“Devilish Joy” ep 4~Sa Rang:”Do you like my sister?”


Ma Sung finds out that the woman’s belongings he found in his house are Ki Bbum’s. That was Ki Bbum’s house when she was a celebrity. He calls her, but because Ki Bbum avoids him, Ma Sung went to her house. She doesn’t need the things Ma Sung found in his house until…Kim Bbum remembers that the only picture with her mother is there. She went to Ma Sung’s house to get the picture.Because Ma Sung wanted her around more time, he made Ki Bbum clean his house before giving her the picture. ep4-1

Episode 4

Ma Sung finds some woman’s belongings in his house, a pair of high heels, a cassette recorder, a picture with a couple holding their little girl, headphones. He listens to the son from the cassette when suddenly someone is at the door. He opened. It was Ki Joon who rushed in acting strange and asking Ma Sung to give him the house. Why? Because the house Ma Sung is living in used to be Ki Bbum’s house.

In the morning, Ma Sung reads his diary and everything he wrote about Ki Bbum. He packed one shoe of the pair he found and called Ki Bbum to return them. But Ki Bbum is ignoring the call. He insists with the calls and when Ki Bbum wasn’t paying attention, Sa Rang answered.

Sa Rang:”Do you like my sister?”

Since he couldn’t reach Ki Bbum, Ma Sung went to her house. When she saw the shoe, Ki Bbum told Ma Sung to throw away everything he found. Those things have nothing to do with her anymore so she doens’t want them. While they were talking, Ki Bbum received a phone call from her friend. Few days ago, Ki Bbum made a fake necklace to help her friend. Ran Joo’s employees had lost a necklace that the actress Lee Ha Im wanted. Ki Bbum made a replica and before Ran Joo could take away the necklace, Ha Im found out. Ha Im is rude and evil. She screams at Ran Joo for deceiving her and is about to fire Ran Joo when Ki Bbum arrived.

Ha Im humiliates and insults Ki Bbum. Then, when she found out that Ki Bbum made the fake necklace, Ha Im made Ki Bbum kneel before her. She tells Ki Bbum to stay on her knees, in front of all the people filming there, until Ha Im’s anger goes down.

Ma Sung witnessed everything and intervened. He borrowed a pair of glasses, went over, made Ha Im an offer she couldn’t reject for the fake necklace and took Ki Bbum away. When Ha Im looked at Ma Sung’s business card and saw “neuroscientist Gong Ma Sung”, she immediately recognized him. Ha Im and Ma Sung used to be classmate in elementary school so Ha Im knows how rich Ma Sung is.

At night, Ma Sung watches an old video of Ki Bbum. He smiles just looking at her and wanders why she doesn’t call him. Then the call arrived. Ki Bbum realized that one of the things she forgot in her old house was the one and only picture of her dead mother. She asks Ma Sung about that picture and tells him to keep the picture until next day when she will come get it. But Ma Sung can’t wait until the next day. He misses Ki Bbum and wants to see her as soon as possible. So Ma Sung plays with Ki Bbum, pretending that his phone isn’t working and he can’t hear Ki Bbum. As result Ki Bbum ran over to Ma Sung’s house as he expected her too.

Well… Ma Sung was expecting the woman in the video to show up at his house. Instead of that a shabby Ki Bbum appeared. She was wearing a old shirt with old pants, she had different shoes one each foot and a whole in her sock. When he sees her sock, Ma Sung plays even more. He asks Ki Bbum to come to the fridge and chose something to drink. She saw the whole and asks just for water. After a while, Ma Sung gives Ki Bbum some slippers.

Using the picture as an excuse, Ma Sung makes Ki Bbum clean his house. She cleans the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, she vacuums the living room, but Ki Bbum isn’t allowed to enter his study. So Ki Bbum is sent to cut the grass. After she finished all her work, Ki Bbum goes inside. Ma Sung isn’t around so she starts searching for her picture. But Ma Sung caught her and Ki Bbum, but mistake, put her hand on a cactus. Ma Sung removes the cactus needles and puts medicine on Ki Bbum’s hand. During that time, Ki Bbum asked Ma Sung to help her get the contract annulled. She signed, while drunk, the contract with Star Entertainment and Man Shik send it by mistake with his poem. Ma Sung could help her, but if she signed the contract, even if it was while fooling around, it means Ki Bbum’s brain is sending her a message. She should thinks well if she really wants the contract annulled or not.

Ki Joon wants to participate in a quiz show. He’s not that smart and the show is in pairs. Luckily for him, Ki Joon knows a genius, Gong Ma Sung. He asks Ma Sung to accompany him, but Ma Sung refuses. The quiz show is life and Ma Sung is hypersensitive to light. When he was a child, Ma Sung was in a car accident with his parents. Ma Sung’s father was driving while Ma Sung and his mother were on the back sit singing. Ma Sung was also playing with his car. He dropped the car in front and his mother couldn’t reach it. So Ma Sung’s father tried to get it. Unfortunately at that moment their car got on the other side of the road and a car was coming from behind. Before their car rolled over, the lights from the car coming towards them hit Ma Sung. Their car was rolling over while his mother was holding him tight. Ma Sung fell outside the car. In was raining, he was holding a picture of himself with his parents while looking at the car upside down. His little toy car had the light hit Ma Sung …

Since Ma Sung didn’t want to join him at the quiz show, Ki Joon asked Ki Bbum. Of course Ma Sung isn’t happy with knowing Ki Joon and Ki Bbum close and together so he went over to Star Entertainment. There Ki Joon and Ki Bbum were practicing for the quiz, but they didn’t know any answer. Ma Sung on the other hand felt frustrated by their ignorance and offered to join Ki Joon at the show.

The day of the quiz, Ma Sung realized it was a broadcasting show and wanted to back off. He hides and hears Ki Bbum talking with director Kim. He blames Ki Bbum for losing his company, for killing Hyung Joon three years ago. He slaps Ki Bbum than he insults her. Later Ma Sung heard director Kim telling the show host to ask Ki Bbum about Min Hyung Joon’s death during the live show. Seeing how people are hurting Ki Bbum, Ma Sung changed his mind. He gets a pair of glasses on and goes life with Ki Joon.  The first round went well, but then the contestants had to look at the screen and choose a question. If the host reads the questions, Ma Sung answers them correctly fast. But he can’t see the screen. There’s too much light there.

The quiz show is almost over. One question is left and Ki Joon wants to win. He removed Ma Sung’s glasses and the strong light hit Ma Sung. He feels strong pain and has difficulty breathing.

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