“Shall We Live Together” ep 50~Eun Tae:”Eun Soo, I want to become your dad. “


So Moon Shik begs his father to give up, to not sell Mi Yeon’s building. But Dong Jin’s greed is bigger than the love he has for his son. Dong Jin leaves to sell the building, but he ends up arrested. Moon Shik knew what was going to happen and didn’t stop his father. He is upset and goes to Hyo Seob for consolation. And he receives it. Hyo Seob doesn’t say anything, doesn’t blame Moon Shik for Dong Jin’s mistakes. Hyo Seob just stays there by Moon Shik’s side, wiping his tears. Moon Shik has a family, siblings, a mother and a new father that love him and worry about him. Together with his older sisters and older brother, Moon Shik prepares a surprise for Mi Yeon – her wedding with Hyo Seob. Personal thought: Loved this drama! It’s was a perfect weekend/ family drama and I’m sad it ended. Loved the brotherhood that Moon Shik and Jae Hyung had. At first Moon Shik was using his power to put Jae Hyung down, but ended up relying on Jae Hyung a lot. I have to admit that I was hopping Moon Shik and Hyun Ha would develop a romantic relationship and become a couple. Unfortunately it didn’t happen…But they are still a family, they help and rely on each other. Moon Shik finally got the father and family he never had. Also in this drama I’ve discovered new great actors, Yeo Hoi Hyun (Park Jae Hyung), Keum Sae Rok (Park Hyun Ha) and Kim Kwon (Choi Moon Shik).It was my first time seeing them and I liked them.

The little girl that played Eun Soo is so cute!


Episode 50

Moon Shik went to Dong Jin right when Dong Jin was on his way to sell Mi Yeon’s building. With tears in his eyes, Moon Shik begs Dong Jin to not sell the building, to go together and ask Mi Yeon for forgiveness. Unfortunately Dong Jin’s greed is bigger than his love for his son. Dong Jin didn’t listen to Moon Shik and went to sell the building.

Moon Shik:”Dad, can’t you give up this time for me?”

The moment Dong Jin sold the building, the police came in and arrested him. Now, Mi Yeon, Hyo Seob and everyone in the family is worried about Moon Shik. They call him, but they can’t reach Moon Shik. Hyo Seob is waiting for Moon Shik at the apartment, but Moon Shik isn’t coming.

It’s getting late so Hyo Seob leaves. He stops by the store since he has some work left. The light are on, but Hyun Ha is home. He goes inside and Moon Shik was there. Moon Shik is crying. He feels bad that he left his father go and sell the building even if he knew that Dong Jin would be arrested. But Hyo Seob doesn’t care that much about Dong Jin. He cares about Moon Shik. He is sure that Moon Shik didn’t ate yet so he takes Moon Shik to eat together. The only thing he can do for Moon Shik at the moment is be there for Moon Shik, He hugs Moon Shik and lets Moon Shik cry in his arms.

Hyo Seob and Mi Yeon gathered the whole family, Sun Ha and Kyung Soo, Yoo Ha, Jae Hyung, Hyun Ha and Moon Shik. They gave the family members some rules about what Mi Yeon wants to their life to be. As she took care of her father, Mi Yeon knows how hard is for family members of dementia patient life can become and doesn’t want her five children to go through that. She wants them to respect her and teach her with patience every trivial thing when she won’t remember them. Also Mi Yeon wants them to take better care of themselves and not get sick while caring for her.

Since the whole family is gathered there, Yoo Ha takes advantage and announces them that soon she, Eun Tae and Eun Soo will go to Africa for one or two years.

Director Yeon called Hyo Seob.Before Yoo Ha and Eun Tae’s wedding they need to set things straight. Director Yeon told Hyo Seob about Jae Hyung and Da Yeon.They and Hyun Ha were also present at the meeting. Director Yeon was hopping Hyo Seob will help him break up Jae Hyung and Da Yeon before Yoo Ha and Eun Tae’s wedding. But Hyo Seob doesn’t see anything wrong with having two couples from the same families. He approved Jae Hyung and Da Yeon’s relationship.

Jin Hee and her husband met Mi Yeon and Hyo Seob to set a date for Yoo Ha and Eun Tae’s wedding. Since Yoo Ha and Eun Tae want a simple wedding, they’ve decided to make some troubles. They went to buy new clothes and called Sun Ha to bring Eun Soo.

Yoo Ha:”We’re going to get married today.”

Sun Ha and Kyung Soo brought Eun Soo over. They also accepted becoming Yoo Ha and Eun Tae’s witnesses for the wedding.  Then Eun Tae explained Eun Soo that he wants to become her father, a father who can play with her, sleep with her, help her. Also he and Yoo Ha asked Eun Soo for her opinion regarding Africa. If Eun Soo doesn’t want to go then Yoo Ha will stay with her while Eun Tae will leave for a while. But Eun Soo wants to live with Yoo Ha and Eun Tae so she accepted going with them.

Eun Tae:”Eun Soo, I want to become your dad. “

Hyun Ha comes home after work and finds Jae Hyung and Moon Shik playing, eating and drinking. She scolds them to clean and hits Moon Shik. He’s the youngest after all. So Moon  Shik moves closer to Jae Hyung. As if Hyun Ha wasn’t upset enough, Da Yeon texted to thank her. Few days ago, Da Yeon asked Hyun Ha what Jae Hyung likes. To make fun of Da Yeon and Jae Hyung, Hyun Ha told Da Yeon to act cute. Jae Hyung hates it what Hyun Ha does it, but he loved Da Yeon doing it. So Hyun Ha got upset with Jae Hyung.

Mi Yeon and Sun Ha called Eun Tae. Mi Yeon wants to invest in her doctor’s project. He is making research to find treatment for dementia patients. So Mi Yeon wants to know Eun Tae’s opinion about that project. After she heard Eun Tae’s opinion and that there are chances for the project to fail, Mi Yeon still decided to invest. It may not be a success to help her, but the project can find treatment for future patients.

Hyun Ha wakes up Mi Yeon. She sends Mi Yeon to wash up and insists to do Mi Yeon’s hair and make up. When they are ready, Moon Shik drives them somewhere. Meantime Jae Hyung is responsible with bringing Hyo Seob and Da Yeon brings her parents.

Moon Shik, Hyun Ha and Mi Yeon arrived. Mi Yeon sees there all her loved once, Il Soon and her husband, Yoo Ha with Eun Tae and Eun Soo, Sun Ha with Kyung Soo and Ah Mi, Jae Hyung, Da Yeon, Jin Hee and director Yeon. They all gathered to celebrate Mi Yeon and Hyo Seob’s wedding.

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