“Shall We Live Together” ep 27 ~ Mi Yeon:”I didn’t gave birth to him. I wanted to abandon him.”


Eun Tae returned. After years of believing that he won’t get married and have a family on his own, Eun Tae decided to date. The lucky woman is Yoo Ha. He follows her around, he eats what she eats, he makes it obvious that he likes her, but Yoo Ha is cautious. Meantime Mi Yeon found out that Moon Shik is doing some strange things behind her back. Except what Moon Shik did to Hyo Seob, he also tries to sell the shares Mi Yeon gave him and dismissed CEO Yang, the man Mi Yeon trusts the most. ep27-1

Episode 27

Hyo Seob came with the documents Moon Shik gave him. He told Mi Yeon everything and told her that she raised her son wrong. So Mi Yeon told Hyo Seob the truth, Moon Shik isn’t her real son. Moon Shik’s father brought him. Every time she would see Moon Shik, Mi Yeon was reminded of her husband’s affair. She wanted to abandon him and she barely accepted him, recently, as her son. Now she feels sorry for wanting to abandon Moon Shik. Hyo Seob listened to Mi Yeon and made her understand that even if she didn’t gave birth to Moon Shik, she took him in. From the day she took Moon Shik in, Moon Shik became her responsibility. Mi Yeon has to lead him well and not let him get away with whatever bad thing he does.

Mi Yeon:”I didn’t gave birth to him. I wanted to abandon him.”

Eun Tae returned and he doesn’t intend on leaving too soon. All his life he was convinced that he won’t get married and have his family. He was afraid that he will hurt his family like his father did with them. But now he changed his mind. There must be a woman with the same dream as him so he is willing to give it a try.

Eun Tae:”I don’t want to live like father did.”

The woman with whom Eun Tae is willing to try have a family is Yoo Ha. He goes to her and together pick up Eun Soo. The coming days, Eun Tae follows Yoo Ha around and even tells doctor Kang to stop giving Yoo Ha so much work because Yoo Ha won’t have time to date him otherwise. He even changed his way of eating. While eating with Yoo Ha, Eun Tae puts in his plate the exact same dishes as Yoo Ha. Every moment Eun Tae makes it obvious that he returned for Yoo Ha, that he wants to start a relationship with her. But Yoo Ha is cautious.

Mi Yeon found out that Moon Shik is trying to sell, unofficially, the shares she gave him. She is curious why Moon Shik needs so much money and Hyo Seob advices her to ask Moon Shik, like any other parent would do.  She stopped by the company and asked Moon Shik to support CEO Yang at the shareholders meeting. Then she said she needs to ask him something so Moon Shik should come home early. But she doesn’t know that Moon Shik is giving the shares to one of Mi Yeon’s enemies.

Mi Yeon is home, cooking for Moon Shik when CEO Yang called her. CEO Yang was dismissed. She can’t believe Moon Shik went behind her back and fired CEO Yang, her old friend, her only friend. The new CEO will be appointed director Hong, then man who will buy the shares from Moon Shik.

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