“Devilish Joy” ep 3 ~Ki Bbum:” I don’t ever want to see your face again.”


As he experienced lately, Ma Sung remembers Ki Bbum every morning he wakes up. They’ve met again at the hospital and Ma Sung didn’t realize Ki Bbum is the woman he keep remembering until after they’ve argued again. Still he is attracted to Ki Bbum. He calls her and follows her around. He might not remember her, but Ma Sung’s brain makes sure Ma Sung won’t forget the woman he loves. He needs to know when they’ve met and what happened between them.ep3-1

Episode 3

Ma Sung wrote in his diary what happened that day and goes to bed as usual. But he can’t fall asleep. He eats all the lettuce he was growing and drinks few bottles of wine. It didn’t really helped, but when it was almost down he finally fell asleep, hopping to not remember Ki Bbum when he will wake up. Of course that didn’t happen. While he was taking a shower, Ma Sung remembers a girl telling him to forget everything. He also remembers the place he talked with that girl. The girl is Ki Bbum and the place was near her house.

Because he likes Ki Bbum, Ki Joon went to see Joo Man Shik. Unfortunately a little puppy showed up and Ki Joon got frightened. He had a bad experience with a dog as a child. The dog had bitten him by his privet parts. So..scared, Ki Joon fell onto Man Shik and both of them ended at the hospital. To impress Ki Bbum, Ki Joon arranged Man Shik to be admitted to a VVIP room.

Ki Bbum misunderstood that the one that put her father in the VVIP room was Ma Sung. She sees Ma Sung on her way out and approached him. She is upset thinking that Ma Sung got involved and tells him that she will pay her father’s hospital bill. As Ma Sung doesn’t remember her face fully doesn’t understand what she is saying…who else should pay fro her father’s hospital bill if not her.

A little disappointed that Ma Sung isn’t the one to have put her father in that hospital room, Ki Bbum goes to pay the bill. There she finds out that it was Ki Joon the one that requested Man Shik to be admitted in the VVIP room, not Ma Sung. Also the room is really expensive and she can’t afford to pay for it. She tries to get a discount saying that she knows someone high positioned in that hospital. But Ma Sung heard her telling that to the cashier and asked her to pay the whole sum. So Ki Bbum took out her four cards and asked the cashier to make the pay for 24 month installments. After that encounter, Ma Sung remembers that Ki Bbum is the woman he can’t get out of his mind.

Later Ma Sung’s assistant tells Ma Sung everything Ma Sung can’t remember about Ki Bbum, including that he went to visit Ki Bbum’s house the other day. Maybe the pace Ma Sung remembered in the morning is Ki Bbum’s house. Flustered by his actions and the fact that he remembers parts of  his encounters with Ki Bbum for the first time in three years, Ma Sung went to talk with his medic.

The medic asks Ma Sung to try and remember what happened the other day with Ki Bbum. He thinks about it and remembers entering Ki Bbum’s yard, seeing four pairs of shoes and arguing with Ki Bbum. Then the medic puts Ma Sung under hypnosis and Ma Sung remembers everything that happened lately between him and Ki Bbum.

Ma Sung:”She got angry that I didn’t remember her.”

Doctor:”You know how the brain responds when the human beings fall in love, right? You fell in love.”

Ma Sung calls Ki Bbum, but she doesn’t answer. He texts her that he wants to buy clothes from her, but Ki Bbum repays that she isn’t selling. So Ma Sung plays harder. He texts her that he will give her 50% discount at the hospital bill. She didn’t replay fast so the discount got to 40%, 30% , 25%. In the end Ki Bbum called Ma Sung and decided to meet.

Ma Sung comes to where Ki Bbum is. As pay back, Ki Bbum makes Ma Sung walk in circles around the market the same way Ma Sung did with her when she went to his house. When they’ve met, Ma Sung called the hospital and asked the cashier to give Ki Bbum a 40% discount on her father’s hospital bill. Now that she got what she wanted, Ki Bbum continues with her work around the market. Ma Sung follows her.

Ki Bbum was bargaining with a seller to get a little discount. Ma Sung intervened and made Ki Bbum lose her discount. After that Ki Bbum bought Ma Sung some cheap street food and an ice cream to thank him for the hospital discount.

Ki Bbum continues with her daily life so she doesn’t get into Ma Sung’s car. She goes towards the buss station and Ma Sung goes with her. He wants to know why she got a VVIP room for her father if she doesn’t have the money to pay it. So Ki Bbum answered that she knows a director from the hospital so Ma Sung should he scared to not lose his job. But when she mentioned Ki Joon’s name, Ki Bbum found out that Ki Joon is Ma Sung’s cousin. Both of them are from a rich family.

While they were talking and walking, people recognize Ki Bbum. Ma Sung takes Ki Bbum’s scarf, covers his face and tells Ki Bbum to act like she doesn’t know him.  Ma Sung stays few steps away from Ki Bbum so people won’t know they know each other. But he needs Ki Bbum’s help in the bus. He doesn’t have money for the bus fare. Ma Sung doesn’t have a transportation card.

Ma Sung:”Don’t act like you know me.”

Ma Sung’s been following Ki Bbum to find out when they’ve met and what happened between them. So Ki Bbum tells him that they’ve met in Hainan, three years ago. It was a brief encounter so Ma Sung doesn’t need to be sorry that he’s not remembering. If they would’ve really liked each other, they wouldn’t have met like this, three years later. They weren’t meant to be since they didn’t like each other that much. Of course Ki Bbum doesn’t know that Ma Sung had an accident that’s why he can’t remember her.

Ma Sung:”If it was just a brief encounter, why is it that I remember you everyday?”

Ki Joon called Ki Bbum and asked her to come by his company because he has a part time job for her. She came. Ma Sung, who is the building owner and the investor in Ki Joon’s company, also came. The part time job Ki Joon had wasn’t actually a part time. He wanted to sign a contract with Ki Bbum so she could restart her singer career again.

Ma Sung and Ki Bbum leave together. On their way out, Ki Bbum sees someone from the past, director Kim, and asked Ma Sung to help her hide. But Ma Sung made sure director Kim sees Ki Bbum. After talking for a little while with director Kim, Ki Bbum says goodbye. She and Ma Sung leave together. Away from the building, Ki Bbum get angry with Ma Sung. She screams at him and doesn’t want to see him again.

Ki Bbum:” I don’t ever want to see your face again.”

Ma Sung calls Ki Bbum, but she doesn’t answer. He’s pride is hurt and keeps thinking about this when he finds a secret closet in his house. Inside that closet, Ma Sung sees a picture, some headphones, a cassette recorder and the red high heels he gave Ki Bbum three years ago.

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