“Shall We Live Together” ep 47~Hyo Seob:”Whatever happens tomorrow, let’s smile today. “


Since Jin Hee found out that Yoo Ha and Jae Hyung are siblings, she can’t allow them both to date Eun Tae and Da Yeon. She meets Yoo Ha to try an convince her to break up with Eun Tae. But Yoo Ha showed up at the meeting with Eun Soo. Seeing Eun Soo, Jin Hee realized that she can’t let little Eun Soo grow up without her father. So she called Jae Hyung, but he also has a way to make Jin Hee change her mind. Jae Hyung was the one that helped Da Yeon in high school when Da Yeon was bullied and hurt. Meantime Mi Yeon’s tests showed up that her treatment is working. Her condition is getting better. Unfortunately Dong Jin and CEO Yang switched her pills and Mi Yeon’s condition is getting worse again. Then on a moment of lucidity both Mi Yeon and Moon Shik find strange that they keep seeing Dong Jin around where CEO Yang is.


Episode 47

Now that he knows about Mi Yeon’s disease and Eun Tae told him what to do to help Mi Yoen, Hyo Seob does accordingly. He wakes up early and exercises. Then he makes Mi Yoen cook with him. They even make Moon Shik help them. Unfortunately for Moon Shik. he can eat what he helped cook because the lovely couple starts with confessions about their looks. Feeling uncomfortable, Moon Shik goes to work.

Jin Hee found out that Yoo Ha and Jae Hyung are siblings. She hates complicated relationships so either Eun Tae has to break up with Yoo Ha or Da Yeon has to break up with Jae Hyung. If either of them wants to break up, Jin Hee plans to make all of them break up. So when Jin Hee called Yoo Ha to meet up, Yoo Ha was afraid that Jin Hee will ask her to break up with Eun Tae. To counterattack Jin Hee’s intentions, Yoo Ha brought Eun Soo to the meeting. In front of Eun Soo, Jin Hee can’s say anything. Yoo Ha made herself clear that he loves Eun Tae, that she wants to do everything Eun Tae wants so she has no plans to break up.

Mi Yeon had a check up to see if her treatment is effective. And the result was great. The medicine is effective and if she continues that way, her condition may remain as it is for the rest of her live. Unfortunately Mi Yeon has enemies. Dong Jin and former CEO Yang plan to switch Mi Yeon’s medicine with nutritional supplements to prevent her from getting better.

Moon Shik comes to see his father, but in the parking lot he sees CEO Yang. He runs after CEO Yang to apologize for dismissing CEO Yang. Moon Shik regrets it and wants to reveal the truth, that Mi Yeon didn’t know or approve CEO Yang’s dismissal as CEO Yang believes. Because he couldn’t reach CEO Yang, Moon Shik goes to his father’s apartment. Dong Jin is upset that Moon Shik came to visit him without calling. At the apartment, Moon Shik sees two cups which meant Dong Jin had another visitor earlier. He asks Dong Jin about CEO Yang, innocently believing CEO Yang has rented an office in the building. Of course Dong Jin lied saying he never saw CEO Yang. After hearing that Mi Yeon didn’t had anything to do with CEO Yang’s dismissal, Dong Jin kicks Moon Shik out and goes to the place where CEO Yang and Mi Yeon were meeting that day. He has to prevent Mi Yeon from telling CEO Yang the truth at all costs. If CEO Yang will find out the truth, he won’t help Dong Jin steal Mi Yeon’s fortune.

As soon as he arrived at the meeting, CEO Yang pretended that he slipped his water on him and asked Mi Yeon to bring him a towel. While she went to get the towel, CEO Yang switched her pills. Then they’ve continued with their conversation. Mi Yeon apologized and revealed the truth. But CEO Yang didn’t say a word about what he did. He regretted after Mi Yeon left and ran after her. Dong Jin was there and stopped CEO Yang from saying anything. While they were talking, Mi Yeon appeared. She had left, but in the parking lot Hyo Seob told her that he saw Dong Jin around there. Hyo Seob drove Mi Yeon there and was waiting for her when Dong Jin arrived. They lied to Mi Yeon. Well…Dong Jin lied while CEO Yang turned his face away from Mi Yeon like he had done something wrong and was afraid of Mi Yeon finding out.

Since he can barely eat at home and feels uncomfortable, Moon Shik went to eat with Hyun Ha and Jae Hyung. Actually Yoo Ha had called him. She found out about Mi Yeon’s condition and all members of the family should have some responsibilities. Hyun Ha has to take care of Hyo Seob’s store and ask Hyo Seob for hourly pay. That way Hyo Seob won’t worry about his store and will be able to focus on helping Mi Yeon. After work, Jae Hyung has to go grocery shopping, do the laundry, wash dishes. Moon Shik has to always eat diner and breakfast at home. If he has to work overtime, he has to work from home.

Since it didn’t work with Yoo Ha and because Yoo Ha and Eun Tae have Eun Soo, Jin Hee decided to call Jae Hyung and ask him to break up with Da Yeon. Of course Jae Hyung isn’t an easy target either. He came prepared. He brought pictures and post it’s from high school, from when Da Yeon was fat. Seeing all that, Jin Hee realizes that Jae Hyung was the boy that took Da Yeon to the hospital when she was hurt in high school.

Jin Hee:”You were the boy that helped her?”

This time either things didn’t go her way. Jin Hee goes home and doesn’t know what to do. She was sure that she wants family relationships clear. But she likes both Yoo Ha and Jae Hyung. She knows for sure that Eun Tae won’t find another woman as perfect for him and his dream as Yoo Ha, who shares the same dream. Also Eun Soo is Eun Tae’s biological daughter. A family must stay together. But Jin Hee also likes Jae Hyung and when she found out that Jae Hyung was the boy that helped Da Yeon when she bullied at school for being fat, she can’t stop loving him more and more. Since there isn’t anything illegal for double family relationship, Jin Hee thinks that she can let Eun Tae and Yoo Ha get married while Da Yeon and Jae Hyung can continue dating, maybe get married some day too.

Jin Hee:”Park Yoo Ha, Park Jae Hyung, I love them both!”

Hyo Seob takes Mi Yeon out for a walk. Suddenly Mi Yeon’s condition worsens. Of course it happens like that, she’s been taking supplements instead of her medication for days. But Hyo Seob is there for her. Later when she goes home, Mi Yeon finds out that Moon Shik saw CEO Yang when Dong Jin lives. Mi Yeon finds that strange, she saw Dong Jin and CEO Yang together the day she met CEO Yang too. Both Mi Yeon and Moon Shik find strange that Dong Jin and CEO Yang are at the same places, but none of them wants to worry the other.

Mi Yeon:”No coincidence happens twice.”

The next day, Mi Yeon visited Hyo Seob’s house. She missed Eun Soo. There she met Hyun Ha who told Mi Yeon that few days ago she called Hyo Seob, but Hyo Seob hang up on her and turned off his phone. At that moment Hyo Seob was with Mi Yeon, but Mi Yeon doesn’t remember anything. She goes home and check the recording on her pen. Mi Yeon’s disease showed up while she was on a walk with Hyo Seob. Contrary to her expectation, Hyo Seob stayed by her side, calming her down and when she came back to her senses, Hyo Seob lied that nothing happened.

Hyo Seob:”Let’s continue as if nothing happened. Whatever happens tomorrow, let’s smile today. Mi Yeon, you are my woman.”

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2 Responses to “Shall We Live Together” ep 47~Hyo Seob:”Whatever happens tomorrow, let’s smile today. “

  1. shamrockmom3 says:

    Thank you for your recaps. I had to drop this a few episodes ago because I just couldn’t take the dementia aspect, but I still hope for a good resolution for the other characters.

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