“My Only One” ep1~ep2 ~Yong Hoon:”Please, just let me die!”


Kim Yong Hoon tries to save his wife’s life. But in the process, two people die. As a result Kim Yong Hoon is sentenced to life in prison. Because he didn’t want his daughter, Do Ran, to be considered by the society as a murderer’s daughter, Kim Yong Hoon sent the baby to an orphanage. Yong Hoon’s friend, whom Yong Hoon raised and saved, decided to raise Do Ran. Unfortunately Dong Cheol’s wife wasn’t pleased and mistreated Do Ran all her life. Almost 30 years later, Kim Yong Hoon is released from prison and Dong Cheol dies. Once Dong Cheol dies, Do Ran’s life changes. She meets Wang Dae Ryook whom she fells in love with and also her biological father enters into her life again.

Even if she was mistreated by her mother, Do Ran had always her father by her side. When he mother kicks her out of the house, Do Ran waits at the bus station for her father. When her mother says she picked up baby Do Ran from under a bridge, Do Ran’s father threatens with divorce. Still Do Ran grew up having a bright a positive personality.  She is smart and works part time, against her father’s wish, to pay herself for law school.

Wang Dae Ryook works for his family’s company. He is smart and lives up to his parent’s expectations. The only thing he doesn’t listen is his marriage life. Dae Ryook refuses to get married with a woman chosen by his mother, someone chose to help raise the company.


UEE                    as   Kim Do Ran

Lee Jang Woo    as   Wang Dae Ryook

Choi Soo Jong    as   Kim Yong Hoon / Kang Soo Il

Na Hye Mi          as   Kim Mi Ran

Kim Yong Hoon was arrested and at the trial was sentenced to life in prison for crime and robbery. He was arrested after his wife died. To not allow his young daughter, Do Ran, live as the daughter of a murderer, Kim Yong Hoon send her to an orphanage. He was also an orphan and preferred that hard life for Do Ran than the live as the daughter of a murderer. His friend from the orphanage, Kim Dong Cheol, took Do Ran and brought her to the prison so Yong Hoon could see her. But Dong Cheol can’t let Do Ran become an orphan, he decided to take Do Ran and raise her as his own daughter.

Yong Hoon:”I’m not Do Ran’s father. I don’t know who that child is.”

With Do Ran in his arms, Dong Cheol went home to his pregnant wife. He told her that the child’s parents are dead. Because the child is alone in  this world and he is indebted to the child’s father they need to raise her as their own. Yang Ja had no choice but to let the child into her family. Of course she never fully accepted or cared for the little child. She hated the child.She didn’t fed the child when Dong Cheol wasn’t home. She didn’t change the diapers when Dong Cheol wasn’t around. She used to pinch the child when Dong Cheol wasn’t home. She was accusing the child for ruining her relationship with her husband.

Soon Yang Ja gave birth to her own daughter, Mi Ran. So now both of them were mistreating Do Ran. Because she was super spoiled by her mother, Mi Ran used to order Do Ran around. But Do Ran wasn’t weak.

One day, while Do Ran was washing her shoes, Mi Ran came home and ordered Do Ran to wash hers too. Do Ran didn’t want to . She grabbed Mi Ran’s hair and put Mi Ran to wash her own shoes. Mi Ra fell into the water basin. Furious she got up and grabbed Do Ran’s hair. Do Ran did the same. When Yang Ja saw them, she hit Do Ran and pushed her on the ground.  Then she threw Do Ran out in the street.

Yang Ja:”I don’t want a daughter like you so get out. I’m not your mother! I picked you up under a bridge over there.”

It’s raining outside so Do Ran runs to the bus station to wait for her father. Hours later, at night, when Dong Cheol arrived, he found Do Ran at the bus station. She was scared and crying she ran to her father’s arms. She was hungry so Dong Cheol took her to eat something. He consoled Do Ran and lied that he was present when Yang Ja gave birth to Do Ran. She is their daughter, but Yang Ja sides more with Mi Ran because Mi Ran was born sick. It took a while, but Dong Cheol managed to console Do Ran.

After the girls fell asleep, Dong Cheol threatened Yang Ja with divorce if she would tell Do Ran again that they found her under a bridge. So Yang Ja requested a genetic test to see if Dong Cheol cheated on her and Do Ran is his real daughter. Of course the results came out negative.

27 years after he was imprisoned, Yong Hoon was released. Dong Cheol was there to wait for Yong Hoon. He had found a place for Yong Hoon to stay, but Yong Hoon doesn’t want any help. Yong Hoon will change his name and live as someone else. He doesn’t want any connection with Dong Cheol so no one will ever find out that Do Ran is the daughter of a murderer.

Now a grown up, Do Ran work at a fast food restaurant to have money for law school. While she works part time, Do Ran lies that she is at the library. Her father doesn’t allow her to work. Meantime Mi Ran is as spoiled as ever. She wants to become an anchor, but always fails the tests. Now she believes that she failed because she didn’t study abroad. So Yang Ja and Mi Ran make plans to get Dong Cheol pay for Mi Ran’s study abroad. First Yang Ja calls Dong Cheol to come home early because she will cook Dong Cheol favorite dish. But all that Dong Cheol can think about is that Do Ran also loves that dish. Even after so many years and after finding out that her husband didn’t cheat, Yang Ja still hates Do Ran. Now she blames the fact that Do Ran went to collage and that’s why they couldn’t afford to sent Mi Ran study abroad. The only problem is that the time Do Ran was in collage, Dong Cheol had some financial problems and he used Do Ran’s tuition money. So why should Do Ran be blamed that Mi Ran isn’t good at what she wants.

During diner, Yang Ja talks about getting a mortgage on the house to have money and sent Mi Ran abroad to study English. Hearing that, Dong Cheol gets upset. It’s not like Mi Ran will become an anchor after studying for a year abroad. Nothing is for sure. Instead of asking that, Mi Ran should study and work hard in her own country. She doesn’t pass the anchor exam because she doesn’t study. All she does to dress up and be on a diet.

After diner, Do Ran received a phone call. She got a part time job that night and the pay is triple than usual. The part time job was to serve at some rich people party. While taking out the trash, Do Ran sees a man waiting for someone. When the woman he was waiting for arrived, Dae Ryook drove and hit that woman’s car. He likes that woman, Jang So Young. He wanted to meet her and get her number by coincidence. But Do Ran , who saw everything, thought that Dae Ryook is a dangerous conman and told So Young everything. Do Ran ruined Dae Ryook’s chance to meet So Young again.

Do Ran:”Be careful of men like him.”

Yong Hoon’s wife was sick.She needed surgery urgently so Yong Hoon went to borrow money. She knelt and begged for money, but the man she asked money too beat him. That man was slapping Yong Hoon, pushing him away, hitting him with his legs. When Yong Hoon tried to stop that man from hitting him, that man tripped and fell and hit his head. That  man’s assistant ran away scared and asked for help accusing Yong Hoon of murder. Another man, that believed her, tried to stop Yong Hoon, who took some money from the assistant’s office. They bumped into each other and the man that tried to stop Yong Hoon died.  When he came home with the money, Yong Hoon’s wife died. Even now, after so many years, Yong Hoon dreams about that day.

Yong Hoon wakes up from a nightmare, he dreamed of the night he became a murderer, and went outside. He tried to commit suicide, but a priest stopped him.

Yong Hoon:”Please, just let me die!”

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