make Oh Hyuk miserable for her own happiness. Until they will decide what to do, Jak Doo and Seung Joo will have a long distance relationship.

Jak Doo moved back to his house on the mountain. Every two weeks Jak Doo will come to the city and the other two weekends Seung Joo will go to the mountain.

Jak Doo went home. He found the place with good reception as he and Seung Joo agreed. They would call each other at 8am and 9 pm. At first everything went well, but then Seung Joo got lost in work and didn’t answer Jak Doo’s calls. On the weekend she was supposed to go to the mountain, Seung Joo received a call from work. She ran back to the broadcasting station without announcing Jak Doo, who was excited to finally see her. Jak Doo waited for Seung Joo at the bus station for more than two hours. Then one of the grandmothers called saying that he received a delivery with Seung Joo’s name on. The following days Seung Joo and Jak Doo missed each other’s calls. After few days, Seung Joo suddenly called and said she will go to the mountain, even if it wasn’t weekend.

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