“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” ep 12 ~Sung Yeon:”It was all his to begin with.”


Young Joon can’t let Mi So alone. He says that he is worried Mi So won’t be able to sleep well after remembering what happened while they were kidnapped and shows up with his luggage at Mi So’s house. Because they were uncomfortable there, Young Joon and Mi So moved to Young Joon’s house. Meantime Young Joon’s parents found out from Sung Yeon that Young Joon never lost his memory and wanted to know what happened the time Young Joon was kidnapped. He told them everything. Then Young Joon talked about why he pretended to have lost his memory. Sung Yeon’s memory was twisted because of guilt and believed he was the one kidnapped. So the parents took Sung Yeon to a psychiatrist. When Young Joon’s father insisted to admit Sung Yeon to a psychiatric clinic and get treated, his wife refused. She didn’t want her son to be treated by psychiatrists. While the parents were talking, Young Joon’s mother mentioned that she would wants to die. Young Joon heard that and he was still traumatized from seeing his kidnapper taking her life… ep12-1

Episode 12

Mi So is about to fall asleep when she hears footsteps. Then someone knocks at the door. She opens and it was Young Joon. He came to sleep there. Mi So doesn’t have time to react before Young Joon entered and arranged his shoes, clothes and daily necessaries. After he finished unpacking, Young Joon showed Mi So the gift he brought, salt for a foot bath. But Mi So doesn’t have a bath tub so thinks are different than in Young Joon’s imagination.

It’s time to sleep. But Mi So can’t fall asleep. Young Joon is lying in bed next to her and she is too nervous to fall sleep. When Mi So turned on the TV and was overly excited to watch football, Young Joon realized that she wasn’t comfortable to be in the same bed with him. So Young Joon proposed to drink some wine. That would’ve been a good plan if Mi So had a wine opener. Then…someone started screaming a car plate number. It was Young Joon’s car. He parked on someone else’s spot. The lady who called him out gave him some advices, to not be obsessed over expensive cars when he lives in that poor neighbourhood. He also advised Young Joon to study and work hard and maybe he will also get a job like her son, at Yum Yung Group. Even if he doesn’t work hard, Young Joon will get a job there. He is the owner’s son after all.

Mi So’s house is small and uncomfortable so Mi So and Young Joon packed and moved to Young Joon’s house. There are a lot of rooms at Young Joon’s house so Mi So went to the guest room. But Young Joon followed her. In the guest room there isn’t a sofa and Mi So might feel uncomfortable is Young Joon sleeps on the floor so Young Joon must sacrifice himself and sleep in the same bed with her.

Both of them are awkward so Young Joon starts singing a song for Mi So until she fall asleep. In her sleep, Mi So hugged Young Joon and that made him so nervous that Young Joon couldn’t sleep at all.

In the morning Mi So wanted to cook for Young Joon. She isn’t a good cook so she transformed a simple omelette into a disaster. Still that omelette Mi So made it especially for him so Young Joon forced himself to eat.

Sung Yeon told his parents that Young Joon never lost his memory from the time he was kidnapped. So the parents came to talk to Young Joon. They want to know everything about that incident and how a nine years old got the idea of pretending that he lost his memory.

Sung Yeon and Sung Hyun were walking around a street, in search of an amusement park. Sung Hyun wanted to drink some water so Sung Yeon offered to buy it. He made fun of Sung Hyun for being scared when Sung Hyun offered to go together. So Sung Hyun pretended that he isn’t scared and remained on that street to wait for his older brother. Sung Hyun feels that something isn’t right there. He’s been walking for a long time and there was not even one person walking on that street. Suddenly a woman approached him asking him to help her carry her luggage. He didn’t feel well following the stranger, but that woman kept saying that her sick daughter is all alone at the house. To thank him for his help, the woman gave Sung Hyun a yogurt.

While he said he goes to buy drinks, Sung Yeon actually went home…abandoning his brother to that neighbourhood. Then when Sung Hyun appeared, hurt, Sung Yeon felt guilty. Because of the guilt, Sung Yeon’s memory got twisted.

Sung Yeon:”It was all his to begin with.”

When he was discharged from the hospital, Sung Hyun found Sung Yeon in his room, wearing his clothes. Sung Yeon said Sung Hyun’s room was his and that he was kidnapped because of Sung Hyun. That day Sung Yeon had a nervous breakdown when he saw Sung Hyun. The parents took Sung Yeon to a psychiatrist and told them what was going on with Sung Yeon. At the house, every time he saw his brother, Sung Yeon was turning violent. Sung Yeon was always hitting Sung Hyun. But at some point, Sung Hyun couldn’t take it anymore and fought back.

Because they kept fighting, their father decided it’s time for Sung Yeon to be admitted to a psychiatric clinic and get treatment. He had to think about Sung Hyun and help both son’s get over that traumatic experience. But their mother refused. She didn’t want Sung Yeon to be admitted to a psychiatric clinic. She started crying while saying she wants to die. Sung Hyun heard his mother say she wants to die and remembered his kidnapped committing suicide in front of him.

Later, at the dining table, seeing how bad his mother feel, Sung Hyun pretended to faint and pretended that he lost his memory. So his mother got her wish. If Sung Hyun doesn’t remember anything, they can continue supporting Sung Yeon’s twisted memory. To protect Sung Yeon, his mother gave another scar to her youngest son. Sung Hyun was kidnapped and traumatised, but had to pretend that everything happened to Sung Yeon. The nine year old boy had to endure his own trauma alone.

Now that everything was found out, Young Joon can talk with Sung Yeon. He went home and Sung Yeon was packing. Sung Yeon is upset with Young Joon for making that decision. She spent more than half his life hating Young Joon and pitting himself. The two brothers talk openly and apologize to each other.

Sung Yeon:”You should’ve trusted me.”

Young Joon:”I thought everything was going to be fine if I sacrifice myself.”

Then Young Joon and Mi So went home.

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