“My Husband Oh Jak Doo” ep 24~Seung Joo:”I love you.”


Seung Joo continues her life in Seoul while Jak Doo returned to he mountain. They have a long distance relationship. But soon Seung Joo realizes that even if she got her dream job, that life isn’t what she want. It doesn’t bring her happiness anymore. So Seung Joo packed her luggage and went where Jak Doo is. They’ve called their friends and family and got married…for real this time.So this drama started well, but it didn’t finish well at all. They could’ve ended in 16 episodes without dragging it until episode 24 ( considering that in the last few episodes more than half of episode they were showing memories of Jak Doo and Seung Joo – they were showing us one more time what we already so, how they’ve met, how they’ve fall in love, stuff like that). Luckily it’s over…

Episode 24

Seung Joo sees her new superior with Hong In Pyo. They are close. Then Seung Joo’s superior asked her do continue her work the way he wants, if she wants to work there. Later Seung Joo was called to sign her employment contract and left without signing it. After thinking for a few days, Seung Joo realizes where her happiness is. She called Jak Doo to announce him she is coming. Seung Joo moved to the mountains with Jak Doo.

Seung Joo:”Will you marry me? I love you.”

Few days later all of Seung Joo’s family and friends and the tree grandmothers, Jin and Eric gather to celebrate Jak Doo and Seung Joo’s wedding. After the small party ended, everyone went home. Seung Joo and Jak Doo enter their small house, change and shyly waits for 10 pm to go to bed. Why are they so shy when they’re both over 35 years old and they’ve lived together for months both at the house in the mountain and in Seoul…only the writer knows…There is no newlywed couple that will wait for a certain hour to consume their marriage…This part is kind unrealistically stupid, but moving one…

The next morning, Jak Doo teaches Seung Joo how to cut woods. She insisted to learn the hardest thing earlier. Soon Seung Joo mastered the wood cutting and continues with her life.

The time Jak Doo waited for years also came. He cut the paulownia tree that his grandfather planted and made it into gayageums. Meantime Seung Joo films the three grandmothers. She will make a documentary about them and wrote it to a contest under Oh Jak Doo’s name. With the documentary about the three grandmothers living under the same roof, Seung Joo won the contest. For a few days Seung Joo and Jak Doo went to Seoul, but soon they returned home to the mountains where they can live their happy simple life.

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