“Are you human too?” ep5~Nam Shin:”I can find you wherever you are.”


Since So Bong found out that Nam Shin is a robot, Ro Ra and Young Hoon had to tell her the truth. They took So Bong to the house where they keep the human Shin, tell her about the accident planned by Seo Jong Gil and begged So Bong to keep their secret. It was shocking for So Bong everything she just found out, but she decided to help Nam Shin III. But because Nam Shin and So Bong seemed way to close, Ye Na arranged her wedding with Shin to be scheduled as soon as possible. To make sure the wedding won’t happen, Nam Shin III kissed So Bong in front of his family, Ye Na and her father and Young Hoon.ep5-1

Episode 5

At the M Car drive test, Seo Jong Gil hired a hacker to make sure that M Car will speed up and create accidents. Nam Shin hacked into the system and removed the hacker, but soon the hacker connected again. So Nam Shin jumped into M Car to break the connection and stop M Car. But in the process Nam Shin skin got removed and So Bong saw something unbelievable, Nam Shin was a robot. Scared to death, So Bong tries to run away, but Ro Ra, who arrived in time, told Nam Shin to stop her. Nam Shin caught So Bong and put her into Ro Ra’s car.

Nam Shin:”I’m android named Nam Shin III.”

So Bong:”He wasn’t human.”

Ro Ra took So Bong to her house. Together with Young Hoon, Ro Ra explained So Bong what’s going on. They let So Bong see the real Shin, lying on the bed unconscious. They’ve told So Bong about Shin’s accident which most probably was staged by Seo Jong Gil and begged So Bong to not tell anything to Seo Jong Gil. They are willing to pay So Bong a lot more than Seo Jong Gil is as long as she will be by their side. Ro Ra even kneeled before So Bong to beg So Bong keep quiet.

Young Hoon:”A person’s life is at stake.”

So Bong:”I’ll pretend I didn’t see any robot.”

So Bong made a difficult decision. She didn’t tell Seo Jong Gil anything and returned to work as Nam Shin’s guardian. The next day, Nam Shin had to meet the board of directors. All of them are on Seo Jong Gil’s side. At the meeting, Chairman Nam decided Nam Shin’s punishment for M Car’s test drive failure. Nam Shin will be reassigned and he will have to marry Ye Na as soon as possible. Chairman Nam seems to know more than he says. He agreed to Shin and Ye Na’s wedding, but he wants Ye Na to sign a prenuptial contract. He also said that if Seo Jong Gil won’t agree with the contract’s conditions, it will mean that Seo Jong Gil is after the company. With Shin and Ye Na’s marriage, chairman Nam wants Seo Jong Gil to support Shin. There is no way Seo Jong Gil could destroy his son-in-law… Now Seo Jong Gil’s problem is that Ye Na wants to get married and sign the prenuptial contract, regarding of its conditions.

So Bong is still awkward around Nam Shin. She doesn’t know how to act around a robot that looks so human. Suddenly Nam Shin showed up in front of her. He searched So Bong online and found out So Bong’s injury from when she was a MMA fighter.

Nam Shin:”Kang So Bong, you’re a robot too. You have a steel rod so you’re a cyborg.”

So Bong can’t stay around Nam Shin so she packed and left. Near her father’s gym, So Bong met Nam Shin. He came to get her back. They’ve met on the crosswalk. Nam Shin asked So Bong to not leave, to help him. But So Bong refused. She left, leaving Nam Shin in the middle of the road.

So Bong couldn’t leave. She returned and Nam Shin convinced her to help him. They returned home and So Bong had some questions about the robot in front of her. How he found her when she left? If he can control traffic lights? If he can eat? How he knew she was lying?

Nam Shin:”I can find you wherever you are.”

Ye Na saw Nam Shin and So Bong being friendly. Jealous she called out for dinner her father, Shin’s grandfather and aunt, Nam Shin and Young Hoon. When everyone was there, Ye Na gave chairman Nam the prenuptial contract signed without Seo Jong Gil’s permission. Chairman Nam ordered Shin to marry Ye Na as soon as possible. Nam Shin searched online for ways to reject the marriage. Then he opened the door, pulled So Bong in and kissed her.

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